‘Gutfeld!’: Anti-Israel agitator threatens small city council

‘Gutfeld!’: Anti-Israel agitator threatens small city council

Greg Gutfeld and panel discuss the video of an anti-Israel protester threatening politicians in Bakersfield, Calif., and then crying in court on ‘Gutfeld!’

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FST makes public threats and gloriously It's something she regrets our video of The day comes to us from California Where an anti-israel protester named REI Patel threatened to murder the Bakersfield City Council and was Arrested and charged for it and then Cried boohoo in court roll it I'm here To speak in support of the city council Introducing a ceasefire resolution I Don't have faith that you'll do this you Guys are all horrible human beings and Jesus probably would have killed you Himself while you you guys parade Gandhi Around as a Hindu holiday called chra NRI H starts off this week I remind you That these holidays that we practice That other people in the global South Practice believe in violent revolution Against their oppressors and I hope one Day somebody brings the guillotine and Kills all of you we'll see you at your House we'll murder you I feel bad for her how dare you clap Young man but she does have a point many Times I've looked at the unrest in the Middle East and thought hm Bakersfield City Council you've really done it this Time Jim did you enjoy the before and After like I did oh I loved it it but Just that she really thought that that They could do something Like a 100 years from now in the history Books like How did they get a ceasefire

To Bakersfield City Council they pulled It off some little town two hours Outside of La that's known for crystal Meth you know stop this War it's true cat I hate to say it did You feel bad for her or do you see think Do you think that she needs to learn her Lesson I mean we have the First Amendment so it's very very hard to say Something that's going to get you Arrested and she I mean as I was Watching I was like okay that's mean That's mean but it's still you know it's Like Jesus would have you killed like Mean and weird to say but then she Straight up goes we'll see you at your House we'll murder you I'm like that'll Do It you know and she did it in in front Of the the government so like yeah man That's a very narrow thing you could do To actually get arrested and she pulled It off yeah you know it's you make a Great point because when you think about It like Mike as a killer you have never Actually told people an accomplished Professional killer doesn't tell the People ahead of time I'm coming to kill You no no you just wait till the very Last second Yes every everybody who's got any Experience knows that um so yeah I mean You know to to cat's point about the Jesus comment I didn't know he was out

There busy whacking people right and so Apparent that was a Jesus thing but uh I A lot of these people take the people Who blocked the the the Golden Gate Bridge today and and a variety of the Other protesters they're they're they're Battling something right there's a There's a lack of something in their Lives there's a there's a I don't want To call it a mental health issue but They're lacking something I know what it Is they're lacking a little Mike Baker In their lives if you just were in their Lives a little bit you would they would Feel so much better you know what I mean I know no I've often been referred to as A ray of sunshine yes yeah poisonous Toxic Sunshine Tutor she pled not guilty to 18 felony Counts uh do you believe those tears of Hers no I just felt like it was Aggressive to choose the guillotine you Know because I feel like you need a lot Of community support for that and yet It's the community that you're going to Use it against yeah yeah and it's heavy To move right ex and go home to home I Mean at a certain point no no no no no I Just a Machete I like the fact that you were Thinking about the logistics of this Like this is not going to work for you She would have been a great Governor I Would I was thinking

My I I'm GNA go ahead and say I would Kidnap You God Allegedly coming up a UFC fighter Praises a Libertarian Writer hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere else

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