Brendon hills petition City Council for strict ordinances for housing

Brendon hills petition City Council for strict ordinances for housing

Ahead of time that’s what we’re going to Be asking so my name is U.S Constitution Auditor here I’m here with Brennan Hill Hills here in this Quincy Illinois City Hall located at 8th and Main uh Mr Brennan do you mind telling me just what And why you’re here today sir yeah so uh Weekly I’ve been coming to the City Council meetings to speak about the need For proactive rental inspection Coordinates So that people are not living in Substandard and under The city Okay now what what motivates you to to Do this like what keeps you going uh Worked on the safe and livable housing Committee now a couple of months I’ve Seen horrendous conditions Like how bad are we talking are we Talking like like Phil ordering well None of that it’s more the Non-working Less buyers And pipes it’s the holes and roofs so It’s basically the slumlord type of Situation Okay I will I will give you a hint uh Bauer associates they own the 200 North 8th Street apartments above the old post Office here 8th and Hampshire slumlords I’ve rented from them before they all They care about that they’ll let the Homeless come in there let the druggies

Come in you know they let child Molesters live there with other people Knowing that there’s other family Members so yeah there there might be Something to look into Um okay what so when you come here like How do they treat you do they compared To everybody else like like the for Example that officer that came up and Talked about the PPA how they treated Him if like he was just somebody Important looked at him you know was Writing stuff down and then when you Talk it’s just like Or sometimes they They try to intimidate me and say things Like oh young man you don’t know what You’re talking about Or things are fine in the city trying to Guess what they’re trying to do is They’re trying to keep people like me And you and you know can’t Voth citizen Standpoint news they’re trying to keep People like this and US quiet so that Way we don’t wake the rest of the people Up because everybody else is just in a Daze they just they have a biggest Not me I might I’m like outside the so Here okay man well I appreciate you uh Like I said you can uh you want to say Hello to anybody who might be watching Or any any advice for anybody who any Any advice for anybody who might be Watching this who’s kind of iff about

Coming out here and petitioning their Government any advice any courage Deny that voice they may not listen but Do your best to make them Amen to that Well thank you sir

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