Gutfeld: Now everyone is a performance artist

Gutfeld: Now everyone is a performance artist

Greg Gutfeld highlights the evolution of Tennessee state Rep. Justin Pearson and footage of the Canadian teacher with large prosthetic breasts suddenly without them on ‘Gutfeld!

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So once again here's a theory I'd like To share with you I got more of them Than killmead's got hair plugs Totally totally unnecessary it was Unnecessary we're starting early thank You but I want to talk about how Performance has replaced belief from Politics to the classroom to social Media let's start with the Democrats Newest Star Justin Pearson he's one of The Tennessee Dems who started a near Riot in a government building and Disrupted a legislative session with a Bullhorn but to understand how he's now A star let's go back a bit here he is in 2016 while in college I'm Justin J Pearson and I'm running for President of BSG there are a few reasons That we're running this campaign this Year one has to do with representation How can we represent all voices in a Conversation I want to do this by Partnering with organizations from the Boon Democrats to the Buddha Republicans I want to bring together different Voices dissenting voices voices that may Be more liberal or more conservative in Order that we can reach a point of sort Of the radical middle oh my God he seems Like the nicest young man ever running For school office and he makes so much Sense There he is now Seem like the NRA in gun lobbyists might

Win But oh that was good news for us I don't Know how long this Saturday in the state Of Tennessee might last but oh we have Good news folks we've got good news that Sunday always comes Amazing Malcolm in the Middle became Malcolm X in the middle Transition like this since this guy Became this girl That's Not Right But since Pearson led a Revolt in a Government building he's now a liberal Darling if Republicans did that they'd Be in jail well unless they're FBI Informants but instead of getting shot Or put in solitary Democrats get Worshiped like me when I do yoga at the Local nude beach But it's such a transformation for Pearson it makes you wonder how Authentic is it it's happened before Let's go to the first tape clearance They threaten we recognize Taiwan as Legitimate China until the 1970s then That flips we say okay but just Recognize taiwanzo autonomy they go That's fine All right well let's see it a month Later [Music] [Applause] Saturday in the state of Tennessee my Last but oh we have good news folks

We've got good news that someday always Comes You know I would call that a distinct Improvement I got I I went with the Moment yes you did like that somehow I Needed to change but you see how Contagious artificial emotion can be It's the source code of the new woke Where the performance matters and Nothing else it's happening more because We incentivize it I mean why do men Suddenly decide that they're women They've been incentivized suddenly the Non-binary male is on par with the Actual female in the area of Rights That's a first now in articles decrying Sexual discrimination females and trans Females are grouped together even if They're still biological men not bad Right you still get to have a penis but Also become a protected class and wear Pumps Our old friend Kayla lamoux totally got It the Canadian teacher with fake Breasts the size of a dairy farm He decided to exploit the exploit the Identity politics Griff to the point of Absurdity here's new video from this Week again he's back to his normal self Were real Where are your breasts Why are you dressing inappropriately in Front of children but did you notice no Brass but Lemieux I thought you told the

World via the New York Post and the Toronto Sun that those were real mammary Glands It's true Kayla had said those breasts Magically grew organically he said it Was a symptom of gigantism but now They're gone now did they shrink in the Cold It happens Trust me But now everyone's a performance artist With beliefs as fluid as deer piss And speaking of deer piss You see that sales of Bud Light Are literally They're literally in tan Thanks to partnering with Dylan Mulvaney The performance artist who like the Canadian teacher indulged stereotypes of Women and drove beer sales into the Toilet one bar owner in St Louis where Bud is headquartered says sales of Bud Drop 50 over the past week another in New York City said Bud Light bottle Sales were down 70 percent and a bar in Texas that usually sells three kegs of Bud Light a week sold four bottles the Big picture according to the New York Post Anheuser-Busch lost more than five Billion dollars in value during this Controversy And why because consumers are keenly Aware of in inauthenticity it's as phony As Jesse's last rap album

Yeasty boy And the reaction to all this is healthy Because you know this isn't a left-wing Boycott it's just consumers registering Their exhaustion with force-fed virtue Signaling nonsense they're sick of the Performances of course Justin Pearson Isn't the first politician to fake it Remember this I'm proud to be a bartender [Music] There's nothing wrong with working Retail folding clothes for other people To buy There's nothing wrong with preparing the Food that your neighbors will eat And I get a witness up in here and Let's not forget the original I don't feel no Ways Tired Come too far From where I started from nobody told me That the road would be easy I don't believe he brought me this far To leave me whatever you say Wheezy Jefferson My favorite Jefferson But sometimes politicians do get caught Yeah Sacagawea more like And it's not just politicians remember Alec Baldwin's wife Have very few ingredients we have Tomatoes we have um Cucumber cucumbers that never gets old

How you say cucumber I want that on my Tombstone in fact as cucumbers are Really an underrated medical device What That's what we're asking yes [Applause] Pierce I got to get Pearson Credit in an Era of wokeism we're pretending to be Aggrieved is required Pierce and dove in Head first to get ahead play the victim Game the system but like someone famous Once said don't hate the player hate the Game you know I believe it was this guy [Applause] Started that perfect gag dance because They make readers throw up co-host of Fox and friends Brian kill me foreign ER kellyanne Conway She's like a Q-tip skinny white and Damaging to your ears Fox News Contributor captive And a family of bald eagles has a nest Behind his left ear my massive sidekick And the NWA World Heavyweight Champion Tyrus All right Tyrus I knew it Okay two-part question which Pearson was The real Pearson and would he be a good Wrestler Um no because he's phony people it was Fake yeah and as I stand here today I Tell you Look I'm I'm all good with changing

Views I changed views but I didn't Change my clothes with my views You know I'm saying I was dressed this Way when I was thinking you know what I'm a Democrat The man you know and then I got my Paycheck And my taxes got taken out I was like I Need to learn about the man because This taxation stuff is terrible yeah but I didn't turn my hat around yeah I Didn't get a suit I didn't start talking Like I sit uptight all day like good Evening everyone I'm so happy you were Here I didn't you know oh my gosh golly Yeah I didn't change who I am to have a Point of view change so neither one of Those are him yeah he's just whatever We'll get him in the door right and That's a problem because there's no Difference than him than Devin or any of The other performance artists they will Do anything to get on TV the cold part Is apparently and this is one thing We're learning there's just one acting Coach for all of them obviously Hillary Was the one who needed the most help but It's all the same thing It's the old school guy probably from Somewhere in Detroit an out of work Reverend with some sketchy backside who Talks like this and yeah and you got to Do this and speak from here and that way Rhyme when you talk what kind of rhyme

When you don't and people you'll sound Just like the king and it doesn't matter What you're saying and the worst was AOC Basically said she folded clothes And worked as a waitress in the spirit Of Martin Luther King I have a dream he did too and that Wasn't it yes so [Applause] Ryan what's strange about you is that Everybody wishes you wouldn't be Yourself right that's interesting did You take notes on my background by the Way worst intro ever I've been into it On Martha Martha McCallum had me on at Three o'clock today beautiful intro Talked about my shows and my impact on Society and what did you basically say My books are gag gifts yes because they Make people throw up right I need a Crisis manager after doing this show This reminded me of Colin Kaepernick Colin Kaepernick's a Super Bowl Quarterback a player two away from being A Super Bowl champion and he had the Most promising future and one thing led To another he stopped being productive He gets bench next thing you know They're saying he's sitting during the National anthem then he's kneeling During the national anthem then he grows His hair out changes his clothes Realizes he's bigger than football sues The NFL and no one realized he just

Forgot how to play football good and That's why he changed and now he's Somebody he's not which is why he Doesn't give any interviews he never Talks Muhammad Ali was a revolutionary But he wanted the interview he wanted to Change the dialogue it's going to be Very interesting to see if this guy can Hold up and actually to put up with an Interview a cross-examination about what He stands for because the Democrats are Putting a whole bunch of money in time Behind him right now yeah you know Kellyanne it seems to me that wokeism is Like the old is basically only about Performance right I mean I can't believe That the people that get mad at anybody Like us actually feels that way because We're doing nothing like if they get mad They get angry they yell it they yell at Riley Gaines as she starts it's like It's all a performance it is and people Are famous for being famous now remember Michael avenatti now serving multiple Decades yes for a criminal sentences Well Um Greg's favorite Um commentator Brian stelter told Michael avenatti I think you could be President if you're such a good Communicator but he became famous for Being famous and one TV show leads to The next leads to the next and in the

End he went to jail for extorting Nike He went to jail for stealing money from Clients including a quadriplegic client But I think that instead of learning the Lesson of Hillary Clinton and avoiding All things Hillary especially when it Comes to phony campaigning and Authenticity Jill Biden Joe Biden Kamala Harris the whole a lot of them have Learned from her do you remember Jill Biden went to California and she flubbed A Feet she was given to Hispanic group she Tried uh it was about breakfast no that Was Texas oh yeah I was getting to that Then she compared them to breakfast Tacos Kamala Harris went to Paris and She faked this French accent people to Judge I mean just his qualifications to Be Secretary of Transportation itself For a joke you made an important word at The beginning it's incentivized but People cut through it it starts in Washington honestly in Hollywood Kat are You still mad that you aren't the Spokesperson for Bud Light Yes yes I mean you should be I just Think it would make more sense it would I would buy that beer I would too who Has a broyer Vibe than I did no you call Him crispy boys crispy boy crispy it's Boy you get it yes uh okay so so much of Our discourse is performative because of Social media and I write about this in

My book which is out in six days and all The people I know I know all the free people who Pre-ordered it are going to be so happy And all the ones who didn't are going to Be so upset that they don't want Everyone's talking about they're gonna Be crying they're gonna be throwing up It's gonna be horrible for those people Um but unlike in real life social media Actually rewards outrage there's been Research done on this that these moral Emotional or grandstanding language Makes posts more popular on Twitter or On Facebook and you think about how Different that is from real life if There was someone you knew in real life Who was just constantly just making These grandiose moral emotional Statements with all these loaded words You would stop inviting that person to Brunch like that's but it's rewarded on Social media because everyone wants to Be popular on social media because you Want to feel like do you want everyone Else to see how much everyone else likes You yeah so it's destroying the Discourse which should be reflective of Reality which is issues are complex and So are human beings excellent all right We gotta move on up next robots that Fight crime the taxpayers dime hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our

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