Border Patrol Union mocking Biden ‘comes as no surprise,’ GOP rep says

Border Patrol Union mocking Biden 'comes as no surprise,' GOP rep says

Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., reacts to the National Border Patrol Council mocking President Biden following his visit to the border, calls for accountability on NGOs and the University of Florida’s redistribution of DEI funds. #foxnews

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The national border patrol Union is Mocking President Biden following his Visit to Brownsville Texas the Mbpc that's their Union posted a picture Of the president sleeping on the beach And attached a joke itinerary detailing Biden's schedule which included reading A large teleprompter in between three Naps Florida congresswoman C kamak has Seen the Border crisis firsthand and she Joins us now wow uh first of all welcome Congresswoman and it is not um very Usual to see this kind of open disdain For the president from the union for a Federal agency like like border Patrol no no it's not Rachel in fact I Know several of these men and women who Make up the border patrol Union these Are career agents they are dedicated Individuals and they have reached a peak Of frustration and disappointment with This ad Administration I myself I've Worked shifts with our border patrol Agents overnight uh in various sectors And I can tell you that the president is Not meeting the moment and more than That to add insult to injury he Completely disregards what the agents And the border patrol Union have been Saying and every time they have extended An olive branch every time they have Tried to work with this Administration They get a slap in the face so it comes As no surprise that at this point their

Frustration is starting to become public But I've been hearing this for years About the total disregard for the agents And the National Security that they try To protect congresswoman I had you on my Podcast recently to talk about ngos to Talk about all the sexual exploitation Of women and children um you're Frustrated Too oh yeah Rachel that was I have to Say I love that long format where we can Just talk about the issues in depth and I love that you're highlighting this you And Sean I mean Not only was I able to Tell that story of that young 9-year-old Old girl who had been gang raped to the Point of losing her vocal cords they had Given out from screaming so loud but Talking about the real issue of Complicity where we have NOS Catholic Charities Red Cross all these NOS using Taxpayer funded money in many cases from Homeless veterans programs there's a $130 million FEMA program that every Year has been raided from homeless Veterans and given to illegals for bus Tickets tickets and of course you Highlighted this and exposed so much of This the housing of illegals along the Border where there's no oversight and The ngos they turn and thumb their nose At Congress and so we are going to make Sure that we get to the bottom of this There has to be accountability

Transparency we have to account for the 85,000 missing children that the Biden Administration has lost under the Direction of HHS where is the outrage of 85,000 children missing in trafficking We have seen very little reporting or Coverage of this and it's absolutely Absurd that they are getting a free pass In this Administration for losing Children yeah unreal yeah I remember the First ladies getting together Laura Bush Michelle Obama um and and and others and And they all got together during the Trump Administration to you know do a Public statement about the children Where are those first ladies right now Um as you say 80,000 children have been Lost and we our government account for Them when we know human trafficking is Happening it's absolutely outrageous and You're also right about the rating of The funds um they're rating FEMA and we Have emergencies that are happening Right now wildfires and and other things That are going to happen in the future And we have less money um to solve those Problems and to help Americans because Of that um I want to move to something Else because this is happening in your Home state of Florida uh conservatives Are applauding the fact that the University of Florida is eliminating Literally firing all all the Dei the uh Diversity equity and inclusion employees

How's that going over in your State it is going over resoundingly I as The representative as the congresswoman For the Gator Nation I live in gainville Actually I have to applaud Governor DeSantis and UF president Ben SAS this Is a long time coming you you've heard Me say it before I'm going to say it Again you you play stupid games you win Stupid prizes and when you start Prioritizing and making discrimination Against people a an okay practice which Is effectively what Dei is Discriminating based on a box that you Check not merit-based but on a box that You check it's it's time that we've gone Too far now I of course am loving and Will Kane can appreciate this since I Know he's a big Sports guy as a gator I Am loving seeing all of my SEC Rivals And ACC Rivals applauding UF uh so of Course go gator but I think that we have To maintain our vigilance on this issue Because now instead of calling it Dei Now they're calling it ABC I think it Stands for accessibility uh belonging And community so we have to maintain That vigilance making sure that it's not Just being renamed another thing which The left is Infamous for because think About it this is 1984 Biden is now Calling illegals newcomers they can't Identify what a woman is now they're Calling uh Dei ABC we have to respond in

Kind we have to reject the relabels yeah The new labels and make sure that we are Focusing on merit-based performance and That's exactly what UF and Governor Dan Santis are doing yeah I remember there Used to be Acorn and they busted that And it became a 100 other different uh Community organizations they're really Good at that um thanks for thanks for Coming on Cat and filling Us in Appreciate It have a great Sunday everybody that's Right and by the way you can catch her On my podcast um she did a great Interview with us um this past week on From the kitchen table I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley airheart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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