Bragg’s Trump election interference timeline doesn’t add up: Ex-prosecutor

Bragg's Trump election interference timeline doesn't add up: Ex-prosecutor

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy sounds off on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ after identifying apparent chronological miscue. #foxnews #watters

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Now Alvin Bragg put a real head Scratcher in his indictment today get a Look at this The defendant Donald J Trump repeatedly And fraudulently falsified New York Business records to conceal criminal Conduct That hid damaging information from the Voting public during the 2016 Presidential election Concealing damaging information from the Voting public where have I heard that Before Oh that's exactly what team Biden did With the laptop Andy McCarthy is a former Federal Prosecutor and he joins me now What difference is there in this case Well there's no difference uh what I What I would say Jesse is uh I kind of Don't understand why this hasn't been More of a thing but what brag is Alleging is that Trump took a series of Actions uh to defraud the voting public In connection with the 2016 election the Indictment then goes forward with all These counts that begin on February 14 2017 and continue until December uh Fifth of uh 2017 that's all months after The 2016 election you know even if uh What he's alleging had had something Plausible to it the actions that we're Talking about that that he's alleging as Criminal and a method of defrauding the

Public in connection with the 2016 Election happened afterwards and even if In his fantasy world Trump was to to Conclude that the hush money Arrangements were actually campaign Expenditures under the campaign Finance Laws he wouldn't have had to file Disclosure statement until months after The 2016 election was over so I don't Even if you take it the way that that he Pleads it how could this conceivably Have affected the 2016 election so this Case could get tossed because Alvin Bragg can't read a calendar and doesn't Know what the law is Well essentially Jesse Alvin Bragg Doesn't like non-disclosure agreements Even though they're a staple of civil Litigation in the United States he can't Allege that Trump Kept information from the public because It's legal to keep information from the Public so he's got to say he tried to Influence the election by these false Book entries but the problem is the Election was over for four months before The book entry started So Alvin Breg has no case and it should Probably take about two seconds to toss It is that what I'm hearing The indictment Jesse fails to State a Crime I mean you've had a lot of people On who've said that you know in order to Conceal a crime in an indictment you

Have to tell the defendant what crime he Was trying to conceal so the indictment Fails even in its basic purpose as an Indictment which is to put the accused On noticed of what he's charged of but When you when you try to flesh this out And understand is Bragg's story coherent In any way what he's essentially saying Is Trump took a bunch of actions in 2017 In an attempt to defraud the voters four Months earlier okay so we have the Dumbest district attorney in the country Booting a case against the former President I got it Annie McCarthy thanks As always for clearing that up thanks Jesse Hi everyone I'm Brian Kilmeade I want You to do me a favor I want you to click To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page this is the only way that I know For sure that you're not going to miss Any great commentary any great news Bites any great interviews coming your Way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube so subscribe right now

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