Hannity: A new world order is taking shape

Hannity: A new world order is taking shape

Fox News host Sean Hannity warns of President Biden’s ‘weakness’ on the world stage in Wednesday’s opening monologue.
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First Biden is mumbling and bumbling his Way all through Ireland looking at Castles another adventure today now he Stumbled through a speech in Belfast and Seemingly confused the White House and The capitol take a look at this It's hard to communicate just How Deeply Invested your success in your success The people across the United States are And those who have been there know it You know it I'm not making this up this Is real this is it's almost people can Taste it as a matter of fact as you walk Into my office in the in the Oval Office In the United States capital Guess what you know who founded and Designed and built the White House an Irishman An Irish no not not a joke Not a joke Not a joke okay U.S president that's a Joke he also repeated his favorite line Telling people not to jump on multiple Occasions take a look And I want all of you to know especially The young people in the audience today And don't jump okay Oh I didn't see it all the way up there As my father would say please excuse my Back I apologize Just don't jump over [Music] Hold on now Not funny

All right today despite the White House Claiming this is an official visit Biden Spent most of the day as I mentioned Going through castles and by the way Often looking Dazed and Confused as Usual as he's being led Here There and Everywhere and as usual he took no Questions from the press as he sat down With the UK prime minister whose name he Didn't seem to quite remember but anyway Take a look Heck of a view out there Okay guys okay we're good all right We're gonna walk out slowly we're gonna Walk out slowly we're walking out this Way we're walking out this way and he's Walking out this way Now listen we're walking out this way We're moving forward [Music] But let not your heart be troubled he Eventually did offer to take questions From a group of children but he was Distracted by one of the child's Air Force One toy uh before being redirected By his son zero experienced Hunter and You can't make that up now this begs the Question by the way first take a look at That Any of you guys want to ask me any Questions What do you want to ask me Oh airport there's your look at this Air Force One right here

You're dead he's got a question what's Your question Um [Music] About it to suggest like what's the What's the what's that Because the key to success it was a guy Named Jesse Helms from South Carolina From North Carolina South Carolina North Carolina and he was a very conservative Guy who was very very not very crazy About African-Americans he was all we always Had fights well the key to successful Hunter is to do business deals when your Dad's the vice president have no Experience needed and do millions and Billions of dollars in deals which begs Now another question why was Hunter even On this trip now is it normal for a President to use taxpayer dollars to Take someone under a federal Investigation by his own doj on a Foreign trip and wouldn't it have been Nice to have maybe have invited his Four-year-old granddaughter to the White House Easter egg roll and Hunt Joe and Joe Biden have never once acknowledged Their own granddaughter imagine for a Second any conservative that was that Cruel that cold-hearted who cares about The circle by the way no one cares about The circumstances surrounding her birth It's a 4 four-year-old precious girl and

Their granddaughter and she's been Shunned that is pathetic and if it was a Conservative you'd hear about it every Day and while we're at it by the way why Is Biden taking this trip frankly it Seems like a taxpayer-funded vacation And even the media mob they are confused Well they're pretty much always confused But they're even more confused than Usual take a look After today's pretty medium sensitive Interactions with political leaders here I think there's a perception that the Rest of this week is essentially you Know tree planting bell ringing and a Taxpayer-funded family reunion what Would the White House say to that charge That this is essentially the President Coming to ReDiscover his roots and that There may not be much substance beyond That I would not surprisingly dispute that Characterization uh like I said the President today is going to have the Opportunity to meet with the prime Minister of the UK I think the president Feels very strongly that there is is Benefit both here as well as in the United States to Mark the anniversary of The Good Friday agreement So Joe is enjoying his Irish vacation The World by the way is now entering the Most dangerous time in my view since World War II my father fought in the

Pacific for four years and by the way That includes the Cold War a new Access Of Evil is now forming right before our Eyes and by the way a new world order it Is taking shape and it is not one that You should be happy about all of this is A direct result of Joe Biden's glaring Weakness on the world stage and under Biden's failed leadership America has Now abdicated its role as the world's Leading superpower and China they are Racing in to fill the void and just this Week the Chinese Army released a video On state television showing what an Attack on Taiwan would look like by the Way this seems pretty imminent to me and Today China issued even more warnings to The U.S it seems to be a warning a day At least not to interfere with their Territorial ambition amid the joint Philippines and U.S military drills but Don't expect Joe to hold any of them Accountable they sent a spy balloon all Across the continental U.S and and Alaska and it relayed sensitive Intelligence in real time back to China Joe did nothing when they threatened Quote serious consequences over a U.S Warship in the South China Sea Joe did Nothing again they have Unleashed covet On the world they construct blatantly Unfair trade Deals they commit rampant Intellectual property theft but again Your President Joe does nothing how many

More threats is Biden going to take from China before he finally takes action but It's not just China getting a free pass Russia they shoot down a drone out of The sky or they take one out what did Joe do to respond nothing what do both Countries have in common millions and Millions and millions of dollars in Business dealings with the Biden family Syndicate coincidence I don't think so With Biden giving you know up our Position as the dominant leader in the World world this new axis of Evil now is Plotting to take over last month China Brokered that deal between Saudi Arabia And Iran now we see that they're likely Going to do the same thing with a Saudi Arabian deal with Syria this time if That happens that shows that Saudi Arabia has made a decision meanwhile Leaked U.S Intel is saying that Russian Operatives are now claiming new ties With the UAE in other words the Coalition that Donald Trump built the U.S Israel the Saudis the Emirates Jordan and Egypt is now falling apart And crumbling before our very eyes Egypt Is now giving weapons to Russia we give Them billions of dollars a year it's Time to stop giving them a penny so make No mistake these countries they are Making what is a calculated deliberate Decision to side with this new axis of Evil let me explain in more detail Egypt

Saudi Arabia the Emirates these Countries that had bet on the U.S When Donald Trump was in charge allied with The U.S they are now siding with China And Russia and Iran they see America as Weak and they want to join the winning Side and they're betting that in fact Joe Biden and the United States will Lose in other words they're betting Against America and they're betting on China that is a real clear present Danger to all of us in this country and It is not just our enemies picking up Biden's weaknesses even our allies want Nothing to do with him look at this Recent visit to China with French President macron who's happy to throw Joe Biden right under the bus saying no We won't get involved if you invade Taiwan and by the way before urging Europe to reduce their Reliance on the U.S dollar China desperately wants that To be the world's currency on top of That we're dealing with multiple hostage Crises all around the world you have Secretary of State wink and Tony blinken Recently confirming that there are still 175 Americans left left behind in Afghanistan and a number of the Mahastages and remember Joe promised he Wouldn't abandon Americans in Afghanistan he did and meanwhile an American is being held in a hostage in Mexico as we speak tonight and a Wall

Street Journal reporter is being Detained in Russia and he did nothing Wrong so how do we expect to lead the World if we can't even take care of our Own our military is woke our economy is Broke we have absolutely zero leadership And courage and the world has taken Notice and they've made a decision China In particular aligning with Russia and Iran and now the Saudis and now the Egyptians and now the UAE that they Think this is their moment to act and Become the world's number one superpower Well Biden didn't get a uh you know he Got a nice tour of a castle in Ireland Today hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere else friends

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