Boeing 737 whistleblower warns resuming flights is ‘terrible decision’

Boeing 737 whistleblower warns resuming flights is 'terrible decision'

Boeing 737 whistleblower Ed Pierson joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss why he believes the agency is making the wrong decision amid heightened safety concerns. #FoxNews

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We mess La I heard screaming and I heard crying I saw the flight attendant struggling to Close the cockpit door my brain couldn't Compute what I was looking at it just it Just did not make any sense the fact That part of the plane was gone the FAA Said to allow Boeing 737 max9 planes to Resume flights the agency grounded the Jets after a door panel blew out on an Alaska Airlines flight earlier this Month that spark safety concerns so Should Flyers feel safe Ed Pearson is a Former Boeing 737 Factory manager and The executive director for the Foundation for Aviation safety I want to You to listen to the CEO of Boeing and Our own Hillary Von yesterday and we'll Get your reaction watch here Mr Calhoun How do you win customers back who say They're never going to get on a Boeing Plane again because they don't feel Safe Mr Calhoun how do you get those Customers back who say they're too Scared to get on a Bo plane you don't Have any words of assurance for Customers who are too scared to fly on a Boeing plane we believe in our airplanes We field safe airplanes our people do we Have confidence in the safety of our Airplanes and that's what all of this is About and we fully understand the Gravity but one of your planes fell Apart in the sky there's obviously a

High amount of Interest the CEO back on Capitol Hill today what do you think About things right now as the FAA is Saying okay we're going to let these Planes Fly Well good morning and actually Dana I Think it's a horrible decision a Horrible idea um I feel like it's Completely Irresponsible um we found that there's You many more airplanes that are having Problems and we've been watching this For a long time and we just think it's a Terrible decision to even uh consider Doing that and we're also very concerned About the -8 airplane not just the -9 The -8 has had at least four serious Incidents this month so we're concerned All around describe for us the root of Your concern and how you came to have These experiences with Boeing and your Feelings that you have Now the root of the concern is uh is Leadership or or the lack of leadership Um the CEO and the SE suite and the Board of directors and all the senior Executives they're completely out of Touch with the people that are working In the factories on the floors of these Factories these individuals are being U Pressured to produce they're given Unrealistic deadlines um the pressure Get the plane out the door push push

Push instead of let's make sure that That airplane is highest quality Possible and you know flight Crews and Passengers are expecting that and um Unfortunately we've seen uh at least 20 Serious production defects on the 737 Max um since it was grounded and the Track record shows that you could be as Confident as you want as the CEO but He's out of touch and unfortunately That's putting passengers uh at risk so He's on Capitol Hill today what's what's A question you would Ask well I guess the first question I'd Ask is um you know how many times have You actually spent time on the factory Floors and actually walked and talked to The employees that are dealing with the All the issues with the supply chain the Technical lack of quality control Support um I would ask them you know how Many times have you been in the other Factories in in the company and you know He's sitting in his offices in Arlington Virginia and then he comes out to rent In Washington where the 737 Factory is Like he's coming you know from on high And it's it's it should be routine I Mean you should see your leadership in These organ in these facilities and the Fact that you never see them is pretty Telling can I ask you and I I really Don't know I haven't really read too Much about this but did the pandemic

Have any impact on workload the workers And Output uh Yes actually there was um a Significant loss of experienced uh Employees at the company and we lost um Very senior Engineers we also lost a lot Of manufacturing Talent uh and you know Nothing to um you know discredit the Current Workforce but you know you just Can't replace a 20-year mechanic OR Technician um with a new person and it It it takes time to develop these skills These are all highly skilled employees But again you know think about any job That you've done if you're given you Know less and less time to do it it Actually affects your quality and and This is a ongoing problem and actually It's it even stems back to the two Crashes those planes the Boeing Company Doesn't talk about it but those planes Had manufacturing defects in them as Well let me a last question I don't know If it's easy to answer um would you let Your family fly Today when my family flies they have to Fly um we avoid the max the 737-8 and

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