Concha: We’re the only ones talking about this Hunter Biden story

Concha: We're the only ones talking about this Hunter Biden story

Fox News contributor Joe Concha weighs in after President Biden said he’s ‘not concerned’ about the intel leak and discusses reports Hunter Biden’s firm sought investments from the Irish government in 2011. #FoxNews

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A Fox News Alert the Air National Guard Member arrested for exposing our Nation's classified Intel Secrets set to Appear in court Jude the FBI leading Jack to Shara out of his Massachusetts Home at gunpoint in connection to one of America's most serious security breaches In history and we're learning the Suspect was just 21 years old and held The high Security clearance granted by the Federal government officials say he Shared the documents in a chat room Called Thug Shaker Central they contain Key assessments on the war in Ukraine China's role in aiding Russia Intelligence on both adversaries and Allies and top secret American and NATO Planning officials say Tashara will Appear in court today in Boston on Espionage Chargers the media played a Big role in tracking him down while at The same time President Biden downplayed The breach altogether listen And I'm concerned that it happened But there's nothing contemporaneous that I'm aware of that is of good Conservation Fox News contributor Joe Concha joins us Now so Joe is this Incompetence on the Biden Administration Or is it that he just doesn't care how Bad it looks to our adversaries to the Rest of the world that a 21 year old

Caused so much chaos and it seemed so Easy so many questions here right guys How does a 21 year old have the highest Level of clearance in terms of these Documents that end up getting leaked and Then you you have the commander-in-chief The president United States saying this Is no big deal where this is a very big Deal the President's trying to downplay It nobody is buying this this is what These documents show that American Troops apparently are fighting Russian Troops is that is that what we're seeing Here because if that's happening this is How World Wars start because China backs Russia we back Ukraine where is NATO and All this and why is the president of the United States not being transparent with The American people in terms of exactly What our role is here because this could Escalate into something that between Nuclear Powers could be completely out Of control it's beyond experiency though Yeah that downplay I mean this is a huge Deal and for the president of the United States to give an answer like that that Really doesn't even jive with his own Spokespeople I mean they at least Acknowledge this was a big deal a kind Of an answer like that is insane there's Also been a lot of talk Joe about Whether or not the media should be more Focused on the contents of the documents And their Revelations yeah a lot of

People splitting into a lot of different Camps on this well precisely we're we're Concentrating on who the leaker is let's Find the leaker no I want to know more About the documents themselves and what Other documents are out there this is What this person only had access to so This is scary stuff I I you and we're You know we're in cable news and people Use hyperbole all the time I try not to Because then after a while people stop Listening in this case we need to know More because this is something that Could be again could lead to a World War But I would just say without disclosing Uh methods and procedures I think we Don't want to know who these spies are Then get them in trouble potentially Killed but I think understanding like Our Ukraine are the ukrainians winning The war or not I think that's an Important thing for the American people To know and they're paying so much in Taxes yes they're supporting it that's The thing we've spent billions upon Billions of dollars on a war that Appears to be a complete stalemate right In eastern Ukraine right the Russians Can't get the Kiev they can't get to Other cities of importance yet this war Just keeps fighting where the ukrainians Don't appear to be winning and the Russians don't appear to be winning we Could be talking about this five years

That's scary right scary if it doesn't Escalate that's the scarier part guys Not only that there's people who say oh I don't care what happens in Ukraine and That's fine you know if that's how they Feel that's how they feel but I'll tell You what people should be caring when They have to pay their taxes by the end Of this week because that's where their Money's going because there's billions Of dollars being pumped into it and that Is what is so frustrating to me but Another frustrating part Hunter Biden's Trip to Ireland is is Raising questions After the Revelation that his firm Sought Irish government Investments During Biden's vice presidency okay so In an email from 2011 then CEO of Rosemont Seneca Partners Devon Archer Suggested reaching out to then U.S Ambassador to Ireland saying ideas we Could follow up on Ireland ask for it um Ask for intro through Rooney So earlier this week Joe I said you know Maybe the reason Hunter is there is Completely harmless and he's just there Along for the ride but then when you see Stuff like this then you're like maybe Not so much We I I it's amazing how much the hunter Biden story is like the third rail of News stories for other news Organizations clearly we've seen Evidence Bank receipts emails from that

Laptop from other places that say that This is something we should be paying Attention to and the fact that Hunter Biden now is in Ireland with his dad oh No it's not a coincidence because Apparently this guy is worldwide right I Mean he's in China he's in Ukraine he's In Russia he's in now Ireland apparently Doing all these business deals again for What services exactly does somebody like Hunter Biden provide in these situations Tom he is the pit bull of foreign Influence the pit bull thank you this This story just hutzpah is not a strong Enough word because the influence Peddling I understand oh but it's not Illegal under the letter of the law it's So concerning regardless and we haven't Gotten necessarily to the full law on This so before we start saying oh it's Not illegal there's a lot more Information that still needs to come out In the water precisely China is our Biggest adversary and Hunter Biden Profited in China for services that we Have no idea not only just hunting by The way James Biden or the uh the niece Of of Joe Biden as well who's a guidance Counselor in Delaware is getting tens of Thousands of dollars Exactly so we wonder why this is Joe Biden not standing up to China the way He should perhaps he may be compromised Maybe he's not either way journalists

Should be asking that question and Pursuing the story instead we're the Only ones talking about it guys well I Think we're going to be the only ones Probably talking about it because Anytime suddenly like this pops up they Just ignore it they sweep it under the Rug like it doesn't exist now they do Say apparently this is not taxpayer Funded this trip I mean God forbid it is Like who I mean who knows I don't I Don't know what to believe from this Administrator creation of this family Anymore well Hunter Biden can afford it Right that we do know from the millions Of dollars except the paintings alone His paper trip to Dublin but what does It say about how serious this White House takes these allegations these Investigations by your James comers and The like that they would have the Temerity to tr Hunter out there and not Just Trot them out there have him work Like we said earlier in the week as a Member of the comms Department of the White House you know why they don't take It seriously because the New York Times Washington Post CNN ABC NBC CBS they Don't cover it so as long as that side Of the media isn't covering it they're Saying you know what we could do Whatever we will some in their nose at The American people basically being like So we don't care what you think it's so

Great it's so Brazen they're they're Putting it right in front of us Acting like we're stupid the quote Seinfeld they're flaunting society's Conventions yes they are great Seinfeld Reference thank you I appreciate it I Don't know that one you know I'm going Through all of them I'm trying to find One that fits and I couldn't just Actually in high school in the 90s no I Never I've never watched it and I I get Really I get berated about it all the Time here we will leave it here with Have a great weekend Joe thank you Joe I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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