Former chief of staff to VP Pence talks cancel culture with Will Cain | Will Cain Podcast

Former chief of staff to VP Pence talks cancel culture with Will Cain | Will Cain Podcast

Will Cain sat down with former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, Nick Ayers, on this episode of the ‘Will Cain Podcast.’ #FoxNews

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Nick Ayers of Public Square man it's Good to meet you let's pick up right Where we were talking Um about comparing our days after this Conversation I don't know who's got it Better you're going turkey scouting for Spring turkey hunting in Georgia and I'm Leaving right after our conversation to Go to opening day Texas Rangers against The Philadelphia Phillies Um Go rangers I think you might have it Better it's always better to I'd rather Be out I'd rather be out in the woods Than in a stadium packed with 40 000 People so you win to start the Conversation well I agree with that only Because I I uh prefer not being in Cities or in big crowds but if you're Going to be in a city in a big crowd uh Major league baseball games pretty good Place to be yeah I'm excited I you know I've never been to opening day Um I mean I've obviously been to a lot Of baseball games but I've never been on Opening day so um well let's see if it Has the magic I've never missed an Opening day since I was three or four of Some sort of hunting season how's that I Have also never been to an opening day Of baseball but but I love opening day Of any hunting season and and very often I'm like hosting guests or entertaining And don't actually partake in the in the

Activity itself but I that I love the Excitement Um I grew up only deer hunting and in Like small pond fishing and so the thing About whitetail hunting in the Southeast Is pretty limited the season comes Quickly and it goes quickly and I've Been you know blessed and fortunate over The last two decades to pick up every Good habit along the way and sort of Outdoors and conservation uh Hobbies of Of you know whether it's dove hunting or Duck hunting or uh any sort of Upland Bird hunting or deer hunting and which I'm a very passionate bow hunter I've I've hung up the gun six years ago uh Still a fan a fan of people who like to Exclusively do that I have three Ten-year-olds and they're they're still A little too young to pull back on a bow Uh but they love gun hunting uh but yeah I just I love being outdoors and away From a lot of people and uh and that's Something that it's it's why you know This great president hangs behind me and It's what you and I initially started Talking about is he was uh he had a lot Of extraordinary accomplishments but What he did for conservation in this Country and without him we would not Have big big game hunting in North America and yet you know over 120 years Later post-presidency or 110 years later Post presidency are hunting because of

Him is better today In in almost every aspect than it was When he was hunting because things had Already been hunted to almost Extinction And he saw that and uh set up the steps To to preserve it so yes I'm I'm excited About today and we'll be even more Excited about sitting with a few of my Kids Saturday morning trying to get a Gobbler within 40 or 50 yards my Favorite hunting opening day is dove Season it's a holiday everyone knows It's not the one where you build the Best of habits as you mentioned a moment Ago for conservation it's a little bit More of a party uh but my favorite Hunting my favorite game is duck Absolutely love duck hunting but over Your shoulder is a painting of Teddy Roosevelt it's beautiful by the way Painting and we did begin our Conversation about him I think you're ABS that's interesting perspective that We would not have big game hunting but For Teddy Roosevelt and if you also want To appreciate him it will never come Across in this podcast you'll never come Across in this video But I I just have to implore anyone Listening you just have to visit a National park Um because they are they are just Majestic Um Beauties gems of this country that

Does not translate simply by my Testament or next Testament and that's Because of Teddy Roosevelt I almost Brought this up with you a moment ago so 10 years ago Nick before we get into Public Square Um I would say 10 years ago when I was Part of the political conversation took A Hiatus went into sports there was it Was a pretty interesting conversation About on the right the rejection of Teddy Roosevelt that that that With Teddy Roosevelt actually began the The Progressive Movement and it's Interesting Where we sit today Um that Ted Roosevelt becomes a pretty Apt symbol of where we sit today on the Right in that definitely many many Conservative values but also a populist That was skeptical towards Big Corporations He he busted up uh uh a lot of the Companies that he felt like had become Globalist in nature that no longer had America's best interest at heart And and we're no longer you know it was It was he was about the Forgotten man Before that was a thing and uh He absolutely yeah I mean I remember Somebody that all your listeners would Know very prominent Um you know conservative strategist uh Or Republican strategist I should say a

Decade ago was giving me real grief About how I said yeah he's one of my Favorite presidents if not my favorite President and any and he goes through All the sort of talking points of of of How he overreached and created you know This regulatory framework and wasn't Friendly to business and the more I read About What his motives were for doing that It's eerily similar to what we're Dealing with 120 years later and it's It's an interesting segue into why I Invested in Public Square and now sit on Their their board of directors and it is And it is because I never thought That my interest wouldn't be anything Other than wholly aligned with what I Grew up as a kid in Atlanta Georgia Thinking of just amazing you know American companies like Coca-Cola or Delta Airlines Um there are many many others and they Still have tens of thousands who are of Of employees who love the country love Our state of Georgia But in the same way Roosevelt over 100 Years ago started questioning like wait Who's to whose benefit are these Companies actually being run for Are the same things that I said I never Thought I would question you know the Biggest companies in America like who do They ultimately want to see succeed that

To me that's not even that difficult of A question to answer anymore when they Are fueling uh the division within they Are spending tremendous amounts of money Uh not in a bipartisan fashion Overwhelmingly tilted towards uh a Leftist agenda that's way outside the Mainstream that's anti-capitalism Literally they support socialist Policies at home that that's an Anti-freedom And yet you see them on one hand you Know being Classical liberal uh liberals here at Home but then abroad totally aligning Themselves with China And it's like hey hey guys you actually Can't do both if on principle you only Want to be for the left here in this Country if that's what you really Believe Okay but but that is that would also be Complete opposite of aligning yourself With socialists and marxists abroad all For the sake of expanding your company's Tam and so one of the one of my Convictions will post White House I was honored to serve in The in the Trump Pence Administration I Was assistant to the president uh Chief Of Staff to the vice president one of The convictions I left with is seeing That despite like tremendous policy Again set Trump and Pence aside and all

The hot takes that are associated with That Just objectively if you look at the Policies that were being accomplished They were overwhelmingly amazing you had No inflation you had a roaring economy You had peace abroad even in the Middle East you had gas prices that were Affordable Um it was it was extraordinary you had You had minority jobless rates at an All-time high you had uh people making More money and and in their bank account Than any time in American history and Yet what were our biggest companies Doing Unilaterally spending money to defeat Those policies forget about him for a Minute about he and the vice president While doing anything that President XI Asked them to do abroad to to obey and Submit in order to to explore the Chinese Marketplace and so one of my Convictions Uh my biggest business conviction post White House was We have to create a parallel economy That will serve the hundred plus million Americans who aren't and I'm not Referring to Republicans or Conservatives I'm saying the 100 plus Million Americans Who love this country don't believe We're inherently racist uh who who just

Care about providing their kids a good Safe education uh love their freedom Believe in American Excellence uh and Want to be left alone you know support The Second Amendment and yet Uh if we don't do it the risks are and It's not even a risk these things happen They're all too common now For those people who just want to Express their constitutional rights uh They can be canceled by their Banks I I Had one of the largest charities in America that are that do so much good I Mean it's just unbelievable the amount Of good they do they contacted me Friends of Friends A year ago and said you know this is a Charity that's hundreds of millions of Dollars and said we're at risk of not Having a bank in 30 days because we Define marriage you know through the Traditional biblical view of marriage And our bank says that it's risky and They you know we're we're probably gonna Have to have another bank it's like What what is this is this China is this A Soviet Union it's happening right here In this country it's a great conviction Has been we have to invest not in Republican companies or in conservative Companies but build up a flywheel of Capital of business that where people Who believe what over 100 million of us Believe can't be canceled that we can

Have our own economy I would rather us All be unified but that's not what Most of these big businesses seek and That is something that on on a different The issues were different but that's What he became he meaning Roosevelt Became leery of over 100 years ago of Are their interests really still aligned With the average ordinary American right Let's Um we've we we will today and we have in The past had conversations about Parallel economies and what you guys are Doing directly in a parallel economy With Public Square but I want to stay on This conversation for just a moment and I want to talk about motivation because I think the only real way I think the only real way to change Someone's behavior is to understand Their motivation but if that's not what We're trying to do as well change Someone's Behavior the only real way to Win is to also I think understand the Motivation of one's adversary so I want To talk about the motivation of American Corporations that have embraced Increasingly I think this is very fair To say anti-American ideals you know Um I've said this before I don't know What you've said on this Nick if you Took The top 500 CEOs of America's top 500 Corporations or maybe even went down a

Level in the c-suite and you did a Political Um survey I don't think you would come Back with Um the results of that survey showing Some of the furthest left people in the United States of America so then you ask Yourself well then why are there Corporations increasingly adopting some Of the furthest left policies So Is it because of own personal ideology a Is it because of fear B the voice of a Small radical minority that somehow gets To Define mainstream culture in America Or is it C just sheer Pure pursuit of profit and at these Corporation corporations have found Amorally and what I mean by that is not Driven by Audiology but living up to What they think is their purpose in Capitalism return for investor they have Found that profitability is found by Adopting these anti-American ideals yeah Well I mean it begs a an even deeper Philosophical question Um which I'll come back to you but I I Think the answer is B I think it's fear And I think you hit on something that's Right I have a lot of friends who fit The description of what you just said Fortune 500 CEO or uh and many friends In the c-suite beneath that and Overwhelmingly

They don't think it's right one from a Fiduciary standpoint they think it's Actually costing them money they spend Their time on resources and things of Focus that either don't do not grow Their market share do not make their Product better but in some cases make Their product worse and Shrink their Market share but but the the deeper Philosophical thing that I wanted to get At is I think the motivating factor is fear And it's like I think it's one of the main things all Of us uh at least I should say all of us At least people of faith Um have to fight or resist which is like Do we do what is right Uh or out of fear do we cower to what is Popular and almost always like this Isn't a new thing that humans are driven Towards something that's popular but not Right like that's the story of mankind And why I believe we need a you know a Savior to redeem us but but it is not Because it's making them more money Dei And ESG are destroying companies Silicon Valley Banks just the latest example of That they thought if you just were super Woke and had the the the you know most Likes on LinkedIn of of how woke you Were that you had the greatest bank and And what was an incredible Bank was Destroyed over politics and wokism they

Didn't have the best Bankers in the Country which is what they had access to They could have had the greatest you Know uh financiers and modelers and loan Officers and technologists and Strategists they they opted for some of That and a lot of like who can we hire Because it's the end thing to do who's Well connected and that's not the way Capitalism works or thrives so I think We'll it's driven by fear and and I I I Feel like I know that it is because you Hear from the leaders in these companies Many are at a stage where they feel like It's too late to fight my retirement is In five years or ten years I'm just Going to finish it out here and wrap it Up many who are closer to our age Are it's I think it's a a mass exit of Talent of saying where can I go uh that Will allow me to unashamedly have Judeo-christian values to love this Country and to not be embarrassed by Saying I want to work my tail off to get A promotion to make a lot of money like That is the American dream and yet That's not what is being celebrated or Promoted within many of these companies So I suspect that you're right Nick I Suspect that it is B and that it is fear But I don't want to let go of C for just One moment and that is It sounds like what I'm going to be Suggesting here is sort of

Anti-capitalism and maybe this Conversation is always going to keep Coming back to Teddy Roosevelt but I Think that every human being has to ask Themselves at a philosophical level what Their hierarchy of values may be every Human being right and I do not think That if you talk to the vast majority of Virtuous individuals people that you or I or anyone listening would respect Would come back with the answer wealth Riches that's number one that's the top Of my hierarchy So what I think happens is And so maybe let's focus for a moment in The distinguishing factor between b and C will be Um domestic versus international trade In business I would give it real quick On on the international side I think That c is playing a big role the pursuit Of money and dollars right and and I Think that part of that is if you can This if you can imagine a CEO that has Direct Control of his company maybe 60 51 ownership right he is the one making The calls that man Can prioritize his convictions above Profit he can ask himself on a daily Basis what was my hierarchy of values What do I stand for but when you have Fractional ownership and again I'm not Anti-capitalist and I'm not against Publicly traded companies but when you

Have fractional ownership and you have Publicly traded companies where Ownership is dispersed the value system Has been diluted and now the only Commonality the lowest common Denominator of the ownership group is Roi return on investment when I look at My balance sheet when I look at my Investments I probably don't do a good Enough job of going let me see how did This holding do and what is their American values what I did instead is Say what is the did I go green or did I Go red that month and by what percentage And I think that c C plays a real problem in this at least For example do I think Nike believes in Chinese values I do not do I think the Vast majority of people that work at Nike are anti-American I do not but I Think they're doing their best to get an Roi for their investor Yeah it's uh So if we if on the domestic side let me Just put a finer point on it I think it Is fear To comply with what is popular on the New York Times editorial page and it Like cocktail parties in Manhattan and In Los Angeles but here's the here's the Game changer When they pivoted to what is popular Uh they could also uphold their Fiduciary duty because there was no

Economic consequence until now because People are waking up meaning you know Starbucks could get away for five or ten Years saying you know what if you're Pro-life or if you're Um pro-traditional marriage we actually Don't want your business And I think people a lot of us were Apathetic for a long time and gone oh You know that's Howard wolfson's opinion Um and I like their coffee I'm gonna Drink it anyway I think what what is Happening what I pray is happening is That millions of Americans are waking up And saying Unless we align our values with our Dollars this is going to get worse I Liken it Um because I love reading about history And and uh I liken it to like us sending Uh millions of tons of scrap metal to Japan in the 1930s I'm pretty sure we're Gonna see it again and we're not going To like the form it comes back That that is really the question your Listeners have to ask themselves about You know every we used to vote every two Or four years the case I'm trying to Make is we vote every time we use an app Every time we swipe a card every time we Tap our cart we're voting why because These technology companies these major Financial institutions these huge Software businesses are taking their

Profits and not just reinvesting it for Jobs and to grow their Tam the last few Election Cycles show they're spending Hundreds of millions of dollars Overwhelmingly to elect one party that Is destroying freedom of speech they're Destroying capitalism in this country They're not even quiet about it they Openly will question capitalism in favor Of of socialism so the the necessity for People of Faith the necessity for people Who love freedom and the Constitution is To I think you know be more Sophisticated be more aware of You know if every day I'm spending Whether it's 30 bucks or 3 000 bucks It's inconsequential to me it's am I Aligning that am I investing this Capital in a business that shares my Values yeah and I think for and I was Guilty until a few years ago of of Largely ignoring that and the beauty of Public Square and what I think Michael Cipher and the team there have done Really well which is why I invested in It Blake Masters has invested in it many Other movement conservatives have is Because we want to make it easy for People who have our values and have our Convictions to open an app and say you Know what if I want coffee on a monthly Subscription and I want excellent coffee I care about coffee I drink three or Four cups in the morning like who is

Someone that that doesn't openly mock my Convictions if I'm gonna buy a pair of Socks which I'm wearing Soldier Socks Today that I found on Public Square who Can make an excellent pair of socks Because I don't want a crappy pair of Socks but that shares my conviction if I Want a cooler and I found an amazing Cooler on Public Square called rugged Road coolers it's the same ice retention As a Yeti but half the weight if I want A cooler then I'm going to invest you Know two three hundred bucks in where Can I buy it that shares my values We have to develop the discipline and Create the the this economy where we're Not just fueling the people who Literally hate us will like they're this Is I've always been a person who Irrespective of politics I kind of like Everybody uh I mean really I'm generally Trusting I want everybody to get along This is a new theme for me in the last 18 to 24 months because I see the Hostility and anger of the left they Don't want a unified country they're Using uh not just our political system But the weaponization of boardrooms to Spend money on non-profit groups to seek To divide us and to destroy those of us Who have judeo-christian values and so It is a conviction of mine and a passion Of mine to invest in companies that make It easy for me to align my dollars with

My values I will say this everybody who Attempts to do this uh I'll hold Public Square to the same standard like like Our excuse can't be well you know we're Values aligned but accept our inferior Product we're values align and we're Good people so when you know please Accept our inferior app my challenge to Michael and this team is hey in in very Near order we have to have as excellent Of a product in inventory as any Marketplace in the country our customer Service can be second to no one we have To be consumer first the values Alignment is like icing on the cake but Like we're not all super loyal to Chick-fil-A just because they're an Amazing family and an amazing restaurant It's also an amazing sandwich it's an Amazing sandwich and everybody who gives Me the Chick-fil-A example of well There's proof that these businesses will Succeed look at Chick-fil-A I'm like do You know the time they spend on culture And excellence and quality control and Supply chain and inventory and the Management team like it's all those Things things they do with perfection And excellence and by the way I love Their values that's why they're Successful and that is what we seek to Do uh at Public Square okay I want to Talk more about that but here's a Personal question are you a Puritan and

I say that not as an indictment I say That as an aspiration have you have you As you and I and I'll be honest I have a Netflix subscription I watch Netflix I Um I can't I mean I have a Paramount Subscription I have every subscription There is to have by the way Um and I want Like I'm I'm gonna almost guarantee like Everyone listening I would rather choose Someone who has my value system but I Can't be a Puritan I can't cut Everything out right so just as a Personal question real quick Nick have You my friend Sean Duffy it does his Best he will not wear Nike my brother Will not wear Nike Um do I wear Nike I wear Nike you know Um so have just as a personal question To start are you puritanical have you Accomplished this this Vision I'm gonna Coin a new term I'm a practical Puritan Uh and so where where I think people Businesses Have earned The uh the opportunity to get my money Then I would then I will always choose Them I I try to in every category find An alternative If the product stinks or The customer service stinks they haven't Earned it like right to me that's Socialism right that's putting some Ideal that that can actually ever be Profitable ahead of what is practical so

You know we are I am proud to say that Like we found a cooler company that will Only do business with forever a sock Company a coffee company there are so Many uh an athletic wear uh company Yes it and but are we there on Entertainment no the conviction I have On entertainment by the way is just that You know and I'm not saying this for you Is uh we just felt convicted to cut a Lot of that stuff out anyway whether There was a good alternative or not like We really asked ourselves three years Ago of What is the alternative of all these Subscriptions okay it is us as a family Learning Sports together that we can do As a family so like you know it's it's Tennis it's it's pickleball it's going To the driving range it's hunting it's Fishing so we spend very little of our Time Um you know it's it's none of us were Chess players we now have like chess Wars they're not matches at our house It's usually evolves into me screaming At three three ten-year-olds that They're reading the rules wrong uh but But no I'm a practical Puritan but it Goes back to my point like For for this economy to succeed Um Are are it just it's it can't purely be A values play like in what I saw in

Michael there there are many many Companies out you know raising capital Or trying to acquire customers that are In this space uh that I've taken a pass On I've tried to use their products Unsuccessfully or thought it wasn't Great customer service I really put Michael through the paces when he was Seeking it out you know for me to become An investor Of what is your roadmap to scale can you Attract the talent to to go public and Grow and to really create a Marketplace What is when will you be profitable and What is your plan you know outside of Advertising dollars that can dry up what Can you create uh that you can have Protected IP around that you can sell And he was the not the only one but he Was the best one that had the right Answers with a long-term vision and you Know most startups fail uh this is still Early on I think I think Public Square Is is getting the hyper growth it's Getting and the the momentum that it has By the way and it's not just growing Among like people who love Don Jr Um or people who who follow uh there's So many influencers out pushing Public Square there's this whole other culture Of California skateboarders and Surfers And Motocross Um you know people who race in Motocross Aren't Republicans at all they're

Frankly probably never participate in The political system but you know what They're fed up with Um coming out of covet it was the first Time in their life where they had Intersected with bad public policy and They're going whoa wait a minute like Right where is this coming from and what They sensed is hey it's not only coming From the government and all these Businesses I'm interacting with they're They're saying in the name of science I Have to show a vaccine card or I have to Wear a mask years and months after we Knew that that was all bogus and so There's now there's this whole Freedom Economy that again excites me because It's not just conservatives or Republicans uh or people involved in Politics it's it's all these other Groups will that are rightly leery of The government overreach that we all saw In an experience during uh during coven Not just that but I think an obvious Betrayal of values that previously one Would have been forgiven if they thought Were bipartisan values and so I've seen The same thing I've seen California Skateboard culture migrate and I'm not Talking about at large my evidence is Anecdotal but migrate in a conservative Direction because whoa I I wasn't cool With you filling the you know skateboard Pool up with sand didn't make any sense

You know whatever it may be Um couple of thoughts So first of all to button up the idea on Motivations on Corporate America I don't Know if you saw us Nick did you see the Video of Richard Dawkins with Piers Morgan where Richard Dawkins famous Atheist Um talking and and I would say famous Atheist and intellectual Um He's he's considered one of one of the World's intellects and would have Previously been someone you say Bravely tells it the way he sees it in This world whether or not you agree or Disagree Piers Morgan asks him about Some case in in in the UK about an Isis Bride and whether or not and how the UK Should handle this Isis bride you'll Have to look it up on the internet Okay I know it broke my heart I mean you Can see his soul leave his body you can See him turn into nothing his spine he Melts to the floor starts going down in His chair and cowering as yes so this Man who's had all these Um whether you agree or disagree like Extraordinary not extraordinary in the Sense of right or wrong just hyper Detailed you know super researched Opinions about the most complicated uh Issues in life related to physics and You know philosophy what and he's asked

A basic question about freedom and Rights on a terrorism case as you said And and and like kind of panics he won't Say a word he says I'm not gonna talk About this Initially confused Confusing right now are you and and Eventually peers I was so hyped up about This I cut you off I'm sorry but it I But that is where we are is like the Power of fear if anyone questioned to Your point earlier the motivation to Base I think it is the base greed forget Wall Street the movie it's not greed the Base human level motivation is fear and If you doubt that watch Richard Dawkins With Piers Morgan I want to go back into Um Public Square okay so tell me if I'm Characterizing it right to me it looks Like Maybe the best Parallel is Yelp it's a place where Consumers can go an app on their phone And find businesses of any of any Industry that to your description a Moment ago share their values Coffee House Leisure wear but it's it's it's Local right I mean it's on a map if I Live in Southern California I pull it up And I can see businesses in my vicinity That share my values is that a fair Description That's it in some places It's it's very ironic where most of the

Businesses have signed up so if you're In Seattle or if you're in Southern California or if you're in Chicago Illinois when you go local Uh you have a lot of options and and It's and it's counter-intuitive of wait A minute there are all these Freedom Loving businesses in Chicago and Seattle And you know Southern California and and It's in response to those were the ones Those small medium-sized businesses were The ones hardest hit with horrific Coveted policies that attempted to put Them out of business and and so that is One angle the local angle and there are Other markets where public Square's got A lot of work to do and I would say to Your listeners if you own small Medium-sized businesses whether it's a Product or service industry you know you You should register on Public Square There's probably now over a million Users of it it's free to sign up uh and And your business will get a lot of free Publicity because it's exactly what will Said it's it's it's Yelp like the Differentiator is outside of the local Option Um and it's the feature I use more often Than not is just the product products You can find from around the country and And it's the marketplace so it's how I Found an amazing cooler uh it's how I Found awesome socks it's you know I get

My coffee from company I think they're Based in Portland Oregon and you know Most of it is you know two-day shipping Two or three day shipping and so it's It's both of those will it's both a Local angle and a national angle and for Businesses to sign up they agree they Have to agree with the five values that Are listed on public Square's website That are that are not Republican or Concerned can you tell me those values Yeah I will let me pull them up but it's Five values that essentially say we're Pro-constitution we believe in the Sanctity of every life we're Pro-capitalism and we commit to never Spending uh our money uh on any American Values or anything any constitutional That's that's the gist of it so Businesses to get on the platform all They have to do is affirm that hey we Won't take any of our profits and Reinvest them in politics or non-profits That are counter to these values and so Businesses can sign up for free and then Consumers can find those businesses for Free from a investment standpoint There are two big things happening at Public Square that I'm excited about one Is they're on track to go public Um right now they're listed under clbr Which is the company that has acquired Them for the purposes of going public uh And so the the stock is you know the

Stock ticker will change to likely psq Uh once the SEC approves the the merger So that's exciting because the company Will soon have a lot more Capital to Scale and grow uh but just on a on a Very you know practical level uh Consumers uh have the ability to to Support Public Square by downloading the App where business owners can sign up For free there you go hey um so a couple Questions I hope I have the time with You to ask you this about Public Square How do you vet so anybody can say I Affirm these values how do you vet Businesses inside Public Square Michael's got a great team uh that That's a team that that's all they do is Determine you know is this a real Business do they have a real site do They have quality products and is there Any evidence that they fall outside of Our values so they have a vetting team And then we have a very active community On the uh on the on the Public Square App that I don't think he's had any Cases of this but were there to be Businesses that had sort of Were duplicitous right representing Themselves uh on one side one way and on The other side another than our Consumers would call that call that out And they've signed a contract saying we Will stick to these values so if they Breach that contract then they'd no

Longer be affiliated with Public Square I I lost my train of thought a minute Ago the second big thing that that will Soon happen is you know in addition to Having this Marketplace both local and National Public Square will will soon uh Have some of their own products and the Team that that Michael's assembled who Are d2c experts uh that will launch very High quality project products that align With people's values on very sensitive And important topics uh in all of our Lives Um will be exciting so look for a major Announcement well that was that that Leads me to this question what's in this Kind of will bring our conversation full Circle in talking about you know the Motivations of various CEOs or Corporations to distance themselves from American ideals what is the profit Mechanism for Public Square do you take Advertising from the businesses do you Take transactional fees should something Be ordered through Public Square how do You guys make money yeah anyone can sign Up for free that aligns with the values The the value prop right now to Public Square is that those who want to be Promoted to the to the audience in a More targeted way we have a very high Click-through rate on a huge email Distribution list we have the ability to Push notifications directly to you know

People's screens Um and so companies advertise with Public Square and the feedback again I Come at this as as uh initially a Potential of investor who went through Nearly five months of due diligence with The company so I would call other Companies Um who were advertising with with Public Square and ask them about their Experience and and those who are Spending advertising dollars against it Would make comments like you know we're Getting a 10x return on our psq Advertising dollars over our meta Advertising dollars we I had a a company A company in the uh uh let's just say in The health industry that said I had to Text Michael two days into their paid Advertising campaign for my company to Tell them to shut it down our customer Service center could not handle the Orders and and that and that is the Tends to be more the rule than the Exception is the companies that pay for The data to hyper Target a consumer you Know to find consumers through the Platform Um have have had very good results but There are other profit centers in the Future will that that Michael and his Team have in the road map that won't be Advertising you know advertising dollars Alone well I believe you on that return

On investment for advertising and and I And I believe that if you guys reach Critical scale you're going to find an Audience the demand is there I see it Firsthand on Fox by the way hosting Fox And Friends it's so fun you know almost Every weekend we host small businesses That come in who shares Soldier socks For example has been on Fox and Friends And it's really fun to say to these guys And we're talking about a three-minute Television hit where some of these guys Actually get 45 seconds because it's Divided into three companies and say Pull up your app what you know do you Have an app that tracks you know traffic Or orders pull it up and in the wake of An appearance the the it will absolutely Not Spike but hockey stick up Um which I think you can say okay that's A testament to Fox what I think it's a Testament to is a is a um a customer Pool ready willing and engaged to become The customer of a business that reflects Their values and to your point has a Quality product and I think another Pressure point is you got to have ease Of use which um which brings you guys a Public Square back in people people want To have values but the truth is it's got To be easy it can't be hard I can't Drive 20 miles to get the thing I want When the one that defies my values is One mile away you know no that well

That's exactly it I mean because at the End of the day you only believe what you And I believe if you're also really a Capitalist which means for my money I Want the best product at the lowest Price with the with the most excellent Customer service so the values alignment Just has to be the icing on the cake it Can't be the whole recipe and the Opportunity I see for this company is That if you think that there are a Hundred million Americans who who are Fed up with how out of touch most of the Companies that they are doing business With are and then you say okay well who Actually who can I name off the top of My head who aligns with my values what I Think the ordinary knicker will would Say and we're Ordinary People but if you Just sort of ask him cold on the street I think they'd probably go well I could I can buy a pillow Um I can buy a chicken sandwich I can go to Hobby Lobby Um and beyond that you know maybe they Can buy some gold coins from a broker Who advertise but like beyond that So I look at that and and I go okay the Opportunity For those companies who are willing to Do it right with excellence and who can Attract the talent in the capital The opportunity is enormous because yes I just named is not even a tenth of a

Tenth of a tenth of a percent of the American GDP of this hundred million uh Million person Marketplace so that's What I think the opportunity is the Other thing I love about Public Square Is that the whole design is to create Dozens if not over time hundreds of Winners this isn't displacing a bunch of Other people it's hopefully inspiring Hundreds and hundreds and one day Thousands uh of more you know very large Companies at scale by the way they're Already hundreds of thousands of Companies on the on the platform but I'm Saying that it would Inspire hundreds of Thousands more to be created yeah Excellent products customer service and By the way reinvest them in causes that Are in line with our American values man That's what excites me um I'm really Thrilled to hear about Public Square but The parallel economy you guys are Actually doing not just talking about it And the real inspiration for me is not Just your success but the potential for As you just say the hundreds the Thousands who knows how big it can be of Companies that can serve what I think is An obvious demand you can start a Company with quality with Talent with Ease of use and I promise you there's an Audience waiting you know back to the Puritanical thing who's just waiting for It to be made easy you know replace my

Netflix subscription please someone Fox Nation daily wire replace you know my Paramount subscription replace Nikes I Think there's a ton of people ready if If the American way which is Entrepreneurialism and risk tolerance Can step up yeah the the I guess my Final sort of Swing thought or major takeaway is if I Thought The solution to reuniting the country Which is what I yearn for for us all you Know irrespective of which is what made America great from the beginning like Irrespective of our skin color or our Religious uh convictions whether we have Them or not or where we're from or Whether we're rich or poor like we were The only place in the world that were United by the the ideal of something Bigger and greater than that which is we Are Americans my desire is not for their To to to create a division and or this Parallel economy to to be the permanent Solution but the but I came to two uh Conclusions one is the political Solution is not enough because I was in The middle uh at a pretty senior level Of when we had a republican in the white House and we controlled you know the When we controlled Congress and what I Saw there is that The way you know the business Community The global business Community had built

Up in the power and influence they had And how out of line that was with our Country's values that we no longer if You believe what we believe we can no Longer say well we won an election Therefore we're going to succeed I I'm I Saw I was in the belly of the Beast okay That's not enough anymore So then so then what is the only way to Bring us back together is to actually Inflict some economic consequence where These big companies that for forever Love this country and we're loyal to This country and it's Constitution and Its values we're we're soon they say you Know what maybe this whole division Stuff in trashing the country and and Crapping on the heads of 100 million People who have judeo-christian values Maybe we should stop doing that yeah hey That's my you know I I would love a Scenario I'll take one of two scenarios Where a Public Square either becomes one Day so big that it displaces them and They learn the ultimate lesson or that The economic consequence becomes so Obvious in the coming years that they Back off of it and say you know what We're gonna just get back to creating a Product and delivering it to these Americans at the best cost and and maybe Not investing in non-profit groups that Seek to divide and destroy our values That's that and I think the only way we

Get there is when we when our consumers And when the the the people listening Your show that love this country wake up And create some discipline around who am I giving my money to and do they hate me Like if this is not a complicated Question and if you just look at what They're saying many of them do they Literally say we don't want your Business There you go check them out I think we Definitely all should check it out Download it Public Square Nick Ayers Thank you so much man hey I enjoyed it This was this was fun and um look Forward to doing it again thanks for Having me have fun hunting have fun Scouting yeah yeah that's right yeah I Am not hunting before the uh official Opening season right that was awesome Nick thank you so much man I said you Ain't in the beginning I've been uh he's One of the Rangers new starting pitchers He's not today Hey it's Will Kane click here to Subscribe to the Fox News Channel on YouTube it's the best way to get our Latest interviews and highlights and Click to subscribe to the will Kane Podcast for full episodes right now

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