Karine Jean-Pierre Says It’s “Confusing” So Many Americans Doubt Biden’s Mental Stamina, Fitness

Karine Jean-Pierre Says It's "Confusing" So Many Americans Doubt Biden's Mental Stamina, Fitness

Comments made on 1/22/24

Why do you think it is that more and More people ped feel like over time President Biden is getting less and less Mentally Sharp which poll is this ABC uh has President Biden's rating for health Since May down five points and for Mental sharpness down four points you Know I have to say that's a little Confusing for me because if you look at What this president has done the last 3 Years historical pieces of legislation Right when it comes a bip Parts Infrastructure deal many presidents Before like your favorite President had Said that who's my favorite President Why don't you want we let the American People guess but had said wa no no no Let me finish let me finish let me Finish you asked me a question I'm going No let me let me finish let me finish Let me Finish and you'll you'll guess who I'm Talking about who used to say Infrastructure week infrastructuring Which was a punchline became a joke and Now we are seeing infrastructure decade Because of this President there's the Chips and signs Act Right There is the Infl inflation reduction act these are Legislation that is going to have a Difference for generations to come right And so this is something that this President has done that's pretty sharp

For this president to have been able to Do that let's look at the economy the Economy now unemployment is under 4% 14 Million jobs created the economy is in a Better place than when it was when he Walked in that's just a fact that's just The data and

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