Can Trump get a fair trial in New York?

Can Trump get a fair trial in New York?

Former Florida AG Pam Bondi and Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz discuss how New York AG Tish James is moving forward with more politically-charged Trump investigations on ‘Hannity.’ #foxnews #fox #hannity

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Okay so you got Alvin Bragg we just Played Leticia James this is what They're saying they're going to do as Candidates this is these are powerful Positions is this prosecutorial Misconduct and select a prosecution 100 As a former State prosecutor what Alvin Bragg is and as a former Attorney General what Leticia James is it is 100 Sean when you're a prosecutor of any Kind if there's an appearance of a Conflict you get off the case your Office gets off the case here it it Isn't even an appearance it is an Inherent conflict and they're touting it They're proud of it not even 90 days ago When she was sworn in again she talked About before she talked about protecting New Yorkers from crime from rapist from Anything she talked about going after Donald Trump not by name but she talked About going after him well she said one Other thing she actually wants the Punishment to be not only it's a civil Case by the way it's not a criminal case But that he could never ever practice Business again in the state of New York That's what she's seeking is this Selective prosecution and is this Prosecutorial misconduct if you run to Go after one human being if I have one Goal in the next years of my life it's To get all the bar associations to make It unethical conduct for any prosecutor

To run for office on the campaign pledge To get somebody you know the title of my Book I didn't make it up yet Trump it's Her campaign promise get Trump that Where it came from it came exactly from Her it's her campaign promise I borrowed It I probably owe her royalties Because that's what she promised and no Prosecutor should be allowed to Prosecute the first motion I would make If I were Trump's lawyer get her off the Case get bragged off the case I don't believe in New York now when When Pam Bondi was the Attorney General Of Florida for two terms you did a Phenomenal job I I interviewed you During that time many times Um I do not believe Donald Trump can get A fair trial in New York state never Mind New York City Am I Wrong well and You know the whole country knows about This case they know about this Witch Hunt but what's different here is she Ran on the promise Alvin Bragg ran on The promise especially here in Manhattan Of going after Donald Trump he was Elected on that promise and that's the Jury pool right here who the jury's Going to be the jurors are going to be People who voted for brag and want to Help him make and fulfill his campaign Promise our only hope is of the large Crowd we have here they are the only Normal New York people I'd love them

[Applause] There are problems with judges in New York too do you think any judge wants to Be what they call dershowitz people are Going to look at them and say oh my God That's the judge that freed Donald Trump What they did to me when I defended him Is nothing compared to what they would Do to a judge Totally ostracizing no judge attacked With lies which you're going to sue a Lot of people right yeah but you know It's cost me a lot of money and a lot of Time to defend myself all of it is the Result of doing what John Adams did 200 Years ago defending somebody who was Very unpopular that's what American Lawyers have to do okay I believe this Is a tsunami of legal Issues that they're putting on Trump why Are they doing it because Democrats will Say no we think Donald Trump's the Easiest to beat on the other hand it Seems like they're preventing him from Running a campaign and most of them seem To want him in an orange jumpsuit so I Would imagine they want to take him down Period end of sentence Am I Wrong of Course they do this is a one-two punch By James and by Bragg and they're going To be more you got do you got Georgia You got a special counsel and you have Prosecutors you know prosecutors not People like you they not only can make

Witnesses sing they can get them to Compose and to create new lyrics and to Make up stories well the lawsuit 500 Million dollars that Trump uh is now Suing Michael comb will that be Successful does that have a good chance Of success you know I I Sean I don't Know I'm glad he's doing it because he Has to he's standing up for himself Against these women Privilege well it's out the window now Right it's out the window professor and I were just talking about that Attorney-client privilege has been Thrown out the window because of Donald Trump all my clients I have to give them A random warnings what you tell me May No longer be secure because of what These judges are now serious I'm serious I have to give that warning to my Clients now all right Alan dershowitz Pam Bondi hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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