Israel reportedly considering flooding Hamas tunnels

Israel reportedly considering flooding Hamas tunnels

FOX News’ Trey Yingst on the latest from Israel and the IDF considering a new tactic to target Hamas terrorists. #FOXNews

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Good morning everybody it's Tuesday December 5th 2023 and we start this First hour of fox and friends with a Fox News Alert again the Israeli Defense Forces say they have raided hamas's General Security headquarters overnight They're now surrounding other areas of Interest in Northern Gaza and this comes As the Israeli government is reportedly Considering flooding the terrorist Groups tunnels with the Mediterranean Seawater wow you just want to find if The hostages are there though right uh Trey yinx is live in southern Israel Trey yeah hey guys good morning we are Following this report from The Wall Street Journal indicating that Israel is Considering flooding the tunnel Network At least of Northern Gaza with seawater From the Mediterranean Sea they have Reportedly placed five large pumps near The Shati camp in the northern part of Gaza and they're waiting to see if They'll actually move forward with this Plan but it is significant to discuss Because if they do this it would destroy Destroy the tunnel network but it also Risks damaging significant Infrastructure across Gaza and possibly Damaging the freshwater that civilians Used to drink there with that said Israeli forces still operating in the Northern part of the strip they say they Were able to Target hamas's General

Security headquarters overnight near the Jabalia neighborhood soldiers from two Separate units locating rockets and Weapons in this area before calling in Air strikes Israel is expected to Complete offensive operations in Northern Gaza in the coming weeks also In recent hours Israel ramped up its Campaign against Southern Gaza their Efforts focused around the city of Han Yunis where residents say last night's Air strikes were some of the heaviest Since the War Began a source in the Southern city of Rafa telling Fox News That cell service was temporarily cut in Gaza as the operation ramped up now amid This new push in the second phase of the War the civilian death toll in Gaza is Rising rapidly and there are new Concerns about the possibility of more Iranian Regional activity against Israel And its allies in a quote a spokesman For the foreign Ministry in Iran said no Action against Iran its interest or our Advisory forces will go unanswered a Clear threat against Israel and the United States in the region as we do Know the Israelis are striking Hezbollah Targets today in southern Lebanon after New fire into Northern Israel guys back To you so Trey are there corridors for People to escape out being that they're Moving south and they told everyone to Move South

So the Israelis have released a new Detailed map that actually breaks down The Gaza Strip into hundreds of Different sectors and they are using Both leaflit drops phone calls and Alerts on this site to tell people to Move to safer areas the issue here is That no area in Gaza is safe they do Have a small strip of land they say is a Humanitarian safe Zone but other than That they are bombing the entirety of The Gaza Strip so they are telling People to move South but there are more Than 2 million civilians in Gaza and They are simply running out of places to Go yeah and and Trey regarding your lead Story about how according The Wall Street Journal it sounds like the Israelis are thinking about flooding the Tunnels with seawater from the Mediterranean but that could endanger The freshwater in Gaza uh is there a Possibility that is just a a head fake Hey we're going to do this in hopes that They move people out of the tunnels Because the last thing Israel wants is To be accused of destroying their water Supply yeah we're we're so far into this Conflict 60 days in it it's challenging To know exactly what they're thinking is Behind this process because you rais a Great Point some of the hostages that Are still in Gaza are likely held in the Tunnel system beneath the strip and so

If they flood those tunnels they risk Killing the hostages and so it's a it's An incredibly challenging decision to Make on top of the fact that they've Already destroyed quite a bit of Civilian infrastructure in Gaza and There is this question about the day After the war they will have to deal With a civilian population on their Border that is facing a humanitarian Crisis so damaging the freshwater system In Gaza will be yet another uh headache For the Israelis to deal with and they Will face renewed International pressure Even today the World Health Organization Raising Flags saying look the the Situation in Gaza is getting worse by The hour and they need to remember that As the war continues and the ground and Air campaign continues against the strip You've still got 2 million civili that Are living there I'm Steve duy I'm Brian Killme and I'm Angley aart and click Here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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