‘He’s at 20%?!’: RFK Jr. surges again despite ‘hostile’ media

'He's at 20%?!': RFK Jr. surges again despite 'hostile' media

‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-hosts Will Cain and Pete Hegseth discuss President Biden’s all-time low approval rating and the challenge he faces from Democratic candidates. #foxnews

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We have a poll it's a Gallup poll and it Takes a look at president They do that during the weekend uh Amazing transition it's a little bit Better shot than his head in his hands Well yeah absolutely but you know what He's not smiling and at 37 that is an Historic low for him he was down around 38 uh last July and he's been stuck in The low 40s and as bad as that is Will Let's start with you as bad as that is Ronald Reagan actually in the ninth Quarter if his presidency was at 35 when Unemployment was about 10 and he was Able to bounce back up into the 60s in One re-election but I do think that Ronald Reagan throughout his presidency Offered a a vision of inspiration to the Country not just simply maintenance not Simply decline but actually inspiration About where the country was headed that I would suspect allowed him to rebound From some of those numbers and I would Challenge anyone to say regardless of Whether or not you're Republican or Democrat what's the source of Inspiration today that 37 shows a Country and I think it again that's Among Democratic primary voters that Don't see a lot of Sunny tomorrows right What we have to do is think about that The tape piece Pete that he rolled out The PC world that is I am not Donald Trump well yeah that's basically it and

They're they're going to try to Replicate the basement strategy of 2020 The least amount of times the voters see Joe Biden they're counting on a Complicit media that's that's will I Mean look at the you guys already talked About it this morning they give the Questions that he's going to be asked to Him beforehand they're purport prepared To rehearse this play it before the Cameras hide him away try to inflate the Perception of him look at all these Historic things that he passed even Though people feel it in their lives of How much more difficult things have Become and then just the cultural rot uh That he can't defend that people feel uh That's why I think we've got another Poll here too he's got a challenge even Inside his own party that I don't think We should ignore at this point I mean Our Kennedy Jr has basically been Nowhere yet he's at 20 percent sure and And with an absolutely hostile media Team I saw the interview on ABC Um with him and I mean they threw his Family at him I mean Joe Biden has never Gotten anything and then they even Censored the interview because they said That you know he brought up they talked About vaccines and they called him an Anti-vaxxer and then he said well uh They said well she's like that's not Scientific and he's like well you know

The you know the government they brought Up The Who and the CDC said that's not a Fact and he said well those institutions Are captured and then they edited it out Of the interview so I mean these numbers Are interesting because the media is so Hostile and so in the tank for Biden What would those numbers look like for RFK Jr if he did does it show you the Media is not in control I mean if the Numbers are going up and I think people Are bypassing they have other ways to Get it it's us it's other other ways to To seek it out and plus we have a we Have a built-in great BS meter As Americans we know when people are full Of it and I think people are picking up On its own I don't think they need to be Led around that's right a great example Of that is Charlemagne the God saying That it's whack that there may not might Not be a debate yeah yeah it's whack Let's watch Aren't you embarrassed to be a Democrat America I'm not a Democrat so yeah boy Yeah boy I'm not a republican yeah boy I'm nothing what about you Chris you Like uh you like buying you voting for Buying again I think we could use a fresh new uh Person that's why it's whacked that the DNC won't let nobody Pride they won't do No primaries next year man do a primary Put Joe Biden up on that stage with

Bobby Kennedy who's challenging them and Marianne Williamson and whoever steps up To the plate and let's have a discussion Yo We're both playing chess the whole idea Of Chess is to protect the king and That's essentially what top Democrats Are doing and that is what ultimately You want to protect but they know Joe Biden can only play checkers okay you Can't play chess right now he's playing Twister or tic-tac-toe I mean that's it So you better clear the deck simplify And hide them away as much as you can to Have a child Go ahead what I was going to say is the Reason they don't want anybody else on That stage with them is you've got a 105 Year old Joe Biden next to Bobby Kennedy Who seems really like a spring chicken And he's 69. imagine if you were a Spring chicken meaning do you not think There's a guy in California who looks at Those polls and says rfk's at night Every day every day RFK Junior because Gavin Newsom could LeapFrog him Absolutely why are people waiting for Permission Barack Obama didn't wait for People Ronald Reagan didn't wait for Permission when he challenged the Civil President Gerald Ford he challenged him Straight up Kennedy didn't win and it Made him stronger I mean there's there's Got to be a Vivek Rama Swami on the

Democrat Party who's really smart and Articulate and realizes people's Anxieties about Joe Biden that jumps in And says basically a Pete Buddha judge Of this cycle to challenge Joe Biden who May not win but would make a big name For themselves it's it shows you what a Group think her mentality the left has They rally around Joe because they're Obsessed with power they're concerned About they hate I don't think they can Do it I don't think they can't so look You look at the the Republican side you Know every force is against Donald Trump Even within the Republican establishment And yet the base has propped him up to These numbers that we're seeing right Now on the other side the powerful force Nurses who are running this Administration are the ones keeping Gavin Newsom out and you know the base Doesn't have power Down he's running this Administration he Thinks he's got four years he probably Says to himself okay let these guys Fight it out in four years I'll have Different gel slightly grayer hair and I'll give it a no offense uh and I'll Give it another shot But do you think we're sitting way too Straight up after seeing Charlamagne the Guy well I was like this for a while do You think we should just squat down Oh yeah

Right that is my nickname [Laughter] To your point I I think that what uh the Party bosses and the protectors who are They who are they there's a bunch of Them on the Democratic side the smoke Cigars in the back room with vest who's Burning who's the president who are the Holdovers from Obama's administration Who are running this who's putting this Stuff in the teleprompter because that Person is the president I forgot to put In Ireland because he didn't know well That's a tough question where was I last Week but the artist will you got to Figure that uh Gavin Newsom who if Joe Biden were eliminated from the equation He would be by far the front runner Somebody went up to him and said Gavin It's your turn in four years You know do everything you can to make Sure these guys went Gavin should have Responded Chris Christie You go when you're moment you go when It's your moment the time the time picks You now that being said I do think all Of you are correct the Democratic party Does work in a very hierarchical fashion A very weight your turn fashion and then They may legitimately have that strategy Because it rallies so well both the Establishment and the base behind a Certain candidate he looks good though He looks like a president so to your

Point though Rachel if he does wait his Four years he may in fact get his turn In the Democratic party the only thing He doesn't have it's on the tip of my Tongue oh a good track record and a Resume that's true I'm a terrible mayor An awful Governor but I look the part Well the good thing is that doesn't make Him any different than anybody else on The stage for the Democratic primary Right but I look at I can't give you the Definitive uh you know the unauthorized Version of Jared Polis or the governor Of Kentucky but I imagine they do have Some positive qualities they could go on The stage and try to prove themselves or He misses his moment in because a guy Like Wes Moore the new uh Governor out Of Maryland he's a Democrat darling I Mean there are people he is way to the Left you listen to him where is the Democrat party today way to the left if You're going to win the base of the Party for the primary and Biden made That deal with the hard left so the hard Left likes him because he's been doing Everything they want which doesn't Really open up a lane since they've Already made that deal that's why RFK Jr Has that lane he has the he has the Opportunity he's the anybody but Joe Lane Yes he is yes but he is fi he is Actually fighting on the Democrat side

Um some very powerful forces and there Are lots of people who don't want him to Run who don't even want him to say the Things he has to say that will make a Very interesting I feel like we're a Focus group that got pulled in from the Mall we don't know each other just to Get our opinions right I just feel like This is almost therapy right this is I'm Still like if there's anything I can Want to get off my chest it would be the Time it must be a very fancy Mall I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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