Bragg’s indictment may violate Trump’s 6th Amendment rights: legal analysts

Bragg's indictment may violate Trump's 6th Amendment rights: legal analysts

Gregg Jarrett, Charlie Hurt and Tammy Bruce sound off on ‘Hannity’ after former President Trump indicted in New York. #foxnews #hannity

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Anyway here with reaction Fox News legal Analyst Greg Jarrett Fox News Great to see you Hi how are you you know I've known you for what seven eight Years uh hanging out with you this was The first time a moment ago yeah that You let me throw one of your footballs To the crowd Do it again Make it good it was like Brady By the way if somebody's gonna get Killed catching a football all right but There's a serious issue here and that is He did not identify quote the other Crime right now I imagine that there's Recourse for that I imagine at some Point we're gonna probably get a bill of Particulars or something doesn't he have To name it at some point yeah he does You're right the sixth amendment it is Therefore facially defective it is uh Deficient on its face and it would be Susceptible to a motion to dismiss I you Know did he sleep through constitutional Law at Harvard where he you know where He went to I sort of imagined him late One night in his uh I got to get Trump What crime what crime and maybe the Janitor popped off and said well don't Say anything And that's what he did and he had the Audacity to stand up at a news Conference yesterday and he was asked Point blank what fraud what crime what

Law did Trump violence I don't have to Say yes he does have to say let me say One other thing Robert H Jackson the Great Supreme Court Justice former Attorney General Chief prosecutor at Nuremberg he said something very Important he said the greatest danger to Justice is an unscrupulous prosecutor Who targets a person and then scours the Law books to find an offense he can pin On that person and that's what Alvin Bragg has done let's get Charlie hurt Charlie let's get your take Yeah well you know it's maximum Absurdity here uh you have a situation Where according to Alvin Bragg Donald Trump faces 136 years in prison which of Course is more than uh Bernie Madoff uh Served for his crimes Um and uh but you know I have to say you Know what I think is kind of interesting About it is when you you know I don't Think that this is going to be the only Indictment that Donald Trump faces I Would not be surprised if he doesn't Face two or three more indictments Before the election uh what I love about This is this is such a circus it's so Absurd it's so ridiculous Alvin Bragg is So embarrassed himself embarrassed the The legal profession that it really is Going to I think set the tone for Anything else any of these wacko crazed Lunatic left-wing politicized uh

Democrat DA's want to do to try to Destroy Trump and quite frankly I think That Trump comes out of this thing Stronger and uh and then goes into Whatever else they throw at him that Much stronger you know when you when you Look at this Tammy and then you see some Of the president's fiercest critics uh People that are not allies or people That don't like Donald Trump coming to His defense that speaks volumes to me Uh it does and it should even they Recognize what this means about the Country but they should have seen it I Contend that this sort of willingness Started with the FBI and the Russia Dossier the moment the federal law Enforcement got away with moving forward A a fake document that they knew really Wasn't verified lied to the fisa court And really no one paid any price for That that's when this legal system Became weaponized against Donald Trump In particular certainly we know that Often it's weaponized against the Average American and that's why we need Legal reform so this is not a surprise It is the natural Next Step considering What we saw at the federal level with Donald Trump I also think though that That the dissenters if you will the Resistors who don't like Donald Trump Especially those on the Republican side Have a duty to recognize that it was

Their own Trump hatred that made them Blind to this trajectory which many of Us project that we saw all those years Ago that it's really not Donald Trump It's what this system has become and What Republicans have allowed Democrats To get away with for generations and That's why we have this here right now To to say Donald Trump is the problem is The most absurd Dynamic that has been The big lie and I think the American People are seeing it the anti-trumper See that this exposes that fraud to Everyone and that's the biggest thing They don't like is that they've been Caught looking at Bolton van well said John Bolton van Jones Mitt Romney Jeb Bush none of these people even like Donald Trump I mean it's very clear I Want to ask you about this Um to me when you run to attack or go After one man Donald Trump one Organization in the Trump organization And one family the Trump family and by The way the A.G Leticia James did that Sure and of course Alvin Bragg did that And Fanny Willis down in Georgia correct All right isn't that prosecutorial Misconduct isn't this selective uh Prosecution here right but this is New York a very liberal bar this is the kind Of stuff a lawyer gets disbarred for Well Alan dershowitz I'm going to speak With him in a minute he doesn't think

Trump can win in New York he thinks he's Going to be found guilty right and Because the only normal people in New York are in this world All right It's in fact 80 85 percent of the people in this District voted against Donald Trump and Those are the people that will comprise The jury pool so you on top of that You've got a biased judge and so the Deck is stacked the fix is in and you Know my objection to this judge in Particular forget about his politics and The way he has always ruled against Trump in other trump-related cases this Is a judge who presided over the grand Jury he watched what was unfolding he Saw the indictment as it was being drawn Up now a good objective Fair Conscientious judge would have said You've got to State a crime this is Defective I won't even allow you to Issue this indictment but this judge Apparently doesn't care and now he is Given Alvin Bragg eight months to try to Figure out a crime but there is none he Can't charge under state law because it Was a federal election he can't charge a Federal campaign violation because he's A local prosecutor he can't charge Felonies that are federal we only have About a minute left let me get the same Question to Tammy and to Charlie hurt

And it's and I'll talk to Alan Dershowitz about this Tammy I believe They're going to start here in New York Then there's a civil case in New York That's 27 years old about an alleged Sexual assault in a department store Dressing room uh then you've got the Issue in Georgia then you got a special Prosecutor or Council looking into January 6th and the document issue which Impacts a lot of people I believe They're going to try and hit him with so Much in terms of legal entanglements That it's going to be difficult for him To run for president is that their Strategy throw up throw paper towels wet Paper towels against the wall hope it Sticks sure Well that's what they've always been Willing to do we saw that they were Willing to effectively break the law in The beginning with the Russia hoax and The fisa court they're capable of doing Anything they are panicked over Donald Trump and the fact is is that it is Interestingly making him stronger and When they I think when the Democrats see The polls go up some of these things may Be mitigated but it's Overkill and they Just never know when to stop the American people have got to be in charge Of this and can't let this continue in This fashion by showing their support For this man all right you get the last

Word go ahead Charlie well you know it's you know just Don't don't forget these people are the Same people who hired 187 000 IRS agents And they're not all going after Donald Trump they're all going after you so They have to be stopped Charlie hurt Tommy uh thank you Greg thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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