Journalists should be more curious about this Jeffrey Epstein revelation: Concha

Journalists should be more curious about this Jeffrey Epstein revelation: Concha

Fox News contributor Joe Concha discusses GOP 2024 candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s latest interview on NBC and the release of Jeffrey Epstein’s private calendar which revealed meetings with prominent figures. #FoxNews

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Republican 2024 presidential hopeful Vivek ramaswamy who also has a bio Biology degree from Harvard taking a lot Of questions about gender during an Interview with NBC's Chuck Todd Below the age of 18 I think it's Perfectly legitimate to say that we Won't allow genital mutilation or Chemical castration through puberty Blockers but how do you know it's that Again how do you know are you confident That you know that gender uh is uh as Binary as you're describing it are you Confident that it isn't a spectrum I am You know this as a scientist well There's there's two X chromosomes if You're a woman an X and A Y that means a Lot of scientific research out there There's a lot of scientific research out There that says gender is a spectrum Chuck I respectfully disagree Joe Concha joins us now Joe I'm pretty Sure Vivek has a biology degree so it's Always interesting to see a journalist Ask these ridiculous questions but is This really where we've gotten in asking Questions I mean surely that question Could have been replaced with something A little different Exactly actually it's amazing by the way That the completely objective and Totally nonpartisan Chuck Todd only gets This passionate when he's interviewing Republicans or conservatives it's

Sardonic Monday by the way and by the Way uh that sound you just heard uh was The late great Tim Russert the former Moderator of Meet the Press turning over In his grave Vivek is correct here Because it's like asking hey what's the Answer to one plus one the answer is two Of course I don't have a biology degree But there are only two genders period And the fact that this is even a topic On Meet the Press when we still have Wages that don't remotely keep up with Inflation Banks continue to fail as Cheryl just reported uh we have a crime Crisis like we haven't seen since what The 1990s uh the U.S borders like your Average 7-Eleven like you know sure There's locks in the doors but the doors Are always open so come on in any time Because it's 24 7. and and overdose Deaths from fentanyl are at a record High our students are testing at a 30-year low so Chuck Todd he serves at The pleasure of the democr party and This ends up being the topic of debate Whether one plus one equals three I used To really like that show when Tim Russell was there I think I'll end it There Todd I'm sorry it's uh It's Griffin the borders are here we've Been cutting that all morning This crisis Joe but before before we run Out of time there is a story I want to I

Want to ask you about and that is the Exclusive report in the Wall Street Journal finding the Jeffrey Epstein's Private calendar had three meetings with Biden's CIA director William Burns on it After Epstein was convicted can you tell Us anymore Griff good to see you buddy by the way Uh look if you're wondering why Jeffrey Epstein uh remained a free man for as Long as he did until he finally went to Jail where he either committed suicide Or you know something else happened uh We'll never know because suddenly the Security cameras uh just happened to go Out at that moment uh Epstein had passed Uh this is about one of a million Reasons why maybe that was the case and You remember ABC News had the goods on Jeffrey Epstein Amy robach she was Caught on that uh hot mic when she was With the network uh lamenting how the Powers that be killed the story and it Makes you wonder how many other times And how many other places did this Happen so many questions around Jeffrey Epstein and who he did and did not do Business with who he knew what happened On that island and journalists should be A little more Curious than they are at This point as far as that's concerned Guys I need just like a one or two word Response but do you think anything's Going to come of this

That is a record Joe thank you so much For your time we followed your guidance Thanks Ashley all right we'll see you Later Joe I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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