FLASHBACK (10/31/2020): Biden Cites Intel Letter As Evidence Hunter’s Laptop Is Russian Disinfo

FLASHBACK (10/31/2020): Biden Cites Intel Letter As Evidence Hunter's Laptop Is Russian Disinfo

Interview took place on October 31, 2020.

What about the Americans who really Today only want me to ask you about Hunter Biden's laptop how are you going To get them to see that you are fighting For them when they're so dead set Against you there's nothing to any of That Nothing to me that it's all a smear Every major outfit every serious Investigator has pointed out That this is a smear This is classic Trump We have four days left and all of a Sudden there's a laptop and you may Recall there's also talk about four Months before there was a similar thing That somebody had allegedly There's overwhelming evidence that from The intelligence community that the Russians are engaged I mean look this is My son's an honorable man

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