Fauci Rewrites History, Claims He Warned About “Negative Consequences” Of Kids “Out Of School”

Fauci Rewrites History, Claims He Warned About "Negative Consequences" Of Kids "Out Of School"

Comments made on 4/28/23

Go and look at the tape you know the Tail of the tape when I kept on saying Over and over again we've got to get the Children back to school as quickly as Possible we've got to get them in school Safely and we've got to make sure that They're not essentially out of school at Home getting all of the negative Consequences Different parts of the country Interpreted that differently there were Schools that stayed closed far too long And longer than they should have and There were those that essentially didn't Close at all you know my daughter was a School teacher in New Orleans they Closed down for two weeks and were Essentially open for the rest of the Time and other and the result was and The result was you know they didn't do Too badly

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