Inside Cuomo’s nursing home cover up: A Democrat’s decision to speak out | Janice Dean Podcast

Inside Cuomo’s nursing home cover up: A Democrat's decision to speak out | Janice Dean Podcast

On this episode, Janice sits down with Standing Committee on Aging Chair and New York Democratic Assemblymember, Ron Kim for an inside perspective on former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s (D-NY) nursing home scandal. #FoxNews

Ron reflects on the moments that followed Governor Cuomo’s top aide Melissa DeRosa admitting to the governor’s concealment efforts of how nursing homes were severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. He also describes his decision to speak out despite internal pressures to remain silent on the issue. Later, Ron reveals his thoughts on Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY), and shares what he views as a new era in state politics.

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Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] It's been three years since our former Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an Executive order to admit over 9 000 Coveted positive patients into nursing Homes many of you know about my advocacy In trying to shine a light on that Deadly mandate to find out why it was Put in place for 46 days and why Families were never notified of this While all of us were in lockdown and Told to stay as far away from the Covid-19 virus as possible To this day we still don't know why our Government decided to flood the most Vulnerable in the places that they were Supposed to be kept safe on today's Podcast I wanted to talk to one of the Most vocal lawmakers in New York City About this tragedy The Honorable Ron Kim is the chair for The committee on aging and has led the Charge in trying to save lives and bring Change to our nursing homes and Elderly Care in general as the head of the Aging Committee A couple of weeks ago I joined Ron in Albany with other grieving families for Hearings on reviewing and examining the State of the long-term care Ombudsman Program

And even though it seems like the rest Of the world has moved on Ron Kim and I Are never giving up our Quest For Answers and accountability it's not a Republican or a Democratic issue it's About right or wrong and I'm grateful For his friendship and for coming in Today to help shine a light Ron Kim you made the Dean's List [Music] I love it yeah the Dean's List yeah you Were a smart kid in school though right Uh you know despite despite the Stereotype what do you mean All right well you're supposed to be a Smart dude but you know I wasn't I Wasn't the uh the sharpest pencil come On Um you know my dad growing up he was More uh concerned about me scoring Touchdowns in the football field and Bringing home on a plus paper which is Very very different than the typical Tiger Asian parent right um so I I had a I had a unique upbring my dad was really Into sports like the moment I could like Walk he put me in like roller skates Develop my legs really like he was Really into it roller skates because we Didn't have we don't have um Rollerblades back oh it was roller Skates yeah of course I remember but He's thinking was all right you know We've got to get an advantage how old

Were you you I don't remember I must sipping like Three or four and I never I never stayed Home because I was just conditioned to Be outside yeah be active on a bike Always bruised up you know and I Wouldn't come home until my mom would Have like supper and yell like come back In come back in right and that's just That's how like every kiss you grow up I Agree I totally agree I was just talking About that about Matthew and Theodore Are my kids yeah I'm so glad that They're meeting meeting at the school Yard meeting at the park every weekend They go out they play Touch football Thank goodness right oh yeah but even in But even when I came here Um as an immigrant yes to Flushing and Queens flushing is a very congested uh Immigrant town I still remember when I Came here and I was on the sidewalk Playing stickball and like you know just Being always active as a kid yeah but Even living in an apartment I just never Stayed in the department we're always Outside doing something But now Um I just feel so bad for the young kids Yeah like I met I was I was you know I Was I was with the family vacation on a Cruise that was delayed and I remember Eating at this restaurant and every kid On this table has got the iPad yeah we

Were on a cruise Panel and then but they're just so Conditioned and the iPad and the phones Are normalized they just can't get off Of it even when we're on a vacation oh My gosh and you know what the parents Are to blame for that too you know what I mean because I you know listen when The kids were younger and we needed some Quiet time in the back seat you know I I Get it it's a great uh device for that You know so you can think while you're Driving but you're right when we're on Vacation they need to go that needs to Go away yeah yeah just like really just Be in the moment Um and just capture everything in be Osmosis is and I just don't think that Our kids growing up have the same Experiences that we all did yeah like The memories and the images that we had Growing up I just thought I mean and They just get so much information every Single second that's scary too again how Do you consume all that I don't know and We don't know what the results are going To be right yeah uh so when did you come To the United States uh I was seven Years old uh it was 1987 uh and it was Right after when the Mets had won the World Series and we were in Flushing Euro we could see Shea Stadium Wow removed and that's why I'm an Eternal Mets fan

Um you know and it was uh it was a great Time my parents were immigrants they Were small business owners they give up Everything they had uh to come here and Pursue a better life really for me you Know my dad was in a relatively Successful Um electrical engineer he worked in the Middle East and all these construction Projects he traveled he was a company Man he had an apartment in South Korea Like yeah real estate but he gave it all Up because he thought you know in this In that country in South Korea at that Time Um I was limited my child was limited in What he could dream of doing when he Grew up yeah you know he won and and Secondly he just thought that America Had a bigger heart I don't know how to Articulate that is that's a great way to Articulate it you know language in Korean language but that's the best way To translate that like something about American Spirit that they're generous Like they see the world and with the big Heart and not close-minded because when You live in a country like Southwest It's hyper competitive everyone lives on Top of each other you can't be happy for Your neighbor's son when they get into a Good school just be authentically happy For each other as neighbors but but he Thought that coming here will have a

Bigger bigger heart and not gonna have a Bigger dream and aspiration to to be a Happier person growing up wow so and his Your uncle uh was the one that helped Get your family here yeah my uncle came Here first with my grandmother my uncle Was uh in the U.S what was wasn't the Korean military came here went to dental School became one of the first uh Dentists of Korean descent in New York And opened up a shop later on but before He opened up his office he joined the US Army after after going dental school Because he wanted to practice right away And as an immigrant it was hard to kind Of integrate and get a an Office Professional office even if you have a Dentistry degree so he got experience Right away in the military and then Ended up becoming a a captain in the US Army because of his skill set so he was An officer and through the Army Network He was able to sponsor us and his Extended family to come here Um to this country wow and that so that Was in the 80s it was in the 80s yeah And he if it wasn't for him Um you know we wouldn't be here if he Wasn't for him I wouldn't have my name He named me after you know Ronald Reagan Because he was like also one of probably The only Republicans of Korean descent At that time Um so he was just a big fan I mean he

Wasn't I don't know I don't know if he Was a fan of if it was a true Republican Or he was just a fan of Ronald Reagan I Think you know some people I don't even Really think of Ronald Reagan as having Republican or Democrat I just think of Him as Ronald Reagan you know he was a He was an actor obviously but he was a Larger than life figure I think yeah he Just I think I think for a person like My uncle you just give him That kind of grand gesture here's the Ronald Reagan for him you know I mean Looking back I don't agree with a lot of The policies of of the Reagan Era but I Think the figure himself gave people Like my uncle a lot of Hope wow that we Could trim bigger here Did you so did you see yourself as Following in the footsteps of political Life like where did that come from yeah My Dad Um like I said before he came here gave Up everything and opened up a mom and Pop grocery store Typical Koreans you know in the 80s Opened up a grocery store in Upper Manhattan and despite it being a Korean Grocer every other Corner every block They just thought that all right well If we just wake up a little earlier and Work a little harder yeah and not take Any vacations we can make ends meet they

Just work super hard and I saw that Growing up but 10 years later Um I saw them file for bankruptcy Because the the landlord at the time You know raised the rent like by 350 Percent overnight And they try to oust the tenants To bring in like more chain store type Of businesses so they were bullying and Targeting and directing City agencies to Find you know my dad's business and I Saw that at a young age and no one was Sticking up for for the small the Smaller guys

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