Candace Owens: This is incredibly despairing

Candace Owens: This is incredibly despairing

‘The Candace Owens Podcast’ host reacts to the indictment former President Trump on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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We are joined by Candace Owens the host Of canvas and we're always happy to have Her Candace thanks so much for coming on It does seem like Anna coutini was one Of these ideas you know that some Political thoughts were thought up a Long time ago but I I I I I don't think It could be clear that's what we're Watching Absolutely and I will say this about This cultural demise that we're facing I Know people are understandably outraged And people are understandably anger but I also want to comment on just the Overwhelming Despair and sadness that All of this is making me feel and I know That so many people at home are feeling The exact same way not just about America's present feeling Bleak about The future dystopian nightmare that We're currently existing and but also Looking Backward you know one of the Things that I think a lot of us are Feeling is disillusionment uh with with What American Justice is even about We've spent the better half of the last Century entering in other countries Saying that we have a right to be here Because we're spreading quote-unquote Democracy we've completely lost the Moral High Ground I'm not sure if we Ever really had it we have a right to be In Iraq Iran Afghanistan because we have Better our principles are better because

These people are criminals because these People are terrorists because these People have the wrong ideas now all of a Sudden our government is turning that Same ideology against the American People right now we have the wrong ideas Now we are the domestic terrorists now We are the people that need to Understand that criminality is allowed To flock Ai and so it's incredibly Despairing and and I just want to speak On that first and foremost you know to Look and say that overseas we used to Talk about how these terrorists were Locking up their political dissidents Now we're doing exactly the same thing We're locking up grandmas in the Capitol Building we're putting people in prison Uh for years for the offense of Trespassing we are now locking up a Political Contender you're saying Donald Trump must be arraigned we can't tell You why we're going to issue a gag order If any of this took place overseas could You imagine what the response would be Would be demanding boots on the ground Tomorrow to spread democracy but here They completely Overlook it Calling attacks on the existing system Hate speech which is a completely fake And made up category If you eliminate Free Speech you don't have democracy Democracy requires Free Speech or it Doesn't exist and we would know that if

It were happening in a foreign country You're so right Kenneth appreciate your Coming on tonight thank you subscribe to The Fox News YouTube channel to catch Our nightly opens stories that are Changing the world and changing your Life from Tucker Carlson tonight

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