DeSantis threatens to build prison next to Disney amid ongoing feud

DeSantis threatens to build prison next to Disney amid ongoing feud

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the possibility as DeSantis’ latest move to crack down on Disney. #FoxNews

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[Music] Government of laws it said not a Government of men and that includes uh The law being Superior to Big Corporations even corporations is big And powerful as Walt Disney Company People are like well there's what should We do with this land someone even said Like maybe you need another state prison Who knows I mean I just think that the The possibilities are are are endless Florida Governor Ron DeSantis upping the Ante and his ongoing battle with Disney Threatening to build maybe a prison next To the theme park This after DeSantis announced a new bill That would void the company's move to Strip powers from his oversight board And impose new regulations on the House Of Mouse Joining us now with more someone that Might know what the plans are Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Petronas Jimmy thanks for being here so he Mentioned multiple things one of which Hey might be a a state prison talk to us Share with our viewers the ongoing Battle here with Disney Sure so one thanks for having me but Look I think the governor was uh was Definitely flexing his muscles there's a Uh a jurisdiction the State of Florida Has and if they've got State lands and They decide to put a prison on that's in

Their jurisdiction to do it and look Whether you're going to be dealing with Ron DeSantis for two years as Governor Or four years as Governor Disney should Be working around the clock to go and Make amends with Rhonda Sanders you Don't want to pick a fight with this guy Well it seems like that I mean does is You know does Bob Iger ever reach out do You have any sense of what their Direction is here Well look if I'm Bob Iger I am working Around the clock to try to figure out How to make amends with Rhonda Sands Just like Bud Light should be working Around the clock to go kiss Kid Rock This is a problem needs to be addressed It is wide open Yeah do you think they've learned a Lesson or do you think they I mean it's Kind of the same question but we'll see How Bud Light responds Disney doesn't Seem to have changed its tune all that Much So what we've seen with Disney is you've Seen Bob chapek's scalp is on the wall They realize they well that's made some Mistakes Bob Bob chapek went and got way Outside of his comfort box and look he Was new on the job igers come in I think Igers tried to make some corrections but I think igers also fumbled the ball Again I would be working around the Clock figuring out how I could make this

This come in for a landing uh one thing That I'm glad that we've worked around The clock to make sure is Disney is Paying all its own debts the governor is Now looking at other things like what What do we need to do to make sure our Firefighters there are properly Compensated so you know when you start To force the governor to look at his Options Disney is going to be forced to Engage on issues they probably had not Considered yeah and if Governor DeSantis Has shown one thing is he's not afraid Of the fight and he's not backing down On this one Jimmy Patronus thanks a lot And you're right making friends with Kid Rock is a good idea no doubt Appreciate you

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