Chicago is going through ‘slow-motion, civilizational suicide’: Dan Proft

Chicago is going through 'slow-motion, civilizational suicide': Dan Proft

Chicago radio host Dan Proft warns against Chicago’s new mayor and breaks down the city’s illiteracy numbers and crime crisis on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’
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So Lori Lightfoot is out as mayor of Chicago we celebrated on the show Several weeks ago and she lost in the Primary but unfortunately in her place Chicago voters have selected a candidate Who appears to be worse Brandon Johnson Is his name he's an open racist like the Mayor he's replacing he supports Defunding the police in one of the most Dangerous cities on the continent now We're learning that Brandon Johnson is Also opposed to educating children here He was in 2018 explaining that what he Taught students he didn't like giving Homework were bad grades What it taught me though was Pushing like to eliminate sort of the Standardization of our Public Schools my Students sometimes would get frustrated I didn't offer any test prep many of my Other colleagues were doing it at the Time I was pushing our Administration to Move away from that To be quite Frank with you I didn't Issue a lot of homework for students That was my own way of sort of rebelling Against the structure Um I don't think I ever gave a kid an F I just I don't I don't know how a Student sits in front of you and fails I Know some professors may find that you Know you know it's a slightly troubling So by not teaching the students he was

Quote rebelling against the system they Actually tried this in South Africa and You know what they got Illiteracy and then a failed State Dan Proft is a radio host in the city of Chicago He joins us tonight Dan our Apologies on behalf of the rest of the Country that you're a great truly great City has been taken over by someone who Seems even crazier than Lori Lightfoot Is that right Well it is right uh you know what you Have going on in Chicago is slow motion Civilizational suicide and that clip From Brandon Johnson speaks to it you Had a historian Victor Davis Hanson on Your program last week and he said the Nation is going through a revolution Right now and they don't even know it Chicago the corollary Chicago is going Through a funeral right now and we don't Even know it right now in the city fewer Than a quarter of Chicago public school Students can read or do math at grade Level that's according to state test Scores and yet that's the response from Your incoming mayor his that's his Vision for Education K-12 education this Is somebody who touts himself as an Educator he's a representative of the Chicago Teachers Union which Lords over Education in the city civilizational Suicide you don't teach children how to Read and write you excuse the criminal

Element among young people Major Crimes Are up 46 percent year over year in Chicago and Brandon Johnson's response As you you mentioned and as he touted During the campaign is to send social Workers and EMTs out to respond to 9-1-1 Calls that involve the possibility of Violence this is somebody who is openly Antagonistic toward police he has touted Defund police as a laudable political Goal and you have a city that has Decided to throw in with him Brandon Johnson his base of support 29 of the 50 Awards he won those are the awards where High where crime is the highest so where People are suffering the most from Endemic violent crime That's who Carrie Brandon Johnson to Victory I I don't know a better Commentary on what the situation is in Chicago than that Well he appealed to race hate and that's What got him elected he appealed to race Hate as openly as any Southern Democrat In the 1950s so that's just true well But appreciate it but so go ahead yeah Well I just want to say one thing that Is important and you talk about this on Your program a lot it was a racially Based election but you know who really Put Brandon Johnson over the top was Leftist rich white women and so of Course of course course that's the axis Right there Dan Prof you know it works

On Happy private Equity wives yeah met Them great to see you tonight thank you Thanks Tucker Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens Stories that are changing the world and Changing your life from Tucker Carlson Tonight

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