Jesse Watters: Reefer madness is now a manslaughter defense

Jesse Watters: Reefer madness is now a manslaughter defense

‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss how a woman who was allegedly driven by cannabis psychosis gets probation after stabbing man 108 times.

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Reefer Madness is now a manslaughter Defense a woman in California getting no Jail time for fatally stabbing her Boyfriend more than a 100 times lawyers For 32-year-old Brin speecher blaming Marijuana induced psychosis as the Reason why in 2018 she grabbed a sided Bread knife and stabbed her date Chad More than a hundred times killing him She also stabbed her dog and tried to Kill herself when cops arrived prior to All of this Carnage she'd taken two bong Hits speecher was later found guilty of Involuntary manslaughter but Psychiatrist said the stabbing spree was 100% caused by cannabis induced Psychosis the judge agreed and ruled she Experienced a psychotic break from Reality and had no control over her Actions gave her two years probation and Community service and the victim's Friends and family are Outraged he has set a precedent in California where it appears to be okay To smoke marijuana and commit a violent Crime she just got away with murder this 100 hours of uh of community service Isn't even one uh hour per stab that she Inflicted on Chad is this is the hunter Biden defense Judge I don't I I don't have to pay my Taxes I was in a cocaine induced Psychosis you know I I gotta tell you I Mean I'd like to laugh but this is so

Painful so many families are like that That father and the mother who didn't Say anything look the fact that she Voluntarily engaged in smoking marijuana Through a bong makes it clear that she Is culpable okay now let's get something Straight she's convicted of involuntary Manslaughter the only thing that the Bong did it prevented her or the the Consequences of the bong prevented her From performing the specific intent Which is why she wasn't convicted of a Homicide and intentional murder okay Okay or uh and and that's why it's Manslaughter all right that judge didn't Have to take into consideration that it Was uh psychosis induced uh inhalation Of the marijuana he could have just said I got one life here gone a young man who Did nothing because she made a decision To take not just one hit but two hits From a bong it was her voluntary acts That caused that man to die I don't care If they think that she is not Responsible ultimately all I care about Is she couldn't form the intent for Murder but she's still guilty of Involuntary manslaughter she should have Her butt in jail Greg Gutfeld she has a Great lawyer that's for sure because This is I mean imagine if a drunk driver Plows into a family and kills them and She was drunk on really hard alcohol It's like oh it was really powerful

Alcohol that shouldn't matter it Shouldn't matter she drank she hit the Family that's it you go to jail jail so This is a this is strange I think you Know it's Like I keep thinking I wonder if the What would have happened if the genders Were reversed you know what I mean is it Because it was so brutal and that she's A female that that was the way they were Able to say it had to have been the drug Because she's a woman and no woman would Stab a hundred times uh you know and and Saying that somehow she was coerced to Take the bong hit I mean this is garbage She like it's just uh yeah it's it's an Injustice Dana well I agree with all of That and I keep thinking of somebody Like Daniel Penny who is facing a Involuntary murder charge here in New York City manslaughter right yeah and Because he and he wasn't on any drugs Because he was trying to protect people On the subway from a crazy man who was On drugs that is outrageous yeah Jessica this High potency marijuana Defense or this drug itself is now going To turn into something that people are Concerned about and I've been noticing That amongst my friends who it's legal Here folks who smoke pot that they won't Buy From a dealer anymore they have to go to A store right somewhere where you know

That it's not laced with fentanyl or Something else and this I'm sure will be The new frontier in that that if you Hear that someone and I I don't know This woman it seems like there should be Greater punishment than what she got for This um I don't I wouldn't imagine if She was dating a guy that she went over There to stab him a 100 times then try To kill a dog in herself I think Obviously something did chemically react Within her to do it but this is going to Be a new thing that we're going to have To be concerned about but here's the Thing think about this if you were uh if You let's say there was a fight and she Stabbed him and on the third stab she She was like I should just go for I Should go for it because then it went From murder to psychosis you just do Something completely insane is she like A Basic Instinct uh make it look insane Both the prosecution and defense agreed That she was in a psychotic State and That's why this thing is such a low uh Uh crime which where for which you could Face only four years but what you're Saying is so important Jessica when I Was Da THC was 4% in marijuana today It's 90% that's a real problem okay Coming up next the homeless crisis goes Deep in America hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest

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