Here’s how law enforcement is preparing ahead of Trump’s court appearance

Here's how law enforcement is preparing ahead of Trump's court appearance

‘The Big Saturday Show’ co-hosts break down what Americans can expect to see ahead of former President Donald Trump’s arraignment.

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Hello everyone I'm Alicia cunha along With Molly Hemingway Andy McCarthy and Joe Concha and welcome to the big Saturday show the big story tonight the Massive preparations in place right now Ahead of President Trump's historic Court appearance in just three days Federal state local law enforcement and Trump's legal Team all coordinating for The former president's surrender on Tuesday Trump is first expected to Report to the district attorney's office That morning with Secret Service Protection when he will be arrested Fingerprinted and photographed the Former president's son defended him on Fox and Friends this morning and pointed To what he calls the dangers of allowing Manhattan D.A Alvin Bragg's politically Motivated Witch Hunt to set a new Standard for justice watch this This will happen to every single Republican I mean change the name Donald Trump to whoever's sitting in that Number one seat and you better believe That their family is going to get Attacked and their friends are going to Get attacked and their cabinet members Are going to get attacked and they're Going to be slandered and smeared and The other side is going to pay for fake Dossiers and they're going to try and Impeach them this is what they do they Weaponize the legal system meanwhile the

United States Secret Service and the NYPD have been negotiating how best to Deliver a former president to the Manhattan courthouse and the president's Detractors may be disappointed that Sources say he won't be handcuffed Here's Trump's former acting Attorney General on what to expect Obviously there's major security risks Anytime a former president is in public And they and the Secret Service Legitimately wants to minimize that at The same time uh you know we hear all The time how no one's Above the Law and So we have you know you have to when Somebody's charged with a crime you have To put them through uh the typical Process of an arraignment uh and you Know recording their information so I Think it's just a negotiation uh from Those that are protecting Donald Trump And those that you know need to do their Jobs okay we are going to rely heavily On the expertise of Andy McCarthy here Who's going to help guide us through all Of this and what to expect on Tuesday Andy first what should we expect to see What should Americans expect to see but Also what should they not expect to see Well I like that question because this Is not for those who think this may be January 6 part 2 that is not going to Happen This one probably less than half a

Square mile of lower Manhattan has seen Seen every single big terrorism trial That we had in this country from like 1993 through 9 11. They know how to do this they know the NYPD is very good at this they'll be Security so it I don't it will not get Out of control like some people uh Predict it will as far as what will Happen with the president or the foreign President he will be brought they'll be Negotiation between the Secret Service And the NYPD they have very good law Enforcement agencies they coordinate Together all the time a lot of Secret Service protectors spend a lot of time In New York so this is not anything new In terms of having to these two agencies Cooperate the uh the District Attorney's Office is in the criminal Courthouse It's it's basically the same building so He'll be brought into the building Through some coordination between the Agencies they'll have a room where the NYPD will be there he'll be Fingerprinted and photographed just like Every defendant who comes into the System at a certain point we hear it'll Be around 2 15 but those things tend not To be that they tend to be more fluid Than that but he'll be brought to a Courtroom where a judge will conduct an Arraignment he's being arrested on an Indictment some people are arrested on a

Criminal complaint which is just a sworn Police statement here the grand juries Actually returned an indictment which Means the court will ask the former President to enter a plea he'll plead Not guilty it's a non-violent uh crime Whether it's 34 crimes or one crime in The indictment so he'll be released on His own recognizance and it should be Quick Andy you have a lot of Well-regarded legal experts such as Former Attorney General William Barr Saying that this indictment is a legal Abomination you have a lot of people Saying the case just is not strong on The other hand you know the indictment Happened it's going to be a case it'll Be heard before a jury of Manhattan Nights not known for being particularly Friendly to former president Trump what Does President Trump have going for him And what's not uh what what does he wish Might be going differently well yeah I I Think attorney general Barr is right About the the quality of the case the Thing I think most people home in on Because this is the thing we should home In on is that Bragg is an attorney or a district Attorney who is most notorious for Taking serious crime in New York and Pleading it down to misdemeanors or not Prosecuting it at all here he's taken an Offense which would never be prosecuted

Against anyone who's not named Trump and I defy anyone to to Be able to show that you know something In Bragg's record indicates that anybody Other than Trump would have been charged With falsifying business records which Is a misdemeanor under New York law here He's taking this misdemeanor and he's Trying to inflate it into felonies Four-year counts and many of them Evidently Using we hear a federal campaign Finance Statute that the federal government Itself investigated and decided not to Charge Trump with and that Bragg doesn't Have any jurisdiction to enforce so the Best thing Trump has going for him is People's basic sense of fairness and I Tried cases for a long time in front of New York juries I found them to be Pretty good juries and I would say one Thing you know Trump has not always had The best legal advice he's got excellent Defense lawyers in New York who who've Spent their whole careers in front of New York juries so he's got a lot of That going for him on the other hand you Know if you're indicted you could be Convicted and the district attorney is Trying to hedge his bets by taking Something that shouldn't be charged at All imagine this the feds who have Expertise in this look at this and they Say zero counts and the district

Attorney who has no jurisdiction to Enforce this looks at it and says I'm Seeing 34 felonies Um so why is he charging 34 counts Because he only needs one You know they're going to put a lot of Stuff in the in the record in the case In front of the jury that's going to Show unsavory Behavior you know you have Hush money Um non-disclosure agreements by the way Are legal they're a staple of civil Practice but hush money's got that Pejorative sound to what people you know The it sounds dark uh you know affair With a porn star that's what's alleged Jill probably testify and say that it it Happened so there's a lot of icky stuff About the case right so what you hope if You're the prosecutor is 34 counts we'll Have some jurors who hate Trump so much That they won't acquit them even if That's what the law requires you'll have Some jurors who will try to follow the Law which would probably lead them to Acquit and if they get deadlocked what Happens in Trials is the judge brings Them in and instructs them you know you Got to go back and try to resolve this Case because if you don't resolve it We're just gonna have to do it all over Again with 12 more people and that's a Lot of pressure what ends up happening Is a lot of jury's compromise

And if you are holding out to acquit Trump if you say I'll convict on one Count but we'll quit on 33 and that'll Send a message what a bad case this is The state's concerned that's a win they Want him to be a convicted felon so That's the that's the game Andy Manhattan voted for Donald Trump in 2020 Something like 12 of the vote he got in This very very deep blue City so why Should anybody suspect and I I know you Said that New York juries can be good But in a place that's so overwhelmingly Liberal in this environment given who Donald Trump is and the reactions that He evokes from certain people how can we Possibly be confident that this will be A fair jury We can't and I think his his claim is Going to be that the whole system is Rigged against it you know look if the District attorney is rigged against him Why should you assume that the district Attorney who picked this place to have The trial didn't factor in that he Thought this was the best jury and maybe This was the best judge as well and I Think we'll hear Trump's lawyers again Are going to be very effective and they Will paint it that way but what I'm Saying is somebody who spent 20 years Trying cases in front of New York juries Is that if the case actually does get Tried people have a sense of fairness

And these New Yorkers will not be being Asked do you want Donald Trump to be President They'll be being asked do you want him To be convicted for something that Number one the state doesn't have Evidence for and number two they've Hauled him in when they would never have Hauled anybody else who wasn't named Donald Trump in on this piece of you Know whatever well and Andy we and we Were talking about this before that There are legal Minds from both ends of The political Spectrum saying that this Is a weak case but is it fair to say That this is not nothing It's not nothing where you know look To get an indictment you have to Convince your a grand jury that there's Probable cause now everybody says Grandeur and died a ham sandwich but There's got to be something there for Them to entice but it doesn't mean that It's a crime Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Which is what the jury will be asked to Resolve got it thank you and we are Going to continue this conversation hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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