Joey Jones: American politicians have put this problem on us

Joey Jones: American politicians have put this problem on us

Fox News contributors Dan Hoffman and Joey Jones call out President Joe Biden’s weakness on the world stage on ‘Hannity.’

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Fox News contributor Joey Jones and Fox News contributor former CIA station Chief Dan Hoffman Dan will start with You you're the Intel expert what does China likely thinking uh I'll never Forget when we were in Singapore and Vietnam you gave me a lot of dire Warnings about China Yeah look Taiwan sits on the Geopolitical fault line between Democracy and dictatorship and it's a Very dangerous place for us to be if We're not giving them all the support They need back in February director Burns from the CIA said that China was Planning to have the capability to Invade Taiwan in by 2027. China Considers Taiwan a breakaway Province Even though they've never ruled it and The challenge I think for the United States is that we've got to give Taiwan More of what they need to make it Prohibitively costly for China in terms Of spilled blood and treasure learn from From what happened in Ukraine where we Failed to deter Vladimir Putin let's try To do what we can to to deter the Chinese that means giving Taiwan a lot Of what we should be giving more of to Ukraine Javelin anti-tank weapons Joey Can speak to this more than I but Coastal air defense all the things that Taiwan needs get them the F-16 aircraft That they need as well yeah Joey let's

Get your take on all of this and and Your assessment of the the real clear of What I view as a present danger Yeah I think that what American people Need to understand is China's never Changed their terminology or outlook on This they've just been waiting until They had the strength and opportunity to Act on it I mean we saw it happen in Hong Kong uh you know we took out their Biggest enemy in Japan World War II we Took out their next biggest threat with The fall of the Soviet Union the USSR And what has been in their way ever Since not much of anything especially Not us as far as our ability to help Taiwan I agree with Dan that is that is The most obvious path forward but I mean The American people have to sit here and Say are we willing to fund with either Treasure or blood two Wars at the same Time with two countries we don't Actually have a mutual defense treaty With and that's the problem that American politicians have put us in it Makes a lot of sense to defend Taiwan But we're currently going through a Complete restructuring of the United States Marine Corps in the Pacific That's looking to take eight years to Create littoral forces that would allow Us to defend our own backdoor against China how are we going to arm Taiwan if It's going to take us a decade to arm

Ourselves it seems to me like there's a Lot of mismanagement or at least on lack Of ability between Congress and our Military leaders to be prepared for what Is the threat in front of us you know Even Marine Corps generals that are Retired are very much in dispute with The current Marine Corps generals Leading the Marine Corps on this plan Because we basically had to sell out all Of our land finding capabilities in Order to pay for what is an eight-year Plan to defend the Pacific so we're not In a great place with our own military And how many men and women are going to Send their sons and daughters to defend Another country and I'm not saying they Should or shouldn't I'm saying that's Where the American taxpayer is and as Far as our ability to fund a war that's My ability that's your ability that's The taxpayers ability let me ask you the Final question keep creating and funding War Final question for both of you do you Think if China invades Taiwan that America under Joe Biden will lift a Finger I don't believe we he will I Don't think he'll do a darn thing he'll Talk about sanctions this and that I Don't think he's going to do anything Militarily Dan Hoffman Well I'll turn the question around a Little bit Sean what matters is what

China believes if they don't believe That the United States is ready to step In and defend Taiwan that will enter Into their calculus just one thing for People to think about let's assume it Happens do you think Joe Biden will act I don't think he will I do actually believe the administration Would act I think there'd be a lot of Pressure coming from the Congress and I Think there's bipartisan consensus from Democrats and Republicans Sean it's like The only thing we can find where Democrats and Republicans actually agree With China over Taiwan is that you Really think that's going to happen Because I'm not laughing about it I'm Not you know I'm talking about our sons And daughter our national treasure here Well we're talking about losing a lot of National Treasure if China subsumes Taiwan's economy and that semiconductor Industry that's so important to us not To mention the fact that it's you know The same uh the same reason we're Helping Ukraine that that to allow a Nuclear-armed state to take over another But look a good debate to have Joey Makes good points about spilling our own Blood and treasure in a far away place My relatives did that in the Second World War uh and that's kind of what we Do you know we go out there in the hard Places and defend our country's

Interests If China does invade Taiwan do you think Joe Biden lifts a finger short of Sanctions and a lot of rhetoric Sean you could have asked me if I Thought Joe Biden would surrender Afghanistan and let dozens of us die to Do it and I'd have said no way he was Vice president for eight years that why Would he do that and that's exactly what He did I have no idea how he had respond To Taiwan but I know if he didn't Respond in any way his political career Would be over because he's promised to Respond for the last six months uh Joey Thank you Dan Hoffman thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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