Hannity: Democrats don’t care about you or your life

Hannity: Democrats don’t care about you or your life

Sean Hannity discusses how the NYC crime hearing exposed how House Democrats were dismissive of the victims of New York’s rampant crime on ‘Hannity.’

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All right welcome to Hannity We Begin Tonight with a Fox News Alert and we are Back with our live audience right here In New York City the only people that Are normal in New York In just a moment Mayhem in the windy City shootings murder assault Anarchy in The streets of our entire country almost A great American city is dying literally Right before our eyes it is not the only City now on the verge of Destruction Shocking video Straight Ahead plus Coming up house Speaker Kevin McCarthy Will join us with details surrounding The nightmare that is Joe Biden at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue 8 57 a.m they called The lid on the day Joe was done he was Tired he just got back from vacation he Had to visit castles anyway today marks The 100th day that Kevin McCarthy has Been speaker we go we will remind you of The promises he made to become speaker And we will tell you the promises he has Kept we are going to hold elected Officials accountable plus we will talk To the great one any Mark Levin fans Here About the Biden family business it was Not just Hunters who turns a profit by Selling access to Pops and giving half His income to Pops we have new Developments tonight that are huge we'll Break that news also Jimmy phela Kaylee Mcinany that will be here in studio with

More on the Panic the full-blown panic At Budweiser and Anheuser-Busch as sales Now plummet even further we'll have full Analysis by the way of Tucker's Interview with Elon Musk listen to this Shocking revelation The degree to which various government Agencies had effectively had full access To everything that was going on on Twitter blew my mind they have full Access even your direct messages private Messages between you and somebody else Texas Senator Ted Cruz will weigh in Straight ahead but first we begin with This top story tonight in New York City Explosive hearings revealing the ugly Truth about house Democrats they do not Care about you the American people and Your life now today Jim Jordan who is The house Judiciary Committee chairman Paid a visit to the city to hear from Real victims of serious crimes families That lost loved ones and for good reason Because while D.A Alvin Bragg is Spending you know what massive amounts Of money time resources uh going after One man one organization one family the Trump family 34 counts of nothing no Specific crimes barely mentioned but Actually violent offenders they are Roaming the streets with victims and Their families being treated like Garbage watch this My son Sergeant Hassan Korea Afghanistan

War retired veteran was killed in Harlem In 2018. Hassan was kick punched stocked And stabbed nine times by four Individuals he did not know nor had he Done them any harm When Alvin Brad came into office he was Held he was handed a strong trial-ready Murder case and gang assault case Against all four of these individuals Where this brutal Savage Homicide was captured on video He was handed a strong trial-ready case Ready to go to trial as soon as he took Office the case immediately began to Unravel And as far as the Manhattan District Attorney's office if he's receiving one Penny a federal dollars you need to pull That funding until he starts doing his Damn job and Prosecuting crime I was totally disrespected me my family My grandchildren we were treated like Garbage Like garbage Wow Madeleine brain will join us right Here in the studio in just a moment now Her son was an Army vet Hassan Korea was His name was stabbed to death on the Streets of New York City his father also Seriously wounded during the attack Continues to deal with life-altering Injuries now according to a statement From Bragg's office none of the four Perpetrators received the maximum

Sentence not one of the four Mary Saunders gets one year in jail already Out of prison Travis Stewart received Just seven years the other two felons Could be out in far less than 20 years After murdering somebody with a knife And nearly killing yet another person You proud of that album brag now of Course New York City Congressman Jerry Nadler the dope that he is just doesn't Seem to care take a look Ms Graham you uh failed to note that as A result of D.A Bragg's prosecution two Men are currently serving life sentences For the murder of your son Mr Jordan I'm sorry if Mr Nadler is Going to make derogatory comments Towards the mother of a homicide victim He could at least allow her some time to Respond Hassan Korea is Dead Forever Dead Forever They're poor people Directly responsible for his murder Two people Is not Justice Now this is not uncommon under Bragg 52 Percent of all felony cases they are Reduced to misdemeanors and predictably Violent crime is on the rise look at This on your screen robbery up five Percent felony assault 15 burglary up Seven percent car theft up another five Percent the murder rate is still higher Than pre-pandemic levels but the

Democrats at today's hearing they didn't Want to talk about any of that instead Can you guess what they were obsessed With they want to talk about Donald Trump I right there high in their Ivory Towers These Democrats treated today's Witnesses and these victims like Inconvenient deplorables the way these Democrats behave was grotesque and Unhinged Congressman Hank Johnson even Referring to the victims people that Lost their loved ones as props for Jack Booted thugs in the Republican party you Think I'm making it up I'm not take a Look Like Jack booted thugs they've descended On New York City using violent crime as Their pretext The mega Republican extremists are not Interested in gun violence or even knife Violence The Republican Witnesses who have used Their time to criticize district Attorney Brad Has served as props in a Maga Broadway Production the pompous indignation from Democrats was so outrageous that some New Yorkers in the crowd they had had Enough take a look It is the GOP leadership in congress Doing what it has done best for the last Six years and that is to act as the Criminal defense Council for Donald J

Trump well let me tell you this let me Tell you this Capitol Police General will suspend Capital police Capitol Police will remove the gentleman From the audience let me tell you this Let me tell you this gentlemen Let me tell you this Let me tell you this There's probably One of the biggest jackasses in all of Washington DC and that's saying a lot These Democrats don't care about Justice They don't care about safety security Your Pursuit of Happiness they only care About politics hating Donald Trump what Does Donald Trump have to do with safety Security in New York on Prosecuting Criminals nothing here's our very own Sarah Carter take a look it seemed very Highly politicized as far as the dams What was going through your mind during The hearing yeah our Democratic Colleagues uh they're the ones who Wanted to politicize this hearing uh in Fact one of my colleagues pointed out That not one of us had ever mentioned Mentioned former president Trump's name It was all my colleagues on the other Side of the aisle I asked some of the Witnesses in question who are actually Frankly getting kind of emotional and Upset the Democrats were ignoring their Pleas to listen to them about how unsafe

They feel in this city the fact that They've lost loved ones or Mr Alba who Is simply defending himself got stabbed And then was getting prosecuted by this District attorney these are not Political statements these are just Telling their personal stories and to a Person all of the witnesses testimony Talk to about these heinous crimes Committed against their family members Losing their loved ones burying their Son and what did the Democrats do they Smeared them they said it was a circus They belittled these Witnesses they said It was a sham House Republicans focused Our questions on crime and focused our Questions on the fact that radical District attorney Alvin Bragg is Refusing to prosecute these crimes let Me be clear Donald Trump doesn't prevent Crime has nothing to do with the Safety And Security of the people in New York He doesn't even live here it doesn't Make our country safer or a better place So let's be clear the left their defund Dismantled no bail laws they are making Law-abiding Americans less safe less Secure it's a more dangerous environment And if you don't have law order safety Security you cannot pursue happiness Take a look at your screen this was Chicago over the weekend typical weekend In Chicago hundreds of teens storming The streets in downtown Chicago breaking

Windows Plus talking traffic jumping up And down on cars attacking drivers and Elsewhere in the windy city 35 people Shot this weekend eight murdered and Almost no one arrested by the way nobody In the media if they can't politicize it They never talk about it we've been Scrolling names of people shot shot and Killed in Chicago on this program since 2009 names you've never heard of never We will hear for about because they Can't politicize it a violent brawl at The White Sox game what a great place to Have the Democratic Convention perfect Fit in 2024 and meanwhile this was a Scene out in California where a huge mob Ransacking a gas station near Compton Organized theft shoplifting looting Costing businesses 100 billion dollars a Year is it any wonder that major Companies they are packing up closing Down leaving town the American people Are also fleeing blue states and cities In droves California New York they're Losing around 300 000 people a year They're saying bye bye and they're Moving to free states like Texas Florida Tennessee and the Carolinas and by the Way Florida gave more than what they're Gaining like 400 000 people a year now Between 2020 and 2022 a whopping 2 Million uh people left major American Cities high taxes crime bad schools a Judicial system that favors criminals

Over victims blue States blue cities They are broken Americans are now voting With their feet hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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