Ingraham: Democrats are lying to voters

Ingraham: Democrats are lying to voters

Laura Ingraham discusses the Democratic narrative surrounding the ‘so-called conservative book ban’ on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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I'm Laura Ingram this is the Ingram Angle from Washington tonight thanks for Spending some time with us The book ban lie that is the focus of Tonight's angle [Music] Failing us on all fronts Democrats are Lying to the voters again this time About the so-called conservative book Bans This Republican majority wants to talk About banning books they start Banning Books Banning books to stand in the way of a Teaching America's full history I never Thought I'd be a president who was Fighting against elected officials Trying to ban and banning books Now they believe I think that if they Repeat a lie enough it will become an Accepted truth Not if we can help it because the truth Is sensible elected officials are Representing parents who are Flabbergasted to learn how perverted Their kids curricula have become Because it's driven Now by activists who Demand inclusion and affirmation It took a pandemic for moms and dads to Notice how pornographic the books had Become here's a sampling My child's sixth grade English teacher Sends out a summer reading material Including

Gender queer from this book brother Talking to sister So you never tasted yourself Sister shows brother Vagina slime this is from a book called Looking for Alaska Lara randomly asked Me have you ever gotten a I was In the library and This book was on a stand I'd like to Read you a page he's undoing my belt I'm Reaching into his bedside drawer for a Condom we're kissing again we're rolling Over obviously you can see where this is Going this reminds me so much of the First time we had sex Does that not infuriate you It does any normal parent Students need to learn how to read and Write have you noticed that people can't Do either lately these days leave the Rest all the controversial topics the Birds and the bees leave it to the Parents and no we don't care about the Complaints of people like Mega wealthy Best-selling author Nora Roberts because Apparently she's whining about how her Books are being taken off school shelves As well again if parents want their sons And daughters to read books with Sexually explicit language and they can Go buy those books give them to their Kids Amazon by the way even lists some of uh Nora Roberts books suitable for readers

18 and older plus to put it nicely Roberts isn't exactly Jane Austen Now compare the battle to restore Age-appropriate materials in our schools To the left Search and Destroy Mission Against classic American literature Fierce pressure campaigns by radicals Have pushed Publishers to rewrite Language and books to eliminate things Like micro and macro aggressions or Implicit bias and other terms that Offend the modern socialist Sensibility So the so-called Protectors of artistic Expression on the left they're the very Ones censoring it Now look at what happened to Roald Dahl His books were edited to be more Inclusive and all the offensive language Was taken out of them and writer R.L Stein was angry when he found out that His books were being edited behind his Back If you want to read the classics in Their original forms I'm telling you Tonight you better grab a copy now Because if the woke mob actually gets Its way Those books won't be published or you're Not going to be able to find them for Purchase or loan anywhere And if the left has its way sometime the Not so distant future You won't be able to find I think Original works of literature written

Before 1960 at all now this won't just Be books either by the way the pressure To conform artistic expression to Current sensibilities will extend to Things like old TV shows to films and Also to music Now you couldn't make these types of Shows today Hey where's your Ribbon oh I don't wear Them you don't wear the ribbon aren't You against AIDS yeah I'm against it I Mean I'm walking aren't I Just don't wear the ribbon who do you Think you are put the ribbon on hey Cedric Bob this guy won't wear a ribbon Who who doesn't want to wear the ribbon It's the AIDS ribbon episode of Seinfeld Now the scene from diversity day of the Hit show The Office that wouldn't fly Either Shalom I'd like to apply for a loan That's nice Dwight okay do me something Stereotypical so I can get it really Quick if I have to do this Based on stereotypes that are totally Untrue that I do not agree with You would maybe not be a very good Driver You'll notice I didn't have anybody Being Arab I thought that would be too Explosive And who can forget one of the greatest Shows of all All in the Family He's busy with his books and his studies

Yeah and all that Comey crapola Get that treason off of my chair What are you when are you gonna stop With this commie Jazz it's all OverWatch The Redskins could put Nixon's going to P King remember hold it buddy he ain't There yet Now the show by the way won 22 Emmy Awards okay 22. same with the Jeffersons By the way a hilarious sitcom it was a Spin-off of All in the Family about a Successful black family do you mean to Tell me that your father Ain't Met that Man I know I'm going to introduce him Right now Could you come over here in a second I Got some people I want you to meet hey Jefferson you're going to love this Okay okay Mom Pop this is Jenny's Paris Mr Mrs Willis [Laughter] I'm very pleased to meet you how do you Do Mrs Jefferson Mr Jefferson And by the way with music as well of Course that's going to be up for grabs Because the left has a war on Words Remember the Dixie Chicks are now just The chicks Lady Antebellum Just lady a Heck even classic Christmas carols like Baby It's Cold Outside they've been Riling up the radical metoo types as Well Recently we've woken up to the song's

More date rapey undertones say what No caps to be had out there what's in This drink could the seasonal scumbag Date rape alarm be going off any louder Right now Yeah some radio stations actually Decided to bow down and stop playing the Song Because of those types of people How pathetic yeah all the way around Now forget this nonsense claim that Conservative books are are you know Conservatives are out there Banning Books the left is actually working to Change history remember they're the ones Tearing down statues even attacking Classic artworks as they did yesterday At the National Gallery of Art in DC all To protest climate change [Music] Our leaders to take Serious action to Tell us the truth about what is Happening with the climate we are adults We should be at home marketing and I Can't do my job unless I have a Government that does their job in Looking out for the health and safety of Our children Now all of us know that these idiots Will get slaps on the wrist because they Have the correct political views on Climate change but imagine the media Reacting if pro-life activists decided To vandalize I don't know a rothko or a

Picasso be thrown in jail for years Never hear from them again Because the truth is in 2023 certain Bands and certain types of vandalism Certain types of editing oh it's Tolerated it's even encouraged and other Types they're punished and railed Against All of this is orwellian it's literally Rewriting our cultural history So what do we take away from this Well first the notion that conservatives Are for Banning any books at all or no They're for open debate on all of these Topics okay we'll debate the left Anytime anywhere on whether a book Detailing acts of anal penetration are Appropriate for sixth graders or frankly High schoolers for that matter So if there are parents out there who Want to marinate their kids brains and And all that stuff then go ahead do it But don't offer it to my kids thank you Very much When Fed Up parents raise a stink though Remember they're going to be branded Especially by the Biden Administration As dangerous extremists so watch your P's and q's Now the second takeaway here is that Given the left success in rewriting or Canceling our history it's time for True Liberals and conservatives to band Together to stop them

New copyright laws should protect Original works from changes so if a Publishing house that owns the rights to Some artistic work song or a book they Decide to change that song Or that book To supposedly remove the offensive Content Then that publishing house should lose Its copyright the public should always Always have access to the originals Access to the authors or the directors Actual words unabridged or unaltered by The woke sensors If Biden's given a second term we're Going to continue to lose our American Identity and our American Art in our American history The left is going to be emboldened their Vicious expiration campaign is only Going to ramp up and sexual propaganda Will continue flooding our schools Is that what Americans really want And that's the angle hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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