‘BUSTED’: Biden caught using cheat sheet during press conference

'BUSTED': Biden caught using cheat sheet during press conference

Correspondent Peter Doocy reports the latest from the White House. #FoxNews

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Busted President Joe Biden caught using A cheat sheet during his first news Conference since announcing his Re-election bid And on it look at that pre-selected Questions that reporters were going to Ask Peter Ducey was at the white house Yesterday and he's there again today on Take your child to work day hey Peter Good morning President Biden is saying That questions about his age are fair Game but he doesn't think being 80 is Slowing him down With regard to age uh I can't even say I Guess how old I am I can't even say the Number I've done I've done register with Me and uh but the only thing I can say Is that Um one of the things that people are Going to find out they're going to see a Race and they're going to judge whether Or not I have or don't have it There's this some zoomed in photos Appear to show that President Biden had A near verbatim copy of a question that He would be asked in advance we've seen Him before with a grid showing reporter Names and faces but having the question Or almost exactly the question is a Major break from norms Now we're going to take some questions The first question from Courtney in Los Angeles Times

Thank you Mr President your top economic Priority has been to build up U.S Domestic Manufacturing in competition With China are you damaging a key Ally In the competition with China to help Your domestic politics ahead of the Election What she said there is a little bit Different than the pre-printed question On that reporter q a sheet but it's Really really close and it opens a whole Can of worms because if President Biden Has a question scripted in advance then It could be staff passing in a scripted Answer in advance Idea that a presidential press Conference you would be given the Questions in advance and be able to Write down first question and the exact Question from the reporter that is an Inconceivable thought to me as a former Press secretary but to Joe Biden it's a Different ball game because the Press You're members of the administration you Might as well be at the Navy mess Socializing with us back in the West Wing because you're not true members of The press if you're doing that I interface with this press Team every Day and often they will come through Either the basement where we have our Booth or they'll send an email asking if There's any topics that we are covering That they should be aware of ahead of a

Briefing so that it's something that's On Kareem's radar and she doesn't have To she can't just dismiss the topic and Say I don't know anything about that but Uh we've never been asked for a question Before but do they ask for your headshot Just in case they pick you I mean I Couldn't believe her picture was on There the question I actually do have Some head shots down in the booth uh I Just hand them out They don't ask they don't ask for that But I do Does anybody that comes down Hey who am I making this one out right How many does Mark Meredith have now Uh well it's Mark it's his wife it's his Uh Uncle it's because they all have a Georgia yeah so Peter you what you just Let me see if I understand what you just Said you said that sometimes they will Ask you will tell the White House comms Team I'm going to ask about this topic Like immigration on the southern border Uh just so they don't go well we don't Know anything about it I yeah basically and that way if there Is something this White House wants to Talk about uh like Mega Republicans and Gun control and abortion access and uh That's it and so anything that is Outside of what the White House talking Points are going to be uh we do try to Give them a heads up so that they cannot Just dismiss just a topic not the

Question right and it does help and and A lot of times I think they do go and do Some research figure out what the President's position is uh about Something or what the White House Position is and and I think that that Helps them get the word out and it Definitely helps us but again that's a Very very general thing they can they Can figure out exactly what we're Covering just by watching one of our Hits Um in a day and so it's the same idea as That today we are covering this uh if we Get a question right any difference Between Jen sakis uh press team in this One I it works pretty much the same yeah uh Peter I understand the difference in Them Yeah I understand there is some Festivity planned today for take your Child to work to the White House day Yeah President Biden is going to greet Some staff kids uh at 12 15 or so out on The south lawn okay are you bringing Your baby She's a little too young and we've just Got to work on uh teaching her a Question for the president and so I Think that's more like a one-year-old Thing but every day when I go home it's Just okay uh Bridgette ask about title 42

42. oh look at you that's a great job I See a great children's book in your Future yeah she'll get there yeah Peter Uh Ainsley's gonna bring Hayden next Year do you remember when you when I Used to bring you Mary and Sally to Bring your kid to work day I do I Remember it well In fact we have a flashback here's uh Here's Peter 25 years ago My kids to work here's Peter Ducey and Mary Ducey they are going to be Network Correspondents today I'm gonna go do my Job Peter takeover we're here to see What our dad does while he's at work Here's our report yeah when we're at Home watching him on television we Figure he's real busy and that's what he Tells mom but upon closer examination That may not be the case his day starts So the trip to the makeup he doesn't Like to wear makeup at least that's what He tells us once he forgot to take it Off when we went to Home Depot Good job Peter I it's my scripts were so Much better than when I was seven It's really good though at that age That's pretty impressive right and That's the whole idea of take your work Uh child to work day is to show your Kids what you do maybe they'll get Interested you you got interested Yeah and I I don't make as many jokes About my dad wearing his makeup to Home

Depot but that was that was a great clip I should probably get back to that just The basics well y'all can pick out Makeup together yeah actually we do it Every day We did we did that once in Oklahoma we Went to the uh the folds of Honor Golf Thing and I said ah you know what I Didn't bring any powder and so Peter and I went to the uh cosmetic row at CVS There in Owasso Oklahoma They actually had a pretty good Selection if I remember so that was Helpful a lot of Oklahomans I know uh Bonded the rodeo you guys Bond at uh by Maybelline cover it was Covergirl oh all Right Peter thank you very much I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Aimsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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