Dana Perino: Trump needs some of these people to win the general election

Dana Perino: Trump needs some of these people to win the general election

‘Hannity’ panelists Dana Perino and Charlie Hurt discuss former President Trump and Nikki Haley facing off in the upcoming New Hampshire primary. #foxnews #fox #hannity

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All right joining us now president Trump Speaking tonight at a Unity rally here In New Hampshire we'll dip back in in a Few minutes joining us now on set Fox News contributor Charlie hert the Co-host of two hit shows the five in America's Newsroom and I will be her Guest tomorrow which is a great honor M I' got the countdown clock what do you Make of where we are now because it's Interesting because you know we were Here in this very place in 2016 and 2020 And in uh 16 when we came here there Were still I think eight candidates left And it was at the New Hampshire debate Where you had what what was called the Murder suicide of Marco Rubio between Strategize between Trump and Chris Christie and just to think of how much History is behind us in those eight Years very tumultuous to get to a point Where you are in a two-person race Nikki Haley has said all along that that's What she wanted and she did help winow The field right she is still in it she's Here for tomorrow uh in New Hampshire The polls are not great for her And I don't know if she got to the two Person race too late um but you see what Donald Trump there bringing in Doug Bergham and V ramaswami Tim Scott all Previous opponents of his in this Primary and they're all for him Screaming four more years and Tim Scott

Is from South Carolina which would be up Next at well at Nevada in South Carolina Uh what do you make of this Charlie well Uh certainly Nikki Haley got what she Wanted as you say maybe a little bit Late but now it's want exactly now it's G to she's going to get her one-on-one Race um I I still think that you know It's it's um I'm I'm a little cautious Just because when you're looking at 40% Of the PO the voting population here who Is independent and they have the choice Tomorrow of uh going in and writing in Uh Joe Biden's name or playing in the Republican primary and trying to uh hurt Trump and help Nikki Haley I think you Know it's it's too soon to say for Certain but if Donald Trump wins by you Know 40 points or wins by two points It's the difference between it's a slow Death or a fast death it's it's I I Don't see it the trajectory is not going To change after well the number of People that switched it was I think the Secretary of State's office said about 4,000 3,000 yeah uh and that ended in October however you do have this large Number of Independents they can vote in Either the Republican or Democratic Primary or not vote at all um and there Have been efforts organized efforts to Get people to vote for Nikki Haley to Extend out what they think will be it Will force Donald Trump to spend more

Money extend the the primary as long as Possible therefore that benefits them in The long run it's an interesting Strategy I don't think it'll really work And Nikki Haley has rejected that saying I'm not trying to do that if people want To vote for me she's never going to turn Them away that's what she says but I Also think it's interesting there's 40% Independent here in Nevada in New Hampshire excuse me we have not in Nevada yet um but in the country did you See the recent Gallop poll 43 3% of the Country says that they are independent So the both parties are the largest Number ever right it's the largest Number so both parties are shrinking and So I'm really interested going forward Let's say that President Trump thrs up The nomination how did you go back to an Obama Trump Biden voter and say give me Another shot that will be interesting Messaging and and you will need to get Some of those people if he's going to Win the general James carille said and I Pay attention when James speaks I've I've had a number of debate with debates With him over the years fun guy crazy But fun but smart also very and one of The things he said is a third party Independent run this year is going to Get a hell of a lot of votes and I think He's right uh but I also don't think That that's going to hurt Donald Trump I

Think that that hurts Joe Biden and if It's no labels if it's RFK I think and Even if it's a never Trumper type person Who wants to run uh and think that They're going to be a spoiler for Donald Trump I don't think it's going to work I Joe mansion and tulsey gabard I think I I think it hurt I think it all hurts Joe Biden I think that you know any Alternative you Donald as you know Sean Donald Trump's supporters are not like Wavering and the one thing that that was Absolutely declared in Iowa and is true In all of these polls is you know the Question for me was have Republicans Grown exhausted and do they want to move On they don't want to move on they want To stay and they want to fight and they Want to fight with this guy and and and To me you know desantis's decision to Get out and and his comments I thought Were so interesting to me that was the Most interesting part was the part where He his analysis that look I did my best People want to stick with the guy that Brought him this far and they want to Fight and I think it's true I lik it in National Review there was a headline by Philip Klein that said that DeSantis was Like pelaton in a postco world right It's like you don't actually need you Yet right now actually we're pretty good With what we had before so oh that's That's a pretty good analogy all right

Who would be the people in four years From now when we're here God willing Again four years from now well I thought It was very interesting that um behind The scenes what DeSantis was saying and His people were saying is that as he Went around meeting voters they might Say to him you're our guy in 2028 if Trump weren't running we'd be with you But we're going to stick with him now You you don't disagree he is a young Leading conservative America first voice In the country I 100% And he's an Extremely competent executive but he's Not a great campaigner and can he can he Become a great campaigner or is that Instinctual I think that's an Interesting question I mean I was not That critical of his campaign as others Have been um I'll tell you I learned a Lot about him the night he debated Nome Oh yeah I bet because he came in Prepared and he there was nothing phased Him you know came in with you know every Pre prepared line ready you know to fire Out every bullet he had in his political Gun he's brilliant as running as an Incumbent as we saw in 2022 uh he had Accomplishments to run on and people Loved him he beat uh Charlie Chris by by Over 20 points in a swing state of Florida which is no longer a swing state And so to me the question is does he end Up running in 2028 sort of as an

Incumbent and the way only way I see That is if Donald Trump decides to pick Him as vice president and I know it seem Everything seems kind of acrimonious Right now but I don't think it's out of The question I think that you know if Donald Trump decides that that Ronda in That sense he would be anointing him his Successor exactly because as Dana before We came on the air rightly pointed out If somebody the the day after election Day whoever that vice president is They're probably going to have a eye on That desk that Donald Trump has with a Red button that's not for nuclear Weapons but for diet That's right that's what is and they Better have a better political operation Than KLA Harris well said that's true uh Great to see you I'll see you on your Show can't wait uh Charlie good to see You hey Sean Hannity here hey click here To subscribe to Fox News YouTube page And catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis you will not Get it anywhere Else

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