Ingraham: We’re sleepwalking into a calamity

Ingraham: We're sleepwalking into a calamity

Fox News host Laura Ingraham explains how the Biden administration has let China’s power and dominance grow on the world stage on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ #foxnews #fox #ingrahamangle

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The big China sellout that's the focus Of tonight's angle Now whether it's friendship or romance Or a strategic Alliance all Relationships start somewhere and Sometimes there's the long buildup of Anticipation so guys worry about getting Shot down and girls they wonder if he'll Ever call well Ukraine's president Zielinski finally got his call the one He had been hoping for from president XI So was there a spark That seemed like it from the readout Zielinski described the hour-long call As meaningful and a powerful impetus to The development of our bilateral Relations Now in fact there's a follow-up date That is already planned Chinese Leadership said today that Beijing will Send an Envoy to Ukraine to discuss a Possible political settlement settlement To Russia's war with the country well Dialogue and negotiation XI jinpin said are the only way forward Now had we had smart leadership in the United States it would be the U.S Driving the parties to peace Negotiations not China Early on in this conflict the angle Warned that the longer this war dragged On the more it played into China's hands President XI and one called the Vladimir Putin could end these hostilities hey

Vlad no more wheat purchases no more oil Buys tavarish until you stop the killing How sad is it that a brutal regime like China Will be the leader in brokering the Peace deal that we desperately need And now that is clearly the case is it Not Well China is thinking strategically Here Michael pillsbury's book The Hundred Year Marathon explains their Thinking quite well She knew that to have leverage he first Needed economic power and so he pursued A fiercely nationalistic economic policy To do just that Then he used that leverage to advance China's Global ambitions China has enough money to buy off pretty Much anyone anywhere and it's doing that In every continent including our own In contrast look at how weak Biden's Team is French president macron visited the White House and he complained about the Inflation reduction act hurting European Imports and what did Biden do he Instantly caved but when macron travels To Beijing oh a different story he tells G how excited France is about forging Stronger ties and he stresses that They're not blind followers of the United States So a major European country sees that

China has the power China has the Momentum and Biden has none Forget acting with authority the man Can't even speak with authority Regard to uh to age you know and and Pulling that I noticed the polling dad I Keep hearing about is that I'm between Uh 42 and 46 favorable rating and making it Sound like Biden's really under what Um and number one number two when the Same polling data asks whether they Think what kind of job I've done it gets Overwhelmingly positive results He's going to need leaders who think Beyond the immediate goals of activists Like the climate crazies that Biden is Bowing down to so the obsession right Now with electric vehicles and the Attacks on our fossil fuel industry That's just further empowered China and Anyone who is surprised today about the Massive gains China's making in EVS They haven't been paying any attention A new chinese-backed battery plant in Michigan is getting Democrat Congresswoman Debbie dingle's attention Am I worried about National Security Implications I have to tell you that I Am and I want to get it to the point That we don't need a joint venture Within with China Well I had Biden not cave to the Greeniacs on oil and gas we wouldn't be

Finding ourselves vulnerable like we are Now But we sabotaged ourselves by voting in Biden but Biden he's not worried It's not about China I'm not concerned about China remember America invented a semiconductor we Invented it we used to have 40 of the Market And we decided that what we're going to Do over the past I don't know how many decades we decided That it was going to be cheaper to Export jobs and import products The ignorance should terrify you So look there are three takeaways from This past month first president XI will Be the big Victor in Ukraine Second China has more influence now in Europe than we do and third Biden's Post-trump European charm offensive Backfired The AP sums it up this way over the past Two decades the Chinese government has Often used its economic half to pry France Germany and other allies away From the U.S on issues ranging from Military security and trade to human Rights in Taiwan And what about the trips by world Leaders paying homage to Beijing they Write they're meant to reassure ji of Respect for beijing's control over all Of Chinese territory and urge com they

Also highlight the challenge the U.S Faces as it tries to build a coalition Of countries to ramp up pressure on Beijing over its expansionist policies Build a coalition Joe Biden couldn't Build a coalition of preschoolers to Play Ring Around the Rosie it's Ridiculous So if American voters give Joe Biden Four more years The message to China to Europe to Big Business will be one of total Capitulation If we're lucky China is going to allow Us to play the role of something akin to Being like a junior partner at a law Firm but look they're going to make all The big decisions And let's face this Biden's own treasury Secretary Janet Yellen she's already Indicated that they're not interested in Challenging a China That's obviously on The move We do not seek to decouple our economy From China's we seek a healthy economic Relationship with China a growing China That plays by International rules is Good for the United States and the world It's been great for all those workers in The Rust Belt Janet thanks a lot now as If China didn't already know that there Was a total surrender in place under Biden I mean Biden's people won't set up A meeting to like hash out the debt

Ceiling with Kevin McCarthy but they're Begging for a return phone call from our Communist adversary We have said over and over again that The president intends to call President XI I don't have a call to read out to You at this time we'd like to see this Relationship get onto a better footing And when it's appropriate for the two Leaders to talk then they'll happen No they're not returning your phone call That's the truth now look at it this way If you can't make a movie now with China As the bad guy How independent as a country are we Anyway And that won't change anytime soon if Biden wins the second term especially Since his Finance chair is Jeffrey Katzenberg and katzenberg is in China's Back pocket Katzenberg the Democratic King maker has An extensive history with China perhaps Most infamously when katzenberg was at DreamWorks in 2012 the company announced A multi-billion dollar deal with the Chinese government to build a Production Studio in Shanghai And soon after that an agreement was Reached to increase the number of U.S Films that could be released in the Chinese market every year just before The big ceremony in LA to Ink that deal With katzenberg then vice president Xi

Jinping got a rousing welcome to the United States by none other than President Obama I want to welcome vice President XI to the Oval Office and Welcome him to the United States this is Obviously a great opportunity for us to Build on the U.S China relationship Now we're sleepwalking into a Geopolitical calamity every year we go Further into debt to defend countries in Europe who despise us in who are openly Working with the CCP and every year we Outsource jobs and Technology to China And give president XI the money he needs To build a stronger military one Certainly growing stronger than ours We're not going to remain a superpower Or any kind of power unless we Dramatically change course and this is Not going to happen unless we get new Leaders The GOP Presidential nomination in 2024 Should go to the candidate who best Understands these facts you know has the Will and the ability to change course And defend our interests and that's the Angle hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere else

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