‘HE HAS THE RECEIPTS’: IRS whistleblower investigating Hunter Biden seeking protection

'HE HAS THE RECEIPTS': IRS whistleblower investigating Hunter Biden seeking protection

Correspondent Lucas Tomlinson reports the latest on the investigation. #FoxNews

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And IRS whistleblower says he has Evidence that the administration medal With the criminal investigation into the President's son and his overseas Business dealings and now that Whistleblower is seeking protections so That he or she can share his story with Congress Lucas Tomlinson joins us from D.C with more and we don't know much About the agent other than they've been On the job at the IRS for about 10 years But we know a lot more about his Attorney That's right Steve that whistleblower Has not been identified he or she is a Career IRS special agent who has been Investigating Hunter Biden for three Years he claims in a new letter to Congress Federal prosecutors are Preventing tax charges from being Brought up against the president's son Here's more from the letter quote detail Preferential treatment and politics Improperly infecting decisions and Protocols that would normally be Followed by career law enforcement Professionals in similar circumstances If the subject were not politically Connected now here's the whistleblower's Attorney To him the truth is one truth and he Wants to come forward with it he's ready To be questioned about what he knows and What he experienced under the proper

Legal protections Well that we know the sexy the heat the Republican chairman of the house Oversight committee spoke to Sean Hannity last night This was a family Enterprise what were They doing why were they getting this Much money it all points back to Joe Biden and we're going to continue until We get the truth to the American people But I can say this shot the walls are Closing in on the Biden family Hunter Biden last seen traveling with The president to Ireland wasn't named in The letter but officials say the Complaint is about him Hunter has been Under federal investigation since 2018. Our colleagues at Fox digital first Reported a current Biden political Appointee in crisis Communications Expert with close ties to Hunter Biden Visited the White House more than 30 Times when Biden was vice president Including two visits with by nades a Month after Hunter hired him to help Rebrand his Chinese investment firm guys All right Lucas thank you very much so So this guy's got a blockbuster story to Tell but because he currently works at The IRS the IRS has strict rules where You cannot divulge information in a Public setting about any one uh Particular taxpayer and so what he's Asking for is protection so that he is

Not retaliated against by somebody in The government yeah he this letter his Attorney sent the letter to nine Recipients in the white I mean in the I'm sorry nine lawmakers and it's Bipartisan exactly Democrats and Republicans and he wants that protection My client will talk if you protect him He said as my clients prepared to Provide information that would Contradict sworn testimony to Congress By a senior political appointee According to the New York Post they say Congressional sources are claiming that That is the AG Merrick Garland The Whistleblower is prepared to reveal Failures to handle clear conflicts of Interest in the case and detail Preferential treatment and politics Improperly infecting decisions and Protocols so he also believes his senior Employee lied in front of Congress gave False testimony to Congress about this Case the Wall Street Journal expands on That and they have said in the past Wall Street Journal that investigators Believe they have more than enough Evidence to indict uh President Biden's Son but that has the case has not moved Forward John Solomon breaking uh this Story picked up by the Wall Street Journal and said this last night The interesting about this whistleblower Is he doesn't want to just hang out with

Republicans he wants to face the music He wants to look Democrats and Republicans and independents in the eye So he sent this letter to the Democratic Side he sent it to the Republican side He's not afraid to confront the atom Shifts in the Eric swalwells and all the Jokesters who gave us all the bogus Stories of the last four years he the Reason he's so confident he he has the Receipts he has contemporaneous Documents it's not going to be in doubt What he provides to Congress and so he's Bringing evidence now keep in mind it Was back in October the what the Washington Post had that Blockbuster Story about how they were learning from FBI agents and investigators that they Had accrued enough information to uh Indict Hunter Biden on tax charges uh so What they did is they presented the Information with the prosecutors and the Prosecutors as we have famously told you A million times are at the U.S Attorney's Office in Delaware that's a Man by the name of David Weiss so if you Connect the dots of what we have learned Yesterday from the whistleblowers Attorney and what we learned back then You have to figure somebody has given Mr Weiss a U.S attorney in Delaware some Information that is not accurate about The situation of Mr Biden there's also Speculation that the Attorney General

Mayor Garland who vouched for the Independence dependence of David Weiss Who's a trump hold over that he might uh He said he's been advised he has not Been denied anything that he needs but The fact that he Americano and vouch for His independence could be called into Question is David Weiss's hands uh tied Or was he able to keep his job if he Possibly guaranteed and they wouldn't Move forward on the gun charge or the IRS charge and there's still that Mystery of why someone would write a two Million dollar check for somebody else Because they had an IRS uh Overture they Have an IRS debt that's pretty good that Uh that sugar daddy that he has out on The west coast will also lets him live With them Well James Comer on oversight he said That letter is very concerning and he Said we've been wondering where the heck The doj is on this where the heck is the IRS on this and he says now it appears The Biden Administration might have been Working overtime to prevent the bidens From facing any consequences because What this whistleblower just just to Make it simple for you the Whistleblower Essentially is saying that he has Information that will contradict sworn Testimony to Congress by a senior Political appointee so the question is Who is that appointee that told Congress

Something that apparently according to This IRS agent with the receipts is not True New York Post says it's Merritt Garland We'll see I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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