Jim Jordan: This shouldn’t be partisan

Jim Jordan: This shouldn't be partisan

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the House Judiciary’s field hearing on crime and growing calls for Sen. Dianne Feinstein to resign over health concerns. #FoxNews

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Well this morning victims of violent Crime here in New York City will have Their voices heard at a house Judiciary Committee hearing highlighting D.A Alvin Bragg and his far left criminal justice Agenda victims will include star witness Jose Alba the former Bodega worker Remember that he was charged with murder After stabbing a career criminal in Self-defense at his store last summer he Ended up having to leave GOP Carson Jim Jordan chairs the house Judiciary Committee and he is running This hearing she's had a busy day ahead Of him but he joins us now chairman Thanks for being here thank you um talk To me about what you're anticipating in This hearing today hearing from victims Hearing from families who've been Impacted by this soft on crime policy it Turns out when you uh when you don't put Bad guys in jail they do bad things when You don't lock criminals up you get more Crime imagine that and that is exactly What we're seeing not only in New York City but every Big City around this Country and it's driven by these Left-wing DA's who who come in with a Political agenda instead of focusing on Protecting people families communities And small business owners they're all About politics and we're seeing it it's Almost like every night now you see some Some senseless act of violence on our

Screens that happen on the subway or on A city street and it's just wrong and We're going to hear from people who've Been impact like Mr Alba as you Mentioned Miss brame who lost a Sunday Veteran we're going to hear from Miss Harrison who was on your this network Last week did a great job talking last Week about what she's had to experience And we're going to hear from a Democrat City council member Democrat who Understands that this shouldn't be Partisan just is supposed to be blind And supposed to be about protecting our Streets yeah a lot of Democrats actually Voted for Lee zeldom because of that Issue because everyone in New York is Tired of all the crime what is the goal Here many are criticized many of the Democrats are criticizing Republicans For doing this because they say this is About Trump being indicted by Alvin Bragg but is this to is it because as a Result of that or is it to highlight These Democratic run cities it's the Latter and in love we anticipate doing This in other cities we've talked with The chairman of our crime subcommittee Mr Biggs we anticipate going to other Big cities where it's where it's just as Bad as it is here in New York City but I Think here because Mr Bragg what he's Doing you know using federal funds to Indict a former president for no crime

And then we want to talk with someone he Takes us to court when we want to do our Constitutional duty of oversight he Takes us to court uh for a guy who Hasn't worked there in a year so instead Of focusing on what he should be doing Keeping bad guys off the streets Protecting people of this great City He's focused on politics so I think There's that there's that contradiction But it's about the victims and that's Who we'll hear from today what can you Guys to kind of follow up on Ainsley's Question what can you guys in Washington DC though actually you can withdraw I Assume some of those federal funds but They're made that say look San Francisco Chicago New York they democratically Vote for these guys who then enact these Policies so in a way the voter is Getting what they've asked for yeah you Highlight it and you look at the federal Funds issue but I think I look at some Of the testimony that Mr Holden's going To offer he's going to talk about how You can highlight how bad it is I mean Think about this fact 327 individuals have done six thousand Of the theft crimes in this city yeah I Mean they call them theft crimes we used To call it stealing taking other People's property so 300 some people 327 People six now that's that's 20 arrests But that's 20 times that each of these

Individuals have done this on average Well maybe lock them up after the first Or the second or maybe the 19th time so They don't do it the 20th time but That's what's going on here and in Cities all over the country and it's why What was the set I think I saw on on Your show last week where it sounded Like 27 of New Yorkers want to move out Of the state they want to move out of Here and it's driven by this crime Factor if they could no doubt another State that a lot of people are leaving Is California uh be in in large part Because of the governance and Representative there one of the Reps in The House of Representatives rokana has Been talking about Dianne Feinstein in Her attendance record and whether she Should be replaced here's what he said On Fox earlier watch But only in Washington would you get Criticized for saying something so Obvious I have a lot of respect for Senator Feinstein but she's missed 75 Percent of votes this year she hasn't Been showing up and she has no uh Intention we don't know if she's even Going to show up she has no return date In contrast Senator fetterman has said That he's going to show back up on uh April 17th Governor Newsome can appoint A caretaker he doesn't have to appoint Someone in the current race and i would

Support the governor doing that this has Nothing to do with the current race Because a caretaker would solve that This has to do with someone who's just Not showing up and I said out loud what People have been saying in private how Should this be handled whatever I mean There's a lot of old folks especially in The Senate uh you know fine if you're Older but you got to be able to do the Job too well you do but it also sounds To me like the Democrats are trying to Cancel Senator Feinstein I mean I I Remember saying this on the house floor A couple years ago I said the left and The cancel culture that don't think they Won't just just go after Republicans and Conservatives they'll come after Democrats too and it was interesting Because at that time when in California They decided they were going to take the Name off the Diane Feinstein Elementary School remember this because of Something she said like 30 years ago so It's no longer named after her now They're trying to kick her out of the Senate now I understand she hasn't been There much but this is a Democrat issue But the the idea they're trying to Cancel a you know a senator it seems to Me is maybe the main takeaway from the For the Democrats what are you hearing Is she going to come back soon though She has shingles so usually you can you

Know get rid of that over the course of A few weeks right usually you can I I Wish you the best hope she can come back And same for Senator fetterman but you Know this is uh this is the way the Democrats operate really quickly leave It here we'll start where we will finish Where we started uh I did hear you say We all heard you say you're going to Continue these field hearings on crime In big cities Across America where else Will you go I think you know the logical Next place probably Chicago but that Hasn't been decided yet but we plan on Doing some more all right Jordan got a busy day we'll be watching Thank you joining us thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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