John Kirby: U.S. Working With Mexico On “Bus Routes To Try To Stem The Flow” At Southern Border

John Kirby: U.S. Working With Mexico On "Bus Routes To Try To Stem The Flow" At Southern Border

Comments made on 1/23/24

You mentioned earlier the meeting with Mexican officials that was last week to Talk about migration can you talk Through what some of the next steps are After that meeting and whether us Officials are going to meet with them Again in the coming weeks I don't have Another meeting on the schedule right Now to speak to or to announce I have AB Every expectation that there will be Additional conversations at various Levels of of the staff uh uh we're Focused on uh root causes of this Migration and helping try to with our Mexican cter Parts alleviate some of Those uh root causes there's lots of Reasons why people are on the Move um Depending on where they're coming from Uh we're also working closely as I Mentioned to Peter with the Mexican Officials about um what they might need Uh to to help as they deal with pressure At their southern border and they have Taken some action put they've put more Soldiers down there they are doing uh More work at rail heads uh and you know Uh and bus routes uh to try to stem the Flow and so we're going to keep having Those kinds of conversations with them

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