Ingraham: This tells the world that we can’t keep our secrets secure

Ingraham: This tells the world that we can't keep our secrets secure

Fox News host Laura Ingraham discusses the political fallout from the Pentagon leaks and the push to distort reality to sell a dangerous agenda in Tuesday’s opening monologue.
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I'm Laura Ingram and this is Ingram Angle and thank you for being with us Tonight as always Leaks and losing streaks that's the Focus of tonight's angle Now we know that while the entire press Corps in the political class were Obsessed with the Trump mar-lago Documents case The Biden Administration allowed the United States to be subject to one of The most disastrous Intel leaks in U.S History Roughly a hundred pages of documents That we know of were posted online Revealing critical military assessments Of friends and foes alike Such as U.S efforts to spy on its allies Israel and South Korea the degree to Which the U.S has penetrated Russia's Government and that Ukraine will fall Well short of its counter-offensive Goals at retaking Russian occupied Territory whoops Well my friends this is devastating and It tells the world that once again we Can't keep our own house in order our Own Secrets secure Now even axios tonight one of the Establishments most loyal supporters in The media just posted a story admitting That the leak is swiftly unfurling into A debacle for the Biden Administration Which is struggling to provide answers

To Congress the public and U.S allies And it also tells us that Biden's Triumphant confidence in Ukraine two Months ago well was a total lie Ukraine continues to defend itself Against the Russian Onslaught and Launched counter-offensive of its own President Putin's craving lust for land And power will fail And the Ukrainian people's love for Their country will prevail And of course none of this will stop the Bite Administration and its enablers From distorting the reality in Ukraine As they've done since the beginning Ukraine makes advances on the ground Retaking territory even as Russia tries To recalibrate not only will Ukraine Emerge Sovereign and independent uh when This is over but Moscow will emerge Weaker when Ukraine's forces are giving A given state-of-the-art weapons from The West they're putting them to very Good use they know how to win Ukraine is Winning on the battlefield How are these people still employed They're they're wrong every single time Now of course you should expect that the White House and most of the regime media Will do everything that they can to Downplay the significance of this Massive Intel breach I've been convening senior department Leaders daily on our response

And I've directed an urgent Cross-department effort we have engaged With allies and Partners at high levels Over the uh the past the past days Including to reassure them about our own Commitment to safeguarding intelligence It would appear to me though that the This is not a serious a breach at least From what we know publicly so far Yeah Clapper clap on clap off Now the argument that the media Outlets Shouldn't be publishing this information All that downplaying notwithstanding the Argument that the public should know About this is completely ludicrous Without confirming the validity of the Documents this is information that has No business in the public domain it has No business if you don't mind me saying On the pages of of uh front pages of Newspapers or on television it is not Intended for public consumption and it Should not be out there News flash John John The info is already out there our allies Our adversaries they already have it but The United States the voters are Supposed to not know any of it keep it From the American people for what reason Exactly Well I'll tell you for what reason to Help Biden's re-election chances Naturally once again we see the Biden Administration being run by a team of

Incompetence Now remember this no one was punished When they bundled the Afghanistan Withdrawal where 13 service Personnel Were killed after being left as sitting Docks at the Kabula Airport And the fact is mistake after Mistake by These buffoons have flattened both our Domestic and our foreign policy position Now remember the elites they don't sweat What happens to America between now and 2028 as long as Biden is re-elected They're okay That is literally all they care about They don't care certainly if the United States is humiliated on the world stage So per usual after one of the worst Violations of our military secrecy no One will be fired and like the Dobbs Decision we'll never find out who leaked The documents I mean do you really think Austin is going to be on the case with The doj oh please and we're never going To have the true story about how bad it Really is how many informants went cold How many agents lives were jeopardized Or even lost But while the administration can try to Hide the truth from the American people It can't fool the rest of the world Both our foes and our few remaining Friends know that the United States Under Joe Biden has become sort of a Paper tiger that's lost touch with its

Power has lost its Prestige and its Prosperity That's why you see our former allies Rushing for the exits they know as well As we do that America's claim to be a Superpower it can't survive much more of This certainly not not with China ready To fill the vacuum with its Freedom-crushing Crusades around the World So yes we can spy on people But how helpful does it end up being When it's all leaked anyway And as the angle has told you repeatedly The people Biden has put in charge of Our national security are total and Complete dolts No if there are other documents that are That have been online before these are Things that we will find find out as we Continue to investigate there were Somewhere in the in the web uh and uh And where exactly and who had access at That point we we don't know we simply Don't know at this point They're in the web You might think it's on the web but They're somewhere in that web the Worldwide Now as far as the angle is concerned the U.S at this point is essentially Defenseless Now sure we have incredible military Hardware although a lot less than we had

Before Iraq for Afghanistan and before Ukraine But we don't have those precious Commodities that seem few and far Between these days We don't have leaders So we end up in a situation where the Most powerful Nation on Earth or what we Used to be Didn't have the ability to stop China From sending balloons to Traverse the United States And again no one's ever fired The entire point of a military remember We spent about 800 billion dollars a Year in our military the military's Point is to be a deterrent And right now they're not deterring Anyone China's worried about the U.S views on Taiwan as much as I care about Liz Cheney's views on the GOP Nevertheless their recent aggressive Drills near Taiwan They're not just playful prodding China's fighter jets fly around Taiwan Skies military ships sail off its Coast China says it's simulating Precision Attacks on key Targets in Taiwan its Military released this animation showing Missiles fired from land sea and air Into Taiwan two of them explode in Flames

And the best we can do is reciprocate by Having our own military drills with the Philippines our close Ally in the region So at this point it is pretty easy to Conclude that Taiwan is almost doomed But despite what some neocons like John Bolton suggest I say no troops in Taiwan Nothing at all for Taiwan until we Revoke the most favored nation trade Status for China It's literally insane to ask American Troops to be in a country at the same Time we're funding an army that is about To attack that same country But instead of learning from past Mistakes Biden just stumbles along When his people can't get China to Return his call which they can't right Now they just beg harder and they look More desperate Why doesn't he just picked up the phone And called President tree to say knock It off the president looks forward to Having another conversation with President Do that at the appropriate time we'd Like to see this relationship get onto a Better footing and when it's appropriate For the two leaders to talk then they'll Happen Not being called back they're being Ghosted Now at no level of this Administration Do we find true confidence and most of

The time voters are simply left in the Dark about what's really going on They'd rather have you focus on things Like Dylan Mulvaney transgender Activists in Tennessee or whether Harry And Megan are going to Perry's dad's Coronation They'd rather destroy the entire country Than address real problems in real time Now Trump tried to fix all of this and Was making real progress especially on Trade and on China and for that he was a Real threat to the folks who normally Run America The real threat however is in the Possibility that the man who is barely Coherent who shuffles instead of walks Could actually be re-elected in 2024. So we must insist that the Press Publishes everything Already in the public domain that helps Americans understand the stakes here That includes these Intel leaks The angle warned you about China about Millie about Austin Chris Ray and yet Too many Suburban women independent Voters in key States they didn't care The sad truth is that the angle believes Biden and Company they've already given Up on America they think that the United States is too far on the hole to climb Out meaning a managed decline is really The most compassionate Way Forward And the rest of the world

They see that America is waning our own Allies the second biggest economy in the EU France is already sided with China So my friends here's the bottom line The United States is facing the biggest Geopolitical crisis any of us has seen In over 40 years And right now our leaders are completely Incapable of defending our interests If we the people do not demand better Leadership If this group is re-elected and given Four more years to damage our interests The long-term harm to the United States And to all of us who live here Will be crippling And that's the angle hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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