Kellyanne Conway: Biden is doing this out of spite

Kellyanne Conway: Biden is doing this out of spite

‘Outnumbered’ panelists discuss the EPA’s latest climate regulations in an effort to push Americans toward electric vehicles. #FoxNews

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We begin with the Biden administration's Plans to put in place the most ambitious Climate regulation to date and a bid to Force Americans to switch to electric Cars and it would require nothing short Of a revolution in the U.S Auto industry The toughest ever EPA emissions proposal Would begin in 2027 and require carbon Dioxide levels from new cars to drop by Nearly 50 percent on average and Effectively require a staggering Two-thirds of all new car sales to be Electric by 2032 right now they're only Six percent so people aren't dying to do This the Biden Administration says the New restrictions will help protect our Nation's future from the impact of Climate change show us the science we're Just waiting for that despite hesitation From Americans to adopt electric Vehicles the White House continues to Tout President Biden's green agenda Saying in a statement quote as a car Enthusiast and self-proclaimed Car Guy President Biden is seizing the moment I Don't even know what that means EPA administrator Michael Regan spoke on The new proposal just a few minutes ago That EPA is proposing the strongest ever Federal pollution technology standards For both cars and trucks Together today's actions will accelerate Our ongoing transition to a clean Vehicles future

Tackle the climate crisis head-on and Improve air quality for communities all Across the country Bill himmer the average cost of a new UV Was over 64 000 last year we'll pop those numbers up On the screen compared to 28 000 average For a gas powered car the transition in Energy has to be parallel to the Transition we can make with our money Yeah look at that wow that's uh that's You know what that is that sticker shock As I look at that right now Um he's going to raise some money off of This you know for the green agenda Certainly is that that's going to happen I just ran into Johnny in the hallway uh For the Jesse show and on Monday mayor Adams opened up Um an EV charging station in Brooklyn And Johnny said I want to go check it Out so he went there on Tuesday night uh It was broken and it was surrounded with Caution tape Um and it wasn't working I mean I know The crime is bad to perform but what Happened we got some work to do it okay Just anecdotally here I think the war on Cars has been more evident in New York City than anywhere else in America I Think this started at the end of the Bloomberg Administration which was pre De Blasio right when they ripped up all The streets and moved all the parking

Lanes in and set up all the bike Lanes Forcing people to make a decision for Mass transit that was the objective it Continues to be that way and this Proposes a reflection of it yeah and When they they moved those bike Lanes in People now are getting hit by electric Bikes because they're not riding these Bikes they're riding the motorized ones Which I think can run on gas but usually Elections yeah the EV um some of these Bikes are going 35 miles an hour New York City is a dangerous city to Begin with all right and now you've got These Foreigners from all over the world who Come to the city have no idea where They're going and they're on these bikes And I'm one of them I live in Jersey Bad things are bound to happen Um and that that's the course the city Has set itself on and unfortunately I Don't think it's going back so Killian Aries are expensive they're not you know You have to replace them if you get into A car accident and they burn any amount They're very dangerous to put out those Battery fires but we are making China Richer they mine all the minerals that Make Over half the world's batteries I mean We are making why do we why does Biden Want to do that representing all of us As Americans I think the same reason he

Has declared war on fossil fuels the oil And gas industry much like the way Hillary Clinton said I'll put the coal Miners right out of business I said Thanks for the free commercial back then And much much the same way Harris said Out of spite not even ideology he Canceled those pipelines those domestic Pipelines and with it went 42 000 U.S Jobs Joe Biden is the jalopy of cars He's like the worst Messenger to tell The rest of us to to drive electric and We're almost at the one-year anniversary April 22nd will be one year since Joe Biden got an Air Force One which emits About 254 000 something an hour a lot And went 4 700 miles round trip to Washington State went from Washington DC To Washington state on Earth Day to talk About saving the environment and being Conservationist they don't they're not Even good they're not good Optics They're not good at substance and he's a Car guy when I think of Joe Biden in Cars now I think of the Corvette in his Garage next week Not electric neither is he by the way I want to plug him in a little bit more Often see how he goes Back to our audience It is going to take a lot of lithium Mining they're willing to do it we are Not willing to do it so we we're going To have a hard time changing where the

Batteries are are made because you need That ingredient for the batteries it's Very bad for the Earth he said you're Going to do much more Earth cutting than You would ever do with a transition from Fossil fuel to whatever is next he said Why do we think it has to be electric That's exactly right you need lithium as You point out for those electric Batteries and according uh to one Independent energy organization China Has 75 percent of lithium reserves to Your point that's an enormous amount so What we're doing here is making China Richer we lower our emissions China Doesn't lower theirs and we know if if You're a believer in global warming it Is a global Endeavor meaning China Admits we make them richer in the American Consumer loses that's what's Happening Here Also there's some selling To do on the part of the Biden Administration Gallup says only 39 think This will help climate change only 12 Percent are considering an electric Vehicle vehicle no wonder with that Price tag so this is a president trying To redesign the economy best of luck With that we saw Cash for Clunkers how That turned out when the government Intervened in the car industry and you Would need to Bill's point 35 million More charging stations maybe we could Devote one to Joe Biden kellyanne

Excellently pointed out well whoever Built the one in Brooklyn let's not use That as our blueprint no right whatever Happened to us a mystery person came Along and destroyed it right you guys Biden's not a car guy are you kidding He's not a car Enthusiast if he were he Wouldn't be pushing this absurd proposal And the only reason why he can enjoy his 67 Stingray and part is because it's a Pre-emissions vehicle he gets all the Brakes he doesn't have to comply with The standards that everyone in their new Cars do I have to point out too that Just two years ago remember the proposal That came out of this Administration That was less than half of what this new Proposal was and at the time that was Considered a stretch and they couched This by saying oh don't worry about it You're going to get tax breaks you're Going to get credits but guess what Happens April 18th in its Infinite Wisdom this bloated incompetent federal Government will release new regulations That actually make less people eligible For these tax breaks and keep in mind as Well that they only apply if you make a Certain amount of money and if you're Purchasing purchasing a certain type of EV and so when they say oh you're going To save four thousand dollars on a used EV up to eight thousand dollars on a new One Kelly book value 58 up to 64 as you

Pointed out it's not it's not going to Work what does work is good old human Power and good old thoughts and fossil Fuse you guys remember when those miners The coal miners in West Virginia had to Push an electric car that's what works They there they are right there on the Screen power so in terms of the of the Slogans of the actual proposal of the Substance this proposal comes nowhere Close so why are we a Target killing him I mean I do feel like the gas stove the Air conditioners like why Target the American people which you know Kaylee Just pointed out our pocketbooks have Been thin over the last few years Because of high inflation high prices It's an industry he thinks he can vilify Very easily Joe Biden which is in direct Contradiction of how he behaved mostly As a senator but I think they're always Appealing to Youth and they're and in so Doing they misunderstand youth again and Again too how in the world can you Afford any car under Joe Biden's economy When young people are saying I can't Find necessarily a well-paying job Meaningful that's consequential they Can't afford a car of any type they Can't they're going to have life Interrupted the kids are not all right I Call it some of it's lost learning and Declining test scores of a certain age Because of covid but much of it is

Economic decline for many of these People they are Deferring and delaying or denying Altogether the natural accoutrements Marriage Parenthood buying your first Home getting out of college debt getting Out of personal debt having something For a rainy day a sunny day so they're Not they're with Kaylee's poll they're Not going to buy these electric cars They're just going to say yeah he's Going to think they are all right that Was interesting the point about age Though because he's a lot further away From that younger group than even we are And I'm pretty old decades hey everyone I'm Emily compagno catch me and my Co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee Mcineny on outnumbered every weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your DVR also Don't forget to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for daily highlights

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