Former Navy SEAL corrects Biden after blaming Trump for Afghanistan withdrawal

Former Navy SEAL corrects Biden after blaming Trump for Afghanistan withdrawal

Former Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf responds to the Biden administration blaming former President Donald Trump for the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan on ‘One Nation.’ #foxnews #fox #onenation

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President Biden's choices for how to Execute a withdrawal from Afghanistan Was severely constrained by conditions Created by his predecessor here now to Discuss this is a veteran who just just Said knows how grave the situation is Andy stump is a retired Navy SEAL and Member of SEAL Team Six name his podcast Is change agents and he when I'm Watching this I'm thinking about what About the men that served what was your Reaction to this Um it's a challenging subject I think For people that served in Afghanistan And I think we have to take a holistic Approach and remember that it spanned 20 Years From a leadership perspective to answer Your question directly As a leader you know I I look at what Happened in Afghanistan we have to Aggregate the responsibility across all Four administrations that were in office During that time period but the decision Maker in the seat at the time Needs to be held accountable for the Decisions that they make so if you find Yourself in a situation where you feel Constrained by a previous administration The responsible move is to actually Change the conditions on the ground Before you execute and move forward so When you're in the seat you need to be Held responsible for the things that you

Say and you do in the decisions that you Make specifically at a national level And those that were in the seat before You need to be held responsible for Their actions as well absolutely and I Also think too thanks number one if you Want to blame the previous Administration Go the whole way they say It was going to be conditions based the Conditions didn't say it was okay to go And number two if you do want to blame The previous previous administration Then why did you reverse the Border Policy the energy policy the foreign Policy and everything else I want to Take a cut from your podcast because There's nothing more valuable for me and My audience than to hear two people who Fight in the war who saved people during This war who are there in the ground Talking about it and here's you with Chad Rover show Picture yourself as like a 20 year old Uh humanitarian worker she has her blue Passport she has to go to show it to a Taliban fighter with the AK-47 who's Murdering people in the street by the Way because they were cutting people's Body parts off in the street that's just Not going to happen so for the White House to say to the Americans hey you Mustn't want to leave unless you're Going to willing to go through this Checkpoint in front of this Taliban and

Then you get if you could get past now You got to make it through a crowd of a Hundred thousand people and the level of Chaos was like people were literally Being stomped and trampled to death in In the mud President doesn't want to take a Briefing on that let alone hear things Like that but I think he needs to Especially the horror that's likely Going on right now Andy Yeah you know there's My specifically my career I understand At a much greater level a tactical Perspective From a tactical perspective using the Airport In Kabul was a mistake and at a Strategic level which is air well beyond What I was breathing when I was in the Military the air base at Bagram would Have been a much better location to Actually facilitate this withdrawal and There were many mistakes that were LED Along the way I think the surrender of The Kabul Airfield will choose will Prove itself to be a huge strategic Error for our country but we set Conditions on the withdrawal that made It very difficult for people who did Want to leave Chad talks about uh in the Episode further on where they basically Outsource the uh perimeter security of The Airfield in Kabul to the Taliban and

So you're asking allies people that Fought with us who bled alongside us who Sweat alongside us to go through Checkpoints that were manned by the Enemy that we were fighting I don't see How that can be considered reasonable uh Change agent's name of the podcast check It out Andy thanks for your service we Know how well you guys fought you can't Be uh blamed for how bad leadership was Thank you so much appreciate it Thank you you got it appreciate it Meanwhile hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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