Jean-Pierre Goes Through Mental Gymnastics As She Explains Why She Won’t Answer Certain Questions

Jean-Pierre Goes Through Mental Gymnastics As She Explains Why She Won't Answer Certain Questions

Comments made on 4/21/23.

[Music] Why have you been willing to talk about President Trump before and have you were You in violation of the Hatch Act which You didn't know because we're talking About what the president has done in the Administration no I know I'm just I'm Answering your question because I'm Saying the president Trump we were Talking about what he did in the last Administration we're talking about Policies that were harmful in the past Administration no no he asked me does The president still believe that uh that Uh Donald Trump is a threat if he wins Right because he's going to be he's a Candidate that's something different I I was asking is the president is President Biden does he follow the words And actions of this person yes from as a Candidate right as a candidate so yes I'm not I'm not no I'm saying I'm not Talking about 2024. I'm not talking About 20. what I have talked about what I have talked about Donald Trump has Been a candidate for re-election or for A lecture however you want to call it I I understand that a year and you've Talked about I mean you've talked about Him a lot yes about he's done a lot and He and so as as I talked about his Policies when he was president that's What I have talked about that's what I've talked about

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