Former Moscow correspondent predicts WSJ reporter’s fate

Former Moscow correspondent predicts WSJ reporter’s fate

Former NPR Moscow correspondent Lucian Kim discusses Russia arresting Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich on espionage charges and predicts what fate the journalist could face. #foxnews

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Well Griff now to another one of our top Stories American Wall Street Journal Reporter Evan gershkovich has been Detained and accused of spying by Russian officials for more on this and Its potential political implications Joining me now in studios former NPR Moscow correspondent Lucian Kim who now Knows Evan from his time in Moscow this Is just terrible news for his family I'm Sure Lucian you know very well the Nature of what they're charging him with Makes it difficult to have a clear view Of where this is going Well in some sense the fact that we do Know what he's charged with it does give Us an idea of why what might await him Because he's been being charged with Espionage A very serious crime and he'll probably Face a close trial we probably won't Even have a good idea uh what the Concrete accusations are and he'll Probably be sentenced That's a grim Outlook Um You know this is not a country that's Friendly to journalists you know very Well you were there reporting in Moscow Until just before the invasion Um tell me what it's like you know Working there what kind of risks you Face as a journalist and what's like Dealing with the Russian government

Where it's not exactly a free press kind Of a country sure I mean that's a great Question and people have always asked me About that I mean I've worked in Moscow As a journalist for a total of 13 years And I have to say for all the time that I was there uh foreign journalists sort Of worked Um with a certain sense of immunity that We weren't really affected by all sorts Of Draconian laws we were writing for a Foreign audience uh and the Kremlin Didn't even really care that much what We were writing uh all that changed at The beginning of Putin's full-scale Invasion a lot of U.S news organizations Pulled out their correspondence because They were afraid of following a foul of New laws against spreading so-called Fake news or discrediting the Russian Military and that's what everyone was Afraid about those laws and now what Happened to Evan is he's being charged With Espionage which is a very very Serious crime he won't even have as I Said an open trial Why do you think Evan stayed behind and Kept his kept on reporting when other Organizations pulled out all of their Reporters well Evan is an extremely Committed uh reporter uh his parents are Soviet emigres so he has uh he had Russian language Um growing up and it was a big story uh

What is going on inside Russia a lot of The Focus right now is is rightfully on Ukraine uh but what is actually Happening inside of Russia especially Because of all these Draconian laws I Think that is what drove him to to go There Um and and keep on reporting How do you do you know from any of your Contacts it may still be there Um you know how Russian citizens are Reacting to this news and and also to You know more broadly the war in Ukraine How is that playing out in in Russian Media and how are people digesting it Well as far as the story of Evan's Arrest A lot of Russians feel that Russian Journalists have faced persecution Already for many years there was a an Similar Espionage case Um uh that just finished recently and so Russians are already used to this uh to Journalists being targeted independent Journalists being targeted uh more Broadly what do they think about the war Well as far as we know that's exactly The kind of story Evan was working on When he was arrested uh and in some ways It's it's a it's kind of a black box Especially sitting out outside here and Really knowing what people think inside Russia so you you think that it's likely Given the nature of these charges that

He's going to be convicted and sentenced Because that's how the state operates What does that mean President Biden Needs to do because he's essentially a Hostage if that's the case he is Essentially a hostage and he will not be The first American in that situation There's of course a former Marine Paul Whelan who has been in a Russian prison For uh some four years now and Um there was a prisoner swap there have Been a couple of prisoner swaps uh Recently between the U.S and Russia the Most recent one with Brittany Greiner The basketball player for the convicted Arms dealer Victor boot so Um It seems like Evan unfortunately and I Hate to say say these words but he has Become a pawn in in this kind of game uh What the Russians want we can only Imagine well we hope that he um and his Family can find some peace through this And and hopefully things work out in his Favor and he gets the help that he needs Lucy and Ken thank you so much for being Here appreciate your time thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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