Joe Biden is in trouble with the ‘Hamas wing’ of the Democrat Party: Rep. Nancy Mace

Joe Biden is in trouble with the 'Hamas wing' of the Democrat Party: Rep. Nancy Mace

Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C. weighs in on President Biden’s trip to France, the administration urging Hamas to accept a cease-fire deal with Israel and her expectations for the G-7 summit. #foxnews

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Join me now is South Carolina Republican Congresswoman Nancy mace congresswoman Welcome thank you for having me Mike What is your reaction to President Biden's trip to France what are your Takeaways well in just the video you Just saw there a very frail and out ofit President of the United States which Really weakens us on the world stage he Could barely walk uh he could barely Stand upright he could barely form a Sentence and he wouldn't answer Reporters questions um and this weakens Us on the world stage and all I can Think about is how quickly we can get a Stronger leader both physically and Mentally back into the White House November cannot come fast enough on the Middle East the Biden Administration Continues pushing Hamas to accept a deal For a ceasefire here's National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan Hamas hides among civilian Infrastructure hides underground uh and Puts the Palestinian People In Harm's Way there could be a ceasefire if Hamas Would just step up and say yes to the Deal that the Israelis have accepted and That President Biden elaborated a week Ago so the world should call on Hamas to Take this deal do you think that deal Will ever happen no it never will happen As if a terrorist organization like Hamas or hezb or somebody is going to

Negotiate for peace in the Middle East No but you know when we did have peace In the Middle East it was under Donald Trump who brought us the Abraham Accords Because under his leadership we didn't Have Hamas invading Israel we didn't Have the houthis in Yemen trying to bomb US military assets in the Middle East we Also didn't have Russia invading Ukraine We were all a lot safer uh around the World including our allies when Donald Trump was President because when you Look at their back-to-back presidencies The contrast could not be any more Different I covered the pro Palestinian Rally outside the White House yesterday Where they tried to create a human red Line around the White House here's one Of the lead organizers of that event Joe Biden you may speak in our name but Not with our consent we charge you with Genocide that if Joe Biden's red line Was a fiction that it was a lie that it Was an act of deception that it was Designed to make us become Quiet is President Biden in trouble with Young voters and in States like Michigan A Battleground state with large Arab and Muslim populations Oh absolutely Joe Biden is in trouble With the Hamas swing of the Democrat Party and the irony here is we just Heard Jake Sullivan admit that Hamas Uses civil civilians and commit genocide

With their own innocent civilian people And yet these these folks uh think that They'll be peace in the Middle East with A ceasefire and there just won't be These people need to be eradicated off The face of the Earth the United States To support Israel and the IDF to do Everything in their power possible to Get rid of Hamas so they no longer exist Because this doesn't end with Israel This is Jihad this is jihadism Israel is The tip of the spear today it's Israel But the next it'll be the west it'll be The United States they will come after Us until we're all gone we have got to Eradicate terrorism in the Middle East It struck me that there seemed to be a Lot of college students out there Yesterday at that rally that we're Showing our audience right now what does That say to you about indoctrination on Our college Campuses well these these college Campuses shouldn't be getting US Taxpayer dollars or subsidies from the US government to indoctrinate our Children to indoctrinate our students This is absurd we've all seen videos of Jewish students who could not and cannot Go to class on us college campuses this Is not 1944 Nazi Germany these people Are bigots these people are Jew haters And they shouldn't be on our college Campuses if you love Hamas so much go to

Gaza see how long you last on a roof in Gaza I can tell you it won't be very Long it was also struck that they were Defacing some of the statues there Outside the White House makes you wonder If authorities will go after them there Are cameras all over that Park will they Actually go after the people who defaced Federal property they never will because They have a d by their name we know how Republicans and conservatives are Treated by the Department of Justice in The FBI versus antifa versus Hamas Sympathizers versus violence on these College campus versus black lives matter They don't get held to the same standard As everybody else does they'll get a They'll get a they'll get a free Hall Pass absolutely in President Biden will return to Europe For the G7 Summit what are your Expectations I have no expectations for This President I expect other world Leaders to mock the United States to Mock Joe Biden to mock the Administration who clearly don't know What they're doing who clearly are not Operating from a position of strength All we are doing is projecting weakness Around the world weakness for our allies And that is why there is so much turmoil In the Middle East that is why the Houthis are bombing us assets in the Middle East that is Hamas felt the the

Need that they could invade Israel That's why Putin invaded Ukraine because Look at this guy he is not a leader on The world stage we need strength in the White House that means we need Donald Trump in November it cannot come fast Enough Congresswoman Nancy Mace of the Great state of South Carolina thank you So much for your time today hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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