Democrat Rep. Dina Titus Repeatedly Downplays The Known Terror Suspects Encountered At The Border

Democrat Rep. Dina Titus Repeatedly Downplays The Known Terror Suspects Encountered At The Border

Comments made on 4/18/23.

Well along those same lines Mr sales you Quote a Washington examiner article that Warns about 98 individuals have who are On the terrorist watch list were Apprehended after crossing the southern Border so do you think this is a threat To the homelander would you acknowledge What percentage of the people that we've Encountered along the border are Represented by this 98. well thank you For the question congresswoman just to Be clear that the source that I cited For those numbers was not a newspaper But rather U.S Customs and Border Protection Um I do think that the dramatic Spike We've seen from zero ksts encountered Several years ago to 98 last year and 69 So far this year is troubling I think Terrorists are aware of gaps in our Border security and they will certainly Try to exploit those gaps I would give You the number since you didn't answer My question it's 0.0044 percent 0.0044 And these individuals were apprehended Isn't that correct Um that is correct congresswoman but I I Think remember Um it was just 19 hijackers who were Able to pull off the 9 11 attacks and That's not relevant to what we're Talking about now we're talking about

Today across the southern border the Percentage and those were the ones who Were apprehended so let's don't spread Misinformation claiming that this big Wave is Waltzing across our border to Attack like 9 11. if is that what you're Trying to say we're going to have Another 911 is that what you're saying Well Congressman congresswoman I I think The American people would generally Agree with me that if almost a hundred No we can say one person can blow up a Building uh so you know I think that's Stretching the point of what we're doing Here I think we can say that our border Agents are working pretty effectively if They have captured 98 this 98 that You're talking about is such a small Percent that we are doing a pretty good Job of stopping these outside people Coming in to stream in our national Security would you not concede that well To continue my thought congresswoman I I Think I believe and I believe that the American people would agree that if Nearly a hundred known or suspected Terrorists are able to come into the United States they were apprehended Mr chairman may I finish that sentence Um if 98 known or suspected terrorists Are able to enter the United States that Would be a concern and it would raise This further question how many others Are getting in that we were not able to

Catch and that we don't know about

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