How are college students using ChatGPT?

How are college students using ChatGPT?

College students Tabatha Fajardo, Jay Ram and Kyra Varnavas give their take on the development of AI in the classroom on ‘The Story.’

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Have a group of college students here Kara venarvis who is his Junior finance Major jrom a junior computer science Major and Tabitha Fajardo who is a Junior political science major and a Campus reform correspondent great job For all of you here let me start with Campus reform because what'd you think Of the haikus do you think that proves Political bias on chat GPT Thank you for having me Martha I do Think that anything that's going to be Coded by humans are created by humans is Going to have some sort of political Bias especially when it comes to Artificial intelligence but it you know It points into the ethical dilemma of to Of whether humans are going to be Replaced and how technology is ever Changing and I think it comes down to You can insert something into a program And and they'll create a haiku for you But it will never take away from the Human connection let's hope not uh Jay How do you see it playing out you're at Columbia University are the professors Letting you use it to write the synopsis Of a book or to work on an essay or Paper yeah so I think it depends on the Professor a lot of them see this as a Tool so a lot of like programming Classes and even some like Humanities Classes they see this as a research tool Something that can help you do better

That being said if you go into like a Library right now you can see sort of Everyone's using Chachi BT And I think you know there's people who Are using it for bad that are just like You know using it to write that essay For them and there's people who are Using it sort of like Google as like a Research tool so so it's not you don't See people getting in trouble or do Professors say you know do not use this For for your final paper do they say That Um I guess like it's still very new so I Haven't yeah We're still maybe like in that era but Uh yeah I think uh it depends on the Professor um I think there are people Who are definitely using it to like just Write the whole essay for them but again It's like Google I think it's also a Tool so so Cara you are a finance major At Fordham University has this impacted The way you look at the job market Um I think it's definitely something That I keep in mind because especially In the financial industry there are so Many different applications of AI that Can be seen within finance and Especially for example for roles that May be more trading intensive as far as Trading Securities there are already a Lot of algorithms that are beginning to Be more prominent in the industry and

That's something that I definitely keep In mind when I'm on the job search so What kind of job in finance do you think Would be safer for you to aim for I Think it's hard to say but what I'm Currently aiming for are rules within Investment Management which is Interesting because some will say that AI could have a role in portfolio Management and financial advising but I'm trying to aim for some rules that Are more subjective and more strategy Based rather than completely numeric and Based on getting the correct price for Something because I feel that that's Something that AI could be used for very Much you know the last thing that was in That piece by Gene was about whether or Not it can take over there's a lot of Scary questions about this so Jay as a Young person looking towards the future Are you nervous anxious about this well I think it's it's scary but it's I'm Also optimistic that you know we can use AI to make like a much better future That we can use it to like I don't know Send people to Mars like like develop New technologies but uh yeah it's also Scary I think there's definitely risk of Like this existential risk from AI that We really need to look out for and Regulate what do you think about that Are you does it worry you does it make You anxious or nervous it definitely

Worries me I mean a recent report by Leadership institute's campus reform Reported on a survey by intelligence That uh states that about a third of its College age students who had responded Said that they had admitted to using Chad gbt and AI like it and so not only Have they used it but there's a large Majority of students who say that it's Also considered a form of cheating so in Order to prepare to enter the job market We need to be doing the work honestly And so it brings up the question about Academic Integrity what do you guys Think about that just a quick you know Show of hands I guess do you think it's Cheating yes or yes is it cheating Jay I Think uh it should be the new Baseline I Think like if you just use Chachi out of The gate honestly it's not a very good Essay I think it's if anything I think Standards for essays have kind of Dropped so we sort of see it as like oh It's a good essay but I mean I think That this sort of shows that humans need To do better we need to write more Eloquently and and try harder in our Essays yeah do you put something in and Then say well no that's not the way I Would say it I would write it like this Instead I I can be smarter than that I've actually never used it to write a Paper and I think that that's something That across the board people are kind of

Seeing as not being a very academically Honest but I think it can be used as a Tool it's a very powerful tool to use For example to show you the steps of a Math problem or a financial math problem But I think if you're using it as a Crutch instead of learning the material Yourself I think it's concerning that Young professionals might not actually Know the song absolutely and I think it May lead to you know people saying okay We're gonna all come to class on Tuesday You're going to write your essay on Paper Um during class because that's the only Way you're going to be able to figure Out you know I guess one of the Questions I have is is that sort of you Know anxiousness about it that I just Touched on do you think that this could Be like something that can end Civilization I definitely am not very optimistic About it as it is right now without a Lot of Regulation and with some of what Has been said by prominent tech industry Heads like Elon Musk about it that's Definitely something that concerns me in Its current state okay yeah there's Definitely a risk of that and it's Definitely scary but I mean again There's always a bright side I think it Could also bring in like a new era of Civilization that's yeah that's great

All right just a few seconds go ahead I Disagree I think nothing's going to take Away from human interaction if humans Are the ones coding these programs I Mean at the end of the day the human Mind and our god-given abilities are not Replaceable yeah it makes you question Like what's real and what isn't though Right when you look at stuff you go I Don't know was that real or not um That's what I find myself asking all the Time now thank you so much you guys it's Great to have you here good luck with Your finals because I know they're Coming up Um and we'll check in with you again Thank you very much hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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