‘DEATH SPIRAL’: Will Cain rips Newsom’s proposal to cut $185M from law enforcement

‘DEATH SPIRAL’: Will Cain rips Newsom’s proposal to cut $185M from law enforcement

Former San Francisco police officer Joel Aylworth weighs in on Gavin Newsom’s proposed budget to cut over $185M from California law enforcement. #foxnews

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Cal California governor Gavin Newsome is Proposing a new plan to defund the Police and the state's justice system While the state is still reeling from a Surge in crime The democrat's Proposal Includes slashing $97 million from the Court system and another $10 million From law enforcement and more than $80 Million from the prison system former San Francisco police officer Joel Haworth joins us now to react Joel Thanks for being with us it's pretty Shocking I think most of the nation has Has already realized that defunding law Enforcement defunding the criminal Justice system has been a massive Mistake and yet in California this is The place we're looking to save Money yeah it's no surprise I mean to See this play from Gavin Newsome I Always say there's no bad teams there's Just bad leaders and he continues to Show up and we see this though typically There's always a cycle of hiring surges And then hiring freezes it probably Happens almost every decade but right Now they've got a massive budget deficit And this is where they're looking to cut The corners and if you just look at Areas like San Francisco where I used to Work I mean they went from an overtime Budget of 25.3 million in 2023 that was Projected and it actually ended up being 81 million so they spent 55 million more

On overtime and they still can't curb The the crime crisis they had like 200 Stores from downtown Union Square leave Proactivity in San Francisco is down 55% So what do you think's going to happen When they cut allocation to resources It's just going to get worse the office Spokesperson for governor Nome is saying The following the reductions to prison Spending will not impact Public Safety Or result in the release of inmates Savings are being achieved by cutting Cost including through the deactivation Of beds uh you know Joel you mentioned What you kind of described here is a Death spiral because part of what's Happening in California is a lack of Revenue because people are businesses as You point out but then High net worth Individuals and also just regular Citizens of California moving out we Know this Idaho Arizona Texas they're Moving out of the state reducing your Revenues now you make it less safe to be In California this spiral will Continue yeah and what's happened so far I mean let's do this let's increase the Gas prices I think they're like what $8 In California let's add a gas tax I know Even better let's just take away your Gas stoves I mean none of his Solutions Are working and I and I just saw Senator Kevin Kylie posted that they spent $53 Million on illegal immigrants and

Medicaid and that number is projected to Be 3.8 billion uh in the next year so They're doing a lot obviously to fund Other things like in San Francisco for Another example uh the homeless are Being offered alcohol I mean these are Just insane policies and protocols I Mean where we could be spending our Money in a different way and you know I Think there's I think if California is Going to survive it's not going to be Through law enforcement clearly and They're going to need to look for other Disruptive Solutions and I think there's People out there like Chris egar from Tlb security they're using drones and Creating other efficiencies with local Law enforcement and creating local Partnerships private and public and That's probably the only way you're Going to see actual tangible Solutions And I think the community needs to Collaborate and get together because That's the only way law enforcement in California is not going to save you Clearly the response times in San Francisco PD they just did a study and For an officer to respond to a violent Crime it's taking almost 10 minutes it's The lowest in six years well that's not Unlike the story we just reported out of Connecticut where local neighborhood Watches are coming together to try to Fill the Gap to keep their neighborhood

Safe when they weren't able to be Supported in that case by law Enforcement that's if that's the future For California because of a lack of Options we wish you the best of luck in California Joel aworth thanks for being With us I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme And I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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