Has Biden sold out America?: Gregg Jarrett

Has Biden sold out America?: Gregg Jarrett

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett and former Florida AG Pam Bondi discuss the oversight committee findings that six more Biden family members may have benefitted from influence peddling scheme on ‘Hannity.’

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Anyway here now with more former Florida Attorney general Pam Bondi and Fox News Legal analyst Greg Jarrett Um Because James Comer has said that he got They did business with dozens of Countries including China Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan and many others here's the Question I want to know how much money In business they did with these Countries I want to know how much they Profited I want to know how much Joe got If he got any and what did he know and When did he know it because we know he Lied when he said he never talked about These issues with his son we don't know An exact number it could be tens of Millions up to a hundred million dollar You're talking about 31 million from the Chinese maybe 40 million for the Russians I know 11 million from Ukraine But you've got to factor in Romania Kazakhstan uh Oman and they have one Common denominator these are all the Countries that Barack Obama gave Authority to Vice President Joe Biden to Dictate the policies there so it raises A very serious question with all of that Money flowing into what I think can Fairly be described as the Biden family Syndicate Is this a president who is now so Compromised has he sold out America to a Foreign adversary

And this is a really good question if Everybody if all of this business took Place does everybody think that the President may be compromised by these Countries they are are they are not our Friends he's coming no they're not and You know James Comer has made a very Good point taking just China for example It appears that Joe Biden has made Decisions that Xi Jinping is very happy About but Americans aren't from covet to Tick tock uh to the manipulation of U.S Currency to uh you know the use of the Theft of intellectual property the Spy Balloon it was an interesting cartoon The other day noting that Joe Biden is Underwater on every single issue in America and asked voters are you happy With Joe Biden no no no and then a Picture of Xi Jinping the leader of China yes I'm happy with Joe Biden and I Think that tells the story could be on That picture Americans need to know Whether our National Security has been Jeopardized by this President Pam I want To know how much money the Biden family Made from all of these countries and What did you all know when did he know It did he profit himself is he Compromised Well Sean you want to know that and 80 Percent of Americans want to know it for Good reason because now we know Hunter Biden is not just some recovering drug

Addicted son of a President Hunter Biden's tentacles are in everything and Everyone connected to Joe Biden and the Emails have shown us they have been for More than a decade he has a close Relationship with Tony blinken Tony Blinken who coordinated 50 Intel Agencies to say that same laptop that Hunter Biden was emailing blinking on Was Russian disinformation he Hunter Biden was instrumental in the election Of Senator Coons we now know he has a Close personal relationship with him who Sits on Judiciary responsible for Investigating Hunter Biden we know as You said that Hunter Biden made the Initial introduction of McGarvey a union Boss to his father then Vice President Biden now President Biden who's now Standing up with him for his re-election So Russia all roads lead back to Hunter Biden if he got money from these Countries is that impeachable is that Perhaps even against the law Oh of course it is Sean and that's why 80 percent of Americans care and they're Taking note of this this has been going On we now know for more than a decade And Hunter Biden is the Hub and all of These different people are the spokes Leading back to Joe Biden and now we Know all roads lead to Joe Biden where's Hunter Biden living what road is he

Living on we're here in the White House Pennsylvania Avenue same question Greg Yeah she's absolutely right Americans Have finally awakened from their deep Slumber and have wised up to the Biden Family Syndicate 80 percent almost 80 Percent now say they're carefully and Closely watching it the key figure is 71 Of independent swing voters who make a Difference in the next election say if This is a serious Scandal indeed they're Right all right Greg Jarrett Pam Bondi Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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