Is Randi Weingarten trying to rewrite lockdown history?

Is Randi Weingarten trying to rewrite lockdown history?

Hudson Institute scholar Rebeccah Heinrichs argues American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten is trying to deflect blame for COVID lockdown disasters on ‘Fox News Tonight.’

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Rebecca heinrichs remembers that well is A scholar at the Hudson Institute and Joins us now Rebecca you watched this Hearing she really wants to have Revisionist history here she just want Does wants everyone to to think that She's not culpable but she is Oh I was very interested in these Hearings Brian because I am a mother of Five young children so I I lived through This pandemic like the whole rest of my Fellow Americans did and I know exactly What happened she is trying to dish out Falsehood after falsehood and she thinks That we're going to actually swallow This we know that in 2020 as you said She said that those those of us it's not Just president Trump but those of us Parents private schools and other red States who wanted open schools were Callous Reckless and cruel yeah um when We take that personally we love our kids More than anything and we knew from the Beginning we could look at this we could Look at the studies that were coming out Soon we knew that our kids were sick Were perfectly safe going back into These schools and it's really um really Offensive that she would gas like this Before Congress and lie let's be honest Uh she's on August 21st she celebrated When a judge struck down the Florida uh Florida was going to open up their Schools the judge Struck it down and

Stopped them from doing it she Celebrated on February 21st she said she Needs more time to bring her Rank and File along she liked to open up schools But the teachers weren't quite quite Ready yet she kind of forgot that also Important she basically admitted and we Knew this because it was a trail that She was writing the policy that the CDC Would put out editing the memos in real Time with qualifications did she have Right she's trying to deflect that she Was really the one that was deciding This but she was lobbying the CDC and we Know that those areas where the unions Were the most influential across the Country those the areas that the school Closures stayed closed longer so we know That she had a direct effect on this we Know by the way Brian that in all of These areas too these children were Suffering I mean parents can see this But we were educated people we could Look at we could look at the studies we Could look at the what's going on in Europe with other schools we could see That schools were opening safely and she Continued to to really scare monger and Shame people when we knew that the Science actually was on the side of the Parents who wanted children back into The classroom you know what she has in Common with Anthony fauci they will Never say this I was wrong

I thought this this is what I thought This is what I learned people say okay Maybe I understand a little bit where You came from but they want to they want To revise what we know they said and Number two I think is important they Never think of collateral damage if I Keep the schools closed in order to get Sick but we don't think about what's Happening at home the rooms are closed They're not paying attention minority Kids aren't open up a laptop and most of The time there's no parent having Supervision there and they needed the Schools open the most and now we find Out and we knew it then they were not Susceptible to this virus no mental Health problems went up and scores Especially math and reading proficiency Went way down children need Advocates my Children are going to be okay by the Grace of God they've got parents who are Married who are going to advocate for Them but think about all those children With just a single mom who had to go Back to work and they were stuck in Front of a screen those are the children Who needed an advocate Randy should have Been advocating for them she was not she Became their adversary in an adversary Of public education and remember these Idiots were going from the first Pandemic six feet apart and they said Well if we spread these to death six

Feet apart We're not gonna be able to Get kids back in school another reason To keep the doors shut and then they say Wait a second that's not based on Anything six feet doesn't mean anything No one ever apologized for that it's Incredible it's bringing me back to that Time I'm going to be I'm going to go Nuts Rebecca have a great weekend thank You thank you hi everyone I'm Brian Kilmeade I want you to do me a favor I Want you to click to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page this is the only Way that I know for sure that you're not Going to miss any great commentary any Great news bites any great interviews Coming your way on Fox you can get it All here on YouTube so subscribe right Now

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