Bragg ripped for ‘insulting’ crime victims after touting Trump arrest

Bragg ripped for 'insulting' crime victims after touting Trump arrest

Former FBI agent Nicole Parker discusses Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s boasts of arresting former President Donald Trump as crime surges in New York City. #FoxNews

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Let's bring in former FBI special agent Nicole Parker special agent Parker first Off you know indictments you have been Involved in indictments your entire Career providing the basis in most Instances for said indictments when you Read this one did it make any sense to You I was looking for some Smoking Gun or Something that you know we hadn't heard About yet and I am very familiar with Indictments I've testified before grand Juries on multiple occasions and in my Experience as an FBI special agent I can Tell you that a case with this many Holes in it I I can't imagine an ausa Taking on this investigation and that is Why this case was declined multiple Times it was declined by the Department Of Justice it was declined by the Southern district of New York and I Think everyone was assuming look if You're going to bring on charges against The former president of the United States of America completely Unprecedented it better be Rock Solid And we were all looking for that I Looked at the indictments I did not There were so many holes I don't even Know what the underlying crime was 34 Counts based on you know just a lot of Emptiness is what it appeared to be and When you're going to bring on a charge Against the former president United

States it needs to be solid and I Believe it was very underwell filming I Believe that and frankly many people Across the country do regardless of your Political party your political Persuasion this does not appear to be The case that people anticipated that it Would be they have spent lots of time Lots of money resources we are in a time Frame where things are not going right Look at the city of New York it is not The city that it used to be I lived in New York City I have visited New York City recently it has changed drastically And for this to be a high priority for The District Attorney's office right now I was stunned yeah and to segue into This next part of what you just said D.A Allen Bragg this was his message after Trump's arraignment listen to this These are felony crimes in New York State No matter who you are We cannot and will not normalize serious Criminal conducts Oh how nice of him to bring that up now But while his office is focusing on Trump it also has been repeatedly Releasing some of the city's most Violent criminals back on the street one Of these people is 53 year old Rodney Johnson he has had nearly 90 arrests and Served two since in state prison but got Multiple felony theft charges downgraded

To misdemeanors Nicole just last week so Is this political or does he really care About New York and keeping it safe I think it's pretty apparent what it is Um You know what's shameful about this it's Insulting to the victims of these Violent crimes it really is I work to White collar crime as an FBI special Agent I have worked violent crime I have Worked both types of crimes I am not Saying that we should not be charging And focusing on white-collar crime That's important as well but when Violent crime is rampant in your city to The point that people do not feel safe Riding on the subway walking down the Streets and then you're going to spend The amount of resources that they did on A case that's from 2017 That doesn't seem to be solid it is it's Frankly it's sad but it's very insulting To the victims of these violent crimes They deserve better the citizens of the Of the United States of America deserve Better those living in New York City Deserve better so if that's what he's Going to be focusing on then let's start Focusing on the real crimes that affect The safety of individuals I can reassure You and promise you that people in New York are likely more concerned about Walking out of their door and returning Home safe than they are about some

Business records that you know president Trump may have falsified you know back In 2017. yeah I'm not worried Trump's Going to beat the you know what out of Me when I leave the station today Meantime House Republicans deposing xci Deputy director Michael Morrell Yesterday as part of their investigation Into the weaponization of the federal Government as you well know there were 50 other signatories to that now Infamous letters saying the New York Post story is is Russian disinformation You shouldn't follow this what's the Significance of morale particularly You know I mean he held a very high Position Um had access to certain information and I appreciate that Jim Jordan is bringing This to the Forefront and getting to the Bottom of this you know we keep talking About you know everything's Fair equal Application of the law no one's Above The Law uh if that's the case and they Were you know suppressing this Information that needs to be known and All individuals need to be looked at and Investigated not just people that hold One certain political persuasion so if They were trying to suppress that Hunter Biden laptop prior to an election that's Election interference and they need to Get to the bottom of that for sure so I Appreciate that they are bringing him in

Questioning him and let's see what Happens with this um you know morale Investigation yeah he may be one of the First he won't be the last Nicole Parker Thank you for your Insight we appreciate It

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