Deadly tornadoes leave 48k+ without power in Arkansas

Deadly tornadoes leave 48k+ without power in Arkansas

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr., joins ‘Cavuto Live’ to discuss the response and recovery in the aftermath of deadly tornadoes. #foxnews

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Want to go to Frank Scott Jr right now The mayor of Little Rock hit Particularly hard mayor how are things Looking there Things are devastating the impact of the Tornado Wiped out a good portion of West Little Rock and a portion of southwest Little Rock uh to the tune of 2100 residents Have been impacted many are being Displaced it's by the grace of God we Did not experience any fatalities we Sinned while we're working on response Recovery we also send prayers for when Arkansas which is the Eastern portion of Arkansas who experienced two deaths and That they received a lot of flattening As well so we're out in the Neighborhoods right now surveying areas Removing trees and debris And focus on response and Recovery It's got to be tough because it looks Like a lot of those roads are virtually In travelable so how are you dealing With that mayor We're working diligently with the Little Rock Fire Department police department Our Public Works area uh making the World's passable that are completely Impassable right now so we can get so we Can focus on all of our utilities right Now we got about 30 000 Little Rock Residents who are without Electricity as well as focused on uh

Curing the gas leaks that are being Impacted at this point in time There um this often happens in tornadoes That folks don't get a lot of warning a Lot of this was sudden and then they Were the issue of multiple tornadoes and Storms uh could you share with us what You knew what you experienced what you Saw Well we uh we definitely had our eyes Watching The Radars and receiving Information from the weather center as We uh began to take cover and alerted Everyone in a place to uh taking cover During that period of time and so we Stayed uh updated on all things that Were going on and a grateful for the Response of our First Responders I I Couldn't be more proud of the men and Women of the Little Rock Police Department fire department our Emergency Operations through our public works Department uh we're all working on one Accord the communication is seamless we Did declare emergency uh requested to The Declaration of the state of Emergency from the governor he quickly Accepted and I'm making certain we have All the resources that we need when we Need it to get things done and so just Very grateful for the teamwork that we Have here and uh Arkansas state capitol City Well they say the same about you mayor

Um and how helpful you've been and Dealing with this oh now we're told that More storms could be on the way how do Your folks prepare for that We just stay prepared right uh we stay On the ready so uh we don't have to get Ready and so again it just uh we have a Lot of training as it relates to the Emergency response that we often do uh So when incidents like this happen uh That we're not getting ready so we stay Ready Got it sir thank you very much I know You have quite a lot to do and and to be On top but we appreciate you taking the Time of the mayor of Little Rock Arkansas Frank Scott Jr we'll keep you Posted on developments there

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