Confronting AOC with Libs of TikTok Over Big Lie (CRAZY ENDING)

Confronting AOC with Libs of TikTok Over Big Lie (CRAZY ENDING)

The Heritage Oversight Project served Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) with an ethics complaint for breaking House rules by intentionally defaming @LibsofTikTok.

She…did not take it well.

This is the nasty rhetoric of the radical, violent transgender movement.

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Thank you I am here outside the Cannon Building I was here last week because I Attempted to ask AOC why she lied about Me in a Committee hearing she cowered Away she refused to talk to me so I’m Back here today one week later and I’m Going to deliver her an Ethics complaint That I filed for lying about an American Citizen in a Committee hearing so AOC She broke the rules believe it or not There’s actually rules on Capitol Hill And 23 Clause 1 is the big one you got To act in a way that reflects Credibility on the house and lying about You know a U.S citizen certainly doesn’t Do that so we’re filing this at this Complaint let’s go inside and see if She’s there [Music] Hi so basically a few weeks ago AOC lied About me in that Committee hearing so I Tried to come last week and talk to her But she kind of cowered away wasn’t Interested in talking to me so together With Mike from the Heritage Foundation Oversight he helped me file this ethics Complaint so we filed that and if you Can give it to AOC I would really Appreciate it thank you and tell her to Stop lying about American citizens right Okay thank you I just dropped off an Ethics complaint At aoc’s office and unfortunately she Wasn’t there so we laughed and then I

Was walking through the Capitol and Guess who I invented to and see herself I just delivered an Ethics complaint to Your office because you lied about me oh Yeah [Music] Thank you Foreign

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