Democrats blasted as ‘undemocratic’ for skipping debates

Democrats blasted as 'undemocratic' for skipping debates

Fox News’ Peter Doocy on Biden’s re-election campaign announcement and Democrats calling out the party for refusing to hold debates

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All right with the different type of Green uniform I should add but we'll Talk about that in a moment we start With the Fox News Alert President Joe Biding announcing his candidacy for Re-election with the worst kept secret In Washington he had a three-minute Video released this morning and the RNC Is now responding with their own ad Attacking Biden over his failures and What the country could look like with Four more years of his leadership if You're just waking up Peter Ducey joins Us live from Wilmington Delaware with a Little glimpse of both those storylines Hey Peter And the president's soft launch campaign Video is more about Republican policies Than his own Freedom Personal freedom is fundamental to who We are as Americans But you know around the country Maggie Extremists are lining up to take on Those Bedrock freedoms cutting Social Security that you paid for your entire Life about cutting taxes from the very Wealthy dictating what health care Decisions women can make Banning books And telling people who they can love all While I'm making it more difficult for You to be able to vote Thank you progressives are not impressed With this Nina Turner writes the DNC

Refusing to hold a single primary debate Is undemocratic and robs the voters of Choice no one who feels confident in Their record and or ideas would hesitate To stand on them the DNC should hold Debates this is supposed to be a Democratic process the Biden campaign is Going to be run by White House official Julie Chavez Rodriguez and Rafael Warnock Alum Quentin folks and they've Already emailed their list asking for Donations at as the RNC Hopes to counter with fact check and they've dropped an AI Video forecasting what they think Another Biden term would mean Agents were overrun by a surge of 80 000 Illegals yesterday evening chills closed The city of San Francisco this morning Citing the escalating crime and Fentanyl Crisis who's in charge here it feels Like the train is coming off the tracks And as we watch this 2023 Biden campaign Launch video next to the 2019 Biden Campaign launch video we realize they Aren't that different When I ran for president four years ago I said we're in a battle for the soul of America and we still are The question we're facing is whether in The years ahead we have more freedom or Less Freedom more rights are fewer I Know what I want there I think you do too

This is not a time to be complacent [Music] That's why I'm running for reelection President Biden is long said he intended To run but that he is a great respecter Of Fate he is 80 years old and he is Betting that is not going to be an issue Back to you that's right so Peter uh Going forward on Friday I understand There's going to be essentially a donor Summit over the weekend they called a Bunch of fat cats and they said come Come down to D.C open your wallets we Need the cash and when it comes to Big Campaign rallies we're probably not Going to see any of those for a very Long time instead he's going to do Policy style speeches like he's doing Right now going to make a trip to where Australia and somewhere in Asia And Japan yeah and so they're trying not To let the business of being president Get in the way of being a presidential Candidate and they think they have more Time because he does not have an Opponent yet on the on the Republican Side he has many opponents uh just not One to focus on gotcha all right Peter Thank you very much live report from Wilmington All right well the people running Against him are upset because they don't Have they're not going to have any Primary debates and they're saying that

That is undemocratic it's unfortunate They're acting like there aren't any Other candidates on the Democrats side Exactly I mean people voters want to Hear from Kennedy they want to hear from Marianne Williamson they want to see how He would debate but they're going to do Anything in their power to make sure he Doesn't get on that debate stage I Wonder if he changes Ainsley if a bigger Name gets involved RFK a famous name but I'm big politician if he's still driving 15. I don't think they want him to debate Until until the very end when he has to Once someone really wants to win like Bernie Sanders says I'm in I don't Really I don't like the Democratic Establishment anyway then would he avoid Bernie Sanders so right now they ask People at a similar time uh people in Their own party who do you support when Barack Obama's running for election he Has 75 percent of all the Democrats Clinton had 50 percent Obama uh Obviously well but Trump had 73 percent Joe Biden uh not many people on the left Wanted to run overall Democrats only 38 Percent want him to run when asked Should he run for president 70 percent Said no he should not 26 percent said Yes he should that's hardly the wins at My back let me make it official today Who's with me so it doesn't seem like

They're trying to be high profile about The uh the re-upping he's in it now but There you talk to any Democrat no one's Excited about him running again listen To this this is a flashback of Democrats In the past The country would be well served by a New generation of compelling Well-prepared Dynamic Democrats uh to Step up are you encouraging him to run Again I'm encouraging him to focus on what's Right in front of us I've been very Clear I'd like to see a generational Change Mitch McConnell Donald Trump the President everybody like we need a new Generation are you going to endorse Joe Biden if he runs for reelection oh There's plenty of time for the election This is the problem with America right Now we start an election every time There's a cycle let's see who's involved Let's wait until we see who all the Players are let's just wait until it all Comes out There you've got a bunch of high-profile Democrats wishing there was somebody Else well now officially he's in uh and He also officially ended the speculation Kamala Harris is going to be running Alongside of it so the question becomes How many of the Democrats have said you Know what we want somebody else now We're going to go okay we'll take him

Because what the Democrats are trying to Build up is that Donald Trump if he is a Nominee would be a profound threat to Democracy and that is why one of the Things they're doing in addition to Touting his achievements infrastructure Health Care things like that they're Going to just clobber non-stop the Republicans they presume it's Donald Trump could be Ron DeSantis with mega Republicans they he was at a union hall In uh Maryland a couple of days ago and He clobbered them 21 times in a very Short speech so they're going to use That kind of branding to say are those The kind of people you want in the White House tree falls in the woods who hears It if Trump says anything people hear it Because they show up the one thing about Trump he would do a good job in saying How was the Border when I was President Compared to that where was inflation When I was President compared to President uh President Biden if that's Maga guilty as charged how are the Abraham Accords in terms of in exchange For what China is doing taking over the Middle East tell me uh where was Iran Were they more in check or lesson check When I was in power what are relations Like with China is that Maga or not There's so many different ways to take Somebody what they think is a strength And spin it towards the reality because

Both now have track record Afghanistan Withdrawal how would Trump have handled That think about the Spy balloon we know How Trump would have handled that right Sure but would they have come across Right but think about it this way uh all This stuff is poll tested what they've They've had a million people already Watched that video tell them what is Good and bad but they do know for a fact In the last midterm election Democrats Used mega mega and mega extremists and Mega Republicans a million times and That red wave that had been predicted For months never materialized ultimately They wound up instead of 40 House Seats The Republicans went on wound up with Five so much had to do with abortion Well whatever it was they they're Looking back the past is prologue and They're thinking well that worked for us Last time let's do it again and that's Why as Peter detailed in his report you Know that whole theme about last time he Was talking about uh remember who we are Once again that is the choice remember Who you are and this is what I did for You the other guy's gonna do something Bad to you right that is yes You have to be careful though painting All Republicans is Maga extremists Because they're not exactly and you know A lot of Republicans do I mean he Mentioned books Republicans want to take

The books out of your kid's school you Might be the explicit sex books must be A Republican and you might you might not Like the six-week rule that Rhonda said Santa's dead you might want 12 weeks or Whatever because a lot of women don't Hear the heartbeat until eight weeks you Might want to be able to make that Decision for your child God forbid Something happened to your 12 year old Child and you had to make that decision And that's you still don't want your Child reading books about sex in first Grade in second grade and Ainsley that Is why the Democrats are injecting all The wedge issues into this particular ad And we're gonna we're gonna hear these Themes from now to be careful by Painting all Republicans as Maga Extremists there are many more Republicans that are more moderate Conservative But still are fiscally responsible Fiscally conservative and might uh might Lean a little to the left on some social Issues and not others well advertising Wise they got to do what Jiu Jitsu does They use the power that you have against You so you take that Mega message you Embrace it in a nuanced way so for Example uh this is the first time we're Going to see Joe Biden and Donald Trump On the ballot in three in three years so The question is you bring up the you do

The track record and then you make Joe Biden actually earn it unlike the you Know the the drive up the drive-in Rallies that he had the speeches that he Recorded on teleprompter in his basement You have to draw him out and make him Earn it and in terms of energy if it's Any of the people on the right you got To feel as though they're more eloquent They're more dexterous verbally Physically and then in terms of President Trump I mean president Trump You said an hour and 15 minute interview Cumulatively in two years he hasn't done An hour and 15 minute interview right Just one just one thing about what They're doing and we've all seen the the Three minute video that they have Released uh two hours and 12 minutes ago Uh what they're doing is when they talk About Mega Republicans uh they show January 6th they show Matt Gates uh Marjorie Taylor green is uh in that ad As well so what they're trying to do is Remind people about January 6. they're Trying to remember remind people about Abortion and what they're trying to do Is just say is this is this your vision Of the future ultimately what it's going To come down to as we get closer to the Election people have got to decide are You better off now than you were four Years ago as we have heard for decades Once again it's going to be really apt

Because they the Democrats know the Challenges are Joe Biden is 80. he's not As sharp they've got terrible inflation That's uh you know draining everybody's Wallet and the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan those are the big things They've got to worry about for Joe Biden And the Border today is a huge day Joe Biden has announced he is running for President we asked a panel one was a Republican one was an independent one Was a Democrat how they felt about this Listen We are not better off than we were Three and a half years ago that's the Definition of insanity doing the same Thing over and over again expecting Different results at this point we have To take a chance it's a common sense Issue Um in order for America to prosper and To evolve uh its Technology's moving so Quickly we need a strong independent Leader Um and an 80 year old man uh I don't Think can cut it right now he wouldn't Get my vote in the primary interest Rates are Sky High we have an inflation We have a warrant in in in Ukraine we Have a war possible war with China all These things are happening on our watch We're not respected worldwide but right Now this felt flat for me To invent and the hunter investigation

Could really come up would it be amazing If the bank records of Hunter Biden in That uh child at a wedlock that he has Ended up moving that investigation Forward because everybody that looks at The hunter Biden situation says where is The money and the fact is he had to Borrow two million dollars to pay off His other his back taxes I'm wondering Where this is going to lead so that's Simmering below and I'm fascinated by How few Democrats are rushing to try to Marginalize this investigation how many Over the weekend said yeah whatever Happens that's where you know let it see What see what pans out and this Whistleblower waiting in the wings about To testify I believe to Ways and Means First uh about what he have seen uh Which bothered him so much to come Forward I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hot first Interviews and most compelling analysis

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