Jesse Watters: This is a ‘major scandal brewing’

Jesse Watters: This is a 'major scandal brewing'

‘The Five’ co-host weigh in on First Lady Jill Biden floating the idea of inviting both NCAA women’s basketball champion LSU and runner-up Iowa to the White House.
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Joe Biden really stepped that I stepped In at this time the first lady floated The idea of inviting the winner and Loser of the Women's National Championship Game to the White House Watch We'll have the Champions come to Um to the White House we always do so You know we'll have LSU come but you Know what I'm going to tell Joe I think Iowa should come too that's good Sportsmanship really the first ladies Team tried to walk that back uh saying She only intended to appoint the Historic uh game uh and all women Athletes in particular but the damage Has been done Beau Dallas used Champion Angel Reese and I was Caitlyn Clark are Not happy with how it played out I don't think runner-ups usually go to The White House maybe I could go to the White House on different terms though Um but you know I think you know that's For LSU you can't go back on certain Things that you you say I mean you felt Like they should have came because of Sportsmanship right they can have that Spotlight we'll go to the Obamas let me See Michelle Yeah and he is in Washington Harold how Do you feel about how this is playing Out Caitlin Collins a white outstanding Athlete Angel Reese uh the MVP of the Game and got the LSU Tigers win it how

Do you feel like this is playing out Some people are seeing race in this Um I don't I see a comment by the first Lady uh I think was well intended but it Was wrong uh winners go to the White House to be celebrated uh and it should Stay that way I think these two young Women are handling it I think Appropriately I think Caitlin Clark who Was I thought the outstanding player of The tournament of the Iowa player uh but LSU just dominated that final game there And Angel Reese who got more double Doubles anybody this year Um if I were the president he should Come out to look we're going to have LSU Yes we want them we welcome them uh and Understand we congratulate both teams But this is we there's a tradition here We accept we bring the winners to the White House and that's what should he Rebuke the first lady Jesse the prison Divorce you would right away she is Costing him this next election first she Calls Hispanics tacos and then she picks The white team to come after they lost To the black Team all the black women Hate her now this lady is killing Joe Biden I think the house oversight Committee also needs to get involved Major Scandal Brewing I don't know how They can get themselves out of this Thing James Comer put his airpods back In he's gonna get her on uh 9.9 million

Viewers this is a great day for college For women's sports incredible athletes And I I do hope that LSU decides to go To the White House and I believe that Caitlin Collins has this amazing excuse Me Caitlyn Clark Caitlin Collins works At CNN Caitlin Clark the athlete uh I Think she will go to the White House one Day she's got incredible instincts and Leadership skills whether she goes as an Athlete or in the future I think she's Pretty great judge I love the fact that We're talking about women's sports I do Too controversy good but it doesn't Matter I love that we're talking about It and you know what I'm talking about I'm talking about women's sports I do Yeah I have two College athletes in my uh Family women uh women in my family Playing college soccer so I've always Loved it right Jesse me too I was a test And hold my hand hopefully hopefully the Women's college basketball gets a bigger Contract after this big viewership they Had in this this final game I apologize for the man that just cut You off judge um Now the final thought that I have is That 10 million people A lot of them were men a half I'm sure Um indicate that you know women's sports Is worth watching it's it's valuable These women are superstars and you know

What I have in terms of this whole idea Of uh Joe Biden inviting the runner-up Team so to speak to me that's all about Their agenda it's all about Equity Everybody's a winner in Joe Biden you're Nodding no I just I I really can't stand Everyone gets a trophy culture and I Must I'm against kindergarten graduation Fifth grade graduation eighth grade Graduation ninth grade graduation like I Think there should be one graduation for High school and one great graduation for College and that's it but I don't have Children so but I shouldn't even be why Am I weighing it Nobody wants to hear from would you like An invitation to the White House as well With the LSU team well no not really I've been there Okay gotta go read oh sorry I don't want to cut you off again all Right hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere else

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