Gutfeld: We’re living in a simulation

Gutfeld: We’re living in a simulation

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists discuss NASA’s plans to send astronauts to Mars in 2030 and the agency’s plans to observe astronauts in a simulated Mars habitat for one year. #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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It's gonna be a trial run for a flight To the fourth Rock From the Sun as NASA Prepares for a future manned mission to Mars the agency plans to test several Astronauts living together in a Mars Habitat simulation for a year But they're still calling it a manned Mission I wonder how long that's going To last They're also planning a future all-women Mission if they can find it who can Parallel park The Landing module No Four astronauts will be sealed inside a 1700 square foot NASA facility in Houston in New York we call that a Mansion the custom built the Custom-built habitat dubbed Mars Dune Alpha consists of four small rooms with Two bathrooms and like viewers of fox And friends it appears the biggest Hurdle will be the sheer endless boredom So [Laughter] So to keep these planetary Playhouse Pioneers busy there's a gym a greenhouse And even get this a brick making machine Which is what my wife called me when I Went on that vegan diet It's a lot of sand there a lot of sand There cat uh they make bricks out of but You know what the issue is it's not About the physical surroundings it's Like being around the same people for a

Year who could you do this with Right yeah nobody no you know no Especially because it's going to be Strangers so like they're right they're Not gonna like send people who know each Other well I think all the there's not a Lot of astronauts they probably all know Each other right oh yeah they all like Hang out and go to happy hour there are Astronaut bars and stuff I think that This what they should do they're missing An opportunity to like make it a reality Show like they think they're just going To Mars but actually their ex is there They think they're just going to Mars But like actually you have a son and He's here yeah and he doesn't like that He we want to talk about why you left to You know the family all on this Spaceship for a year there's a lot that Bravo could do with this here you know What would be hilarious oh my God Douglas what if would he be great great If the experiment this experiment a year Thing completely mimics a trip to Mars Because it is one and they didn't tell Them But they do figure it out at the end no They don't because they just think They're they just think it's a Simulation but they actually are going To Mars and it's too late for them to Leave It's

A brilliant plot it is that's brilliant That's a movie that's not a reality That's a movie call me Hollywood yeah Yep Hollywood I liked by the way when You said the cat you know who would you Be able to be there with there was a Sort of look of longing in your eyes you Were hoping she was going to say yeah I Could live with you for a year Greg and She didn't no you didn't I didn't say That But she didn't say anybody else so There's still a chance it's a brick it's A bricklaying thing true yes it is Really regarded as an important activity Yes a while away a year tell you why why To build a wall around the other three You stuck with Oh Here's a great question magger isn't It Brits have never gone to the Moon Right you guys don't even have Astronauts do you guys have do you guys Have astronomy you you seem to know so Little I'm just gonna lie we go all the Time It's like more common than a bust Jim uh would you ever do this yes yeah Because it's close to your life really Right sure I mean I live in New York I Have a roommate I've done this yes uh no I I wouldn't I I think I would uh but The thing is you always know you have The safety of just kind of walking out

If you have to right um I think it'd be Funny if they did send them to Mars but They don't have a way for them to get Back yes well isn't that going to be the Essential plan there is no way back they Think they're going to send you and then Hopefully the thinking will be by the Time you get there they will have built Something that can actually get you back Which is very optimistic yeah it really Is It's like when my parents dropped me off In the forest no yes it's nicer than What my parents did they just found a Van and said get in Tyrus yeah I'm not doing this no how do You poop you know I have to ask or like Even yeah like come on yeah of all the Technologies Greg they didn't we ran out Of time to put a toilet in Greg Listen uh there's I don't know why you have to practice Being alone just when you go to Mars You're going to be alone I hate to break It to you there's nothing there so There's no air there's no water I'd work On other things maybe try to get some Gills put in on or something but these Simulated tests I just think of the Movie Dr Frankenstein where once you go In the other guy's just bound on the Door let me out let me out okay I did 15 Minutes yeah this guy's weird it's a lot I just it's a waste of money obviously I

Spend a lot of money go to the moon go Fly around do something else but like Putting people in a box and videotaping And catch right unless their ex is Showing up or their long-lost son or Something we're not going to watch it I Did Really send them to Mars yeah you got to Send them to Mars just don't just none Of the tell them it's a simulation send Them to Mars most expensive practical Joke of all time exactly yeah and not Even including the legal fees This is when we this is I I'm Jim Lampley is he still around I don't know Yeah hi I'm Jim Lampley this is we're Gonna tell them that they're actually Going to Mars And they didn't know but instead they're Going to Fallujah Or Philadelphia Yeah I said Philadelphia what's the Problem It's not like they're going to come Driving over here they don't even know Where I am I think I should probably go To the next segment yeah this is dying Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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