‘Bigger than Snowden’: Massive leak sends shockwaves through Pentagon

'Bigger than Snowden': Massive leak sends shockwaves through Pentagon

Former House Intel Committee Chair Mike Rogers weighs in after officials warned the intelligence leak is ‘bigger than Snowden.’ #FoxNews

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Chief National Security correspondent Jennifer Griffin live at the Pentagon This morning good morning Good morning Dana the revelations have Sent shockwaves through the Pentagon and The National Security establishment and Sources tell me could be worse than the Edward Snowden leak because of the Real-time effect on allies their trust And the war in Ukraine Fox News has Agreed along with other news Organizations not to publish the leaked Highly classified documents which were Discovered last week details about the Scope and scale of the leak remains Sparse We don't know uh who's responsible for This and we don't know if uh They have more that they intend to post So we're watching this and monitoring it As best we can but the truth and the Honest answer to your question is we Don't know and is that a matter of Concern to us your darn right it is So far there are 53 documents that have Been posted most appear to have come From a briefing book prepared daily for The Joint Chiefs and U.S commanders Overseas many of the documents came from March 1st but it is not clear all the Documents came from the same briefing Book the first images appeared on a Gaming website a site used by Gamers Called Discord the images which included

Folded papers were hastily photographed With items such as Grill Gorilla Glue in The background in a magazine that shows Rifle scopes on the cover right now I'm Told it does not look like a cyber hack It looks like there was a human involved Suggesting a snowden-like figure or mole Rather than a signals intercept by the Russians for instance the effect of the Leak will have broad ranging impact on Allies whose deepest secrets are Revealed for instance one of the more Damaging documents concerns Egypt which Has received 50 billion dollars in U.S Military aid since 1907 28 reporting Suggests president CeCe of Egypt planned To secretly ship forty thousand Rockets To Russia for use in Ukraine the Documents show real-time intelligence About the war in Ukraine that may affect The upcoming spring offensive for Instance that the Pentagon believes the Ukrainians will run out of air defense Missiles by mid-may the leak also Creates tremendous distrust among allies Something that helps both Russia and China One interesting point Dana is that Most Pentagon officials receive this Daily Brief on a classified iPad and Need permission to print it from a Secure printer suggesting the source of The leak may come from outside the Pentagon Dana Jennifer Griffin so Troubling thank you so much yeah a great

Setup Jennifer thanks on that reporting Mike Rogers former house Intel committee Chair during the Stoughton Fair sir good Morning to you it's great to have you on To get your Insight you can read this Way six of this story rather six Different ways how do you read it right Now Well the immediacy of the damage of this Leak is what I think has people Concerned so the Snowden leak he took Literally millions of pages downloaded Them that he clearly hadn't read by the Way and ran off to Russia in this Particular case these were very Immediate about an ongoing issue and I Think that's what has certainly the Pentagon folks upset and concerned and I Will tell you this is just another Example of why you have to get Everything else right leading up to all Of this including when the Russians down A a UAV an international airspace and Not deal with it because when this Happens it shows the rest of the world Hey I don't think these folks know Exactly what the hell they're doing Tell me a little bit your thoughts on Egypt for example Um with friends like these right I mean We give them a lot of Aid and to find Out that they were actually thinking of Working with the Russians in order to Help them again in the war against

Ukraine So the one thing I'd be cautious we Don't know if this was a conversation That the Russians initiated and the and The Egyptians were were at least Entertaining we don't know that so I Don't want to slam the Egyptians just Yet but what I will tell you is 82 Percent of their grain and I knew this Going into last year they were having Huge issues about food shortages that They thought were going to create riots In the streets of of Egypt because so Much grain came through Ukraine and Remember when the Russians blockaded the The grain shipments it caused a huge Problem for Egypt wouldn't surprise me And again this is just my speculation Knowing what I used to know what I know Today that the Russians may have been Putting a little pressure on them saying Hey if you you don't want riots in your Streets maybe you could help us out a Little bit and we'll let those grain Shipments go I think that's going to be A very complicated story to unwind uh But it just shows why the United States Has to be right more often than it's Wrong on Internationals Great point trying tie this thread Together because you can read deeply as I said in the first question a moment Ago Egypt we give them up to two billion Dollars a year half of decades the UAE

Is now hosting Iran uh that's an issue Um they're dated in February which some Suggest that they're it's outdated Information now and there are Russian Military bloggers that point out Misspellings And they're online saying that this is a Massive disinformation campaign against Moscow and the war Um can you make heads or tails of that So so let's let's kind of break this up Just for a minute if you are unless we Go down to where these intelligence Agents spy versus spy stuff if you had Information you wanted to come out to Hurt the United States well this would Certainly do that if you wanted to Protect the person who is likely copying This material and getting it to uh in This Gaming website and by the way Terrorists used to use these these Gaming websites of sorts in the past to Communicate classified messages about Operation so this that's not new I Wouldn't I wouldn't say that this was Just fun and games it was likely a way To get that information in the hands of Counterintelligence Agents or agents of Of either Moscow or other places and so What I think this all could be is a Kerfuffle by the by the Russians to try To obfuscate a how they got it and who That person uh may may be because Remember there's going to be a Manhunt

Or a woman hunt in this particular case Going on right now in the Pentagon or Other intelligence agencies and if you Want to protect that sources as a Handler you're trying to create as much Confusion as you can about the origin of That material okay so you Edward Snowden documents were leaked What is your confidence level of the Pentagon being able to track down how These documents were leaked in the first Place It's going to be difficult the only good News is I would if I Were King for a Day There I would start with the documents That had the fewest people's eyes on Them and start there because you can Narrow that search pretty pretty Radically and the problem with these Things is we've ramped up so many people Getting intelligence and intelligence Sharing and they did that for a reason Remember after 9 11 everybody said Nobody knew certain things we've got to Share more so this may be the result of Sharing more and that pool of people Gets bigger and bigger that's what's Going to be the challenge for them and I Think what they're going to have to do Is again they'll sign teams on really Really sensitive documents and teams on The rest and hoping that they can come Up with some information that will lead Them to the to the leaker and here's the

Scary part that leaker has more Information it's on an electronic medium Today and that person is also likely Sitting on a bunch more than just this This is just the piece that you caught This person isn't new to this these Messages sounds like to me have been Going back a while U.S intelligence just Didn't catch it in until very recently You're a great guest thank you Mike Rogers for coming on we'll stay in Contact with you and see what we can Find out thank you you bet thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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